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TEF 2460 LED
TUM 4524 REV. A 01.12.2014
Read this instruction carefully before installing the
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Thank you for purchasing this product!
For installation, maintenance and assurance of a long life
of this product, please follow this manual.
Regular tools required for installation.
• Tools for mounting, e.g. 10 mm wrench – to fasten the
mounting bracket to the deck.
• 4 mm hexagon key (Unbraco/Allen key) for mounting
• Perimeter lights on helideck. Green or red/green light (24V DC only).
• Zone 1, zone 2 and safe area
the top to the termination compartment, and for the external bonding connection. A long key, >80mm is recommended for easy installation.
• 3 mm hexagon key (Unbraco/Allen key) to loosen the
screws for the terminal assembly, if necessary.
• 32mm wrench to disassemble the blind plug and asCONTENT IN BOX
The product is fully assembled, and ready for installation.
semble the cable gland.
• Wrench for tightening the pressure nut on the cable
Do not use powertools when fastening globe!
Note that changes to the product and /or installation of
components which do not conform to the approval, may
be a safety violation. The manufacturer will inn no circumstance be held responsible for such activity. For your
health and safety, always use safety gear suited for the
task. Be certain to follow codes, regulations and /or specific procedures that are related to the installation.
The luminaire should be inspected according to Company
routines. The manufacturer suggests regular check for water intrusion in the termination compartment. Due to the silicone potting compound used in this product, some silicone
oil may condense on the inside of the glass. All electronics
are sealed, so this will have no technical concern.
When cleaning, use only mild detergents. Alcohol or petroleum based products may damage the gaskets.
Ex e mb op is IIC T5 Gb
According to:
EN 60079-0:2012
EN 60079-7:2007
EN 60079-18:2009
EN 60079-28:2007
IEC 60079-0:2011
IEC 60079-7:2006
IEC 60079-18:2009
IEC 60079-28:2006
CE 0470
TEF 2460 LED
Only qualified personnel are allowed to perform installation
and maintenance tasks to this product.
The equipment is ready for installation when leaving the
production facilities of Tranberg AS. Check the condition of
the equipment and the contents when unpacking. Any damage done to the equipment during transportation is not the
responsibility of Tranberg AS. If the content is not complete,
file a claim to the manufacturer immediately.
The TEF 2460 is delivered with several mounting options.
A mounting bracket for flat surfaces is standard. For the
light output to be in accordance with any regulations listed
in this document, the perimeter light is to be mounted on a
horizontal surface coincident with the helideck.
The terminals in this luminaire consist of a terminal block
for phase conductors and PE. Two M5 PE screws are fitted
to accept PE cables larger than 4mm2. The terminal block
is of the “Cage clamp” type, and there is no need for a tool
to connect or disconnect the phase conductors. Nevertheless a large screwdriver, preferably flathead, may be of good
Make sure to use IECEx /ATEX approved cable glands (IEC
60079-0:2007, IEC 60079-0:2009), approved for the specific cable diameter and type. These data can be found in
the cable gland datasheet.
Any damage caused by the use of an incorrect combination
of cable and cable gland is not the responsibility of Tranberg
AS and is not covered by warranty.
The luminaire must always be installed in an upright position. Any other mounting positions should not be used for
permanent installation, without a confirmation from Tranberg’s technical department. If the luminaire is mounted on
a vessel or a floating installation, movements such as roll
and pitch which moves the luminaire out of its original upright position, is not taken into account.
When mounting the top to the connection compartment,
make sure no cables or the safety wire are jammed between
the two parts. This will dramatically reduce the ingress protection, and impair the mode of protection regarding hazardous areas. When mounted, there shall be no noticeable
gap between the top and the connection compartment. If
a gap is present after the screws are tightened, lift the top,
turn it 90° to help the cables and wires connecting the two
parts to form a coil and try again.
The mounting bracket can be turned 90°
Not following these instructions may lead to a risk of water
ingress into the luminaire. The manufacturer assumes no
responsibility when these guidelines are not followed.
TEF 2460 LED
Part No.
Glass dome
Cable gland ATEX / IECEx
Acc. to cable dim.
Hot-forged and machined brass, Glass dome
Power consumtion:
< 10 W
Input voltage:
100-254V AC 45-65Hz or 24V DC +/-30% depending on model
Permitted supply
50 A @ 24VDC +/- 30%
short-circuit current:
1500A @ 100-254V AC 45-65Hz
Expected lifetime:
To be within specified light output for >50 000 h
Weight: 4 kg
IP rating:
IP 66. (IP 67 without drain plug, according to IEC 60529)
Cable entries:
2 PCS. M25 x 1.5 entries for IECEx / ATEX approved cable glands
according to IEC 60079-0:2007, IEC 60079-0:2009. Delivered with
Tranberg cable glands.
Ex classification:
Ex e mb op is IIC T5 Gb
Ex certificate no.:
IECEx Pre 14.0009 Presafe 14ATEX4571
CE marking:
CE 0470
-55°C to +55°C
Tranberg AS
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