KingKraft Shower & Changing Bed User Manual

KingKraft Shower & Changing Bed
User Manual
General information
Ropox Shower & Changing Bed, height adjustable
Ropox, DK-4700 Naestved, Phone +45 55 75 05 00
Usability – The height adjustable shower bed can be used to nurse children and adults (up to
150Kg). The shower bed can be used at home, in day care centre or institutions to obtain
good and correct working conditions for the carer.
When not in use, the shower tray can be folded up against the wall to save space.
By using the up and down button on the handheld control switch, the height adjustment of
the shower bed can be performed.
Part Numbers
Length of shower bed
Part No. (excl. back support)
Part No. (incl. back support)
Technical data
Electrical connection:
230V, 50Hz, max 2.0A
Standby consumption:
Duty cycle:
Max 10%, 2 min/18 min
Work surface 30 – 100 cm
Unit, B=60 cm, H=116cm, D=13cm
Material – Frame:
and aluminium
Welded steel tubes St.37, Stainless
Shower tray:
Surface treatment:
matt, Chromate
Powder coating, white RAL 9010
Maximum load:
150 kg
This product has CE-marking according to”Medical equipment, Low Voltage and
EMC directives. Has been tested according to the European standards DS/EN ISO 12182
and DS/EN ISO 60601-1. This product is in risk group 1.
Daily use
Before start using this product, be sure that “main power” has been connected as described
in electrical connections.
By using the up ▲ down ▼ bottom on the handheld control switch, the height adjustment
of the shower bed can be performed. The control switch has a spiral cord, which can be
pulled out to a length of 200cm.
Maximum load onto the Shower & Changing Bed
150 kg.
The slat/cushion
The slats have two sides with different hardness and can be turned around in the Shower
The soft side is used, when the person on the Shower bed needs to be washed.
The hard side is used, when the person on the Shower bed needs to be changed.
After use
When not using the shower bed, the shower tray can be folded up against the Lifting unit.
This way it will only take up the space of approx. 30cm from the wall.
Inside the lifting unit, a gas damper is mounted, to reduce the power needed, when folding
the tray up and down.
Recommendations in use
The height adjustable shower bed helps the caretaker to obtain the most optimal working
Height adjustment allows you to customize the working height to the individual carer, and
can also save unnecessary lifting, when transferring from e.g. wheelchair.
To ensure optimum utilization of the shower bed features and avoid accidents, it is important
to observe some basics safety procedures
•NEVER leave a person on the shower bed unattended - not even for a very short period.
•The shower bed must be operated only by adults.
•Pay particular attention to other people in the room, when using the shower bed. Make sure
that no children are playing under or with the shower bed.
•Keep the hand control out of the reach of children. Make sure that they cannot operate the
shower bed unattended. A bracket for wall mounting is included with delivery.
•Make sure that there is free space above and below the shower bed to allow height
adjustment. The shower bed is up foldable, but please be aware of obstacles above, below
and around the shower bed to prevent risk of trapping.
•If the control switch has been damaged or stopped working, it has to be replaced
immediately. The up and down buttons are “push and hold”. The motor stops when the
button is being released. This is a very important safety element.
•If two shower beds are mounted next to each other, we recommend to mount a side cover
between, to avoid the risk of trapping.
•Constantly be aware of objects under the shower bed.
The Shower & Changing Bed is maintenance free. For safety reasons it is recommendable
to check all mounting screws and moving parts to be sure all is tightened ok, and that all
attachment to the wall is in correct and safe condition. It is recommended the table is
serviced on an annual basis as recommended by PUWER regulations. This table does not
come under LOLER requirements as it is purely for height adjustment.
To clean this product, do not use a high-pressure washer.
Simply use a soft cloth or sponge with soapy water (pH 7) of max 60°C.
Always clean this product after use to prevent dirt from sticking to the surface.
Do not use scouring powder or other abrasives as they may scratch the surface. Also avoid
the use of cleaning utensils with sharp edges. Never use strong mineral acids or alkali.
Back support
The back support fits all shower bed lengths and uses two slats. No tools are required for
mounting in the shower tray, as the back support has been designed to fit directly into the
tray. The back support has three positions: 20⁰, 40⁰ and 60⁰.
Item No. 40-25031
Recommendations for use
• Make sure that the unit has been placed correctly in the shower tray so that the two side
rails of the bottom frame rest properly on the sides of the tray.
• See that the horizontal supporting rod has snapped into place before leaning on the back
• When folding down the back support after use, do not let go of the support, as it will fall
down. Instead, carefully lower the back support to horizontal position.
• When folding down the back support, make sure that there are no fingers between the
frame and the support in order to prevent fingers from getting caught.
• Note that the slats may become slippery when in contact with water and soap.
EU – Declaration of Conformity
I hereby declare under sole responsibility that the following products:
40-25023 and 40-25073
Ropox Shower & Changing Bed,
146 cm
40-25026 and 40-25076
Ropox Shower & Changing Bed,
178 cm
40-25029 and 40-25079
Ropox Shower & Changing Bed,
210 cm
are all under Classification Class I and in conformity with the following directives and
•The Council Directive No.2007/47/EEC, concerning Medical Devices
amended through Directive No.98/79/EC
Directive for Low-voltage, amended through Directive No.93/68/EEC
•2004/108/EEC, EMC-Directive, amended through Directives No.92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC
DS/EN 60601-1+CORR:2006
DS/EN 60601-1-2:2007
DS/EN ISO9999:2009
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