Humidifier Maintenance
Service Division
Winter 2013
The purpose of Jacco & Associates is to help our clients solve their problems in the most economical way, at all times optimizing
the owning experience. Part of this experience is the continual maintenance of your HVAC systems to insure proper
operation, maintain system efficiencies and increase your system’s life expectancy.
Humidifier Maintenance
The humidifiers efficiency on bringing moisture into the environment at a
comfortable level relies on the humidifier parts performance. It is vital to
know therefore the proper cleaning and maintenance needed for the
The humidifier parts need to be frequently cleaned and maintained in
excellent conditions in order to effectively serve its purpose. It is
important to observe the standard procedures of properly maintaining
the good condition of the humidifier parts which are generally
responsible for the efficiency and reliability of functions served by the
Maintaining the environments condition on its proper humidity level is
very important basically because of health concerns. Too much moisture
in air is detrimental to health condition due to the fact that cooler
environment beyond 50% of humidity level can harbor growth of dust
mites, bacteria, and other culprits that cause respiratory allergic
reactions such as asthma and rhinitis. Fungi and molds also feel
comfortable to thrive in cool environment.
When the air becomes too dry usually below 30% of the humidity
level, it can also cause numerous discomforts and symptoms that
are relatively unhealthy. It imposes risk to your body to feel
completely dry such as experiencing dry throat and mouth, itchy
eyes due to dry eyes and including dry, itchy skin. It is therefore
important to maintain the humidity level on the surrounding
environment through the help of a humidifier.
One of the desirable features that should be included with the
humidifier is the hygrometer which can accurately gauge the humidity level of the environment. This will give you control over the humidity level of the humidifier. Most humidifiers have a digital thermostat
control adding convenience when using the humidifier.
Learn to consult the user manual that comes with the humidifier. It
contains important information and tips that could guide you on the
proper cleaning and maintenance needed with the humidifier
specific to your facility.
Jacco Customers Under A Preventative Maintenance Agreement Receive Priority
Treatment On Emergency Calls!
Jacco & Associates has a full time service department available to support your needs. We can tailor our service
portfolio to meet what your building requires. Whether you want us to service every HVAC system in your
building, only portions of it, or just do some on the spot service and maintenance, we can support you.
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