Polar FA20™
User Manual
2. GET STARTED.................................. 4
FA20 Buttons .................................. 4
Basic Settings ................................. 5
Menu Structure................................ 6
3. YOUR DAILY ACTIVITY ........................ 7
Activity ........................................ 7
Activity Log.................................... 8
4. TRAINING ..................................... 11
During Training............................... 12
Stop Training ................................. 16
After Training................................. 17
Transfer Data ................................. 19
5. SETTINGS..................................... 20
Watch, Time and Date ....................... 20
Training Settings ............................. 20
User Information ............................. 20
General Settings ............................. 21
Caring for Your Polar FA20 .................. 22
Precautions .................................. 25
Troubleshooting .............................. 26
Technical Specifications .................... 27
Guarantee and Disclaimer ................... 29
The Benefits of Your Polar FA20™ 3
FA20 Buttons
UP: Move through menu and selection lists, and adjust values.
OK: Enter the menu and confirm selections. In Time mode start
recording a training session by pressing it twice or with one long
DOWN: Move through menu and selection lists, and adjust values.
BACK: Exit menu and return to previous level. Cancel selection and
leave setting unchanged. Press and hold to return to Time mode from
any mode.
LIGHT: Activate backlight.
• QUICK MENU in Time mode: Press and hold LIGHT to turn Button
lock on or off, or to adjust the Alarm and Time zone.
• QUICK MENU in Training mode: Press and hold LIGHT to turn the
Button lock on or off, or to adjust Training sounds.
• Night Mode during training: Press LIGHT once during recording
and the backlight will be activated by pressing any button. Night
mode is switched off when the FA20 goes back to Time mode.
4 Get Started
Basic Settings
Before taking the Polar FA20 in use, you need to
personalize it. For activity feedback to be
accurate, all user information must be correct.
To activate your FA20, press any button for one
second. Once activated, it cannot be switched
Language: Select Deutsch, English, Español,
Français or Italiano with UP/DOWN. Press
Please enter basic settings is displayed.
Press OK.
Time form.: Select 12 hours or 24 hours and
press OK. Set time. If you select 12h, set
AM/PM first and then time.
Date: Set Day, Month, Year . If you select the
12 h format, set Month, Day, Year .
Units: Set metric (KG, CM) or imperial (LBS, FT).
By selecting lbs/ft, calories are displayed as
CAL, otherwise they are shown as KCAL. Calories
are measured as kilocalories.
Weight: Enter your weight.
Height: Enter your height. In imperial format,
first enter feet then inches.
9. Day of birth: Enter your date of birth.
10. Sex: Select Male or Female.
11. Settings OK? is displayed. Select with UP and
DOWN.YES: settings are accepted and saved.
The display returns to Time mode. NO: Basic
settings can still be changed. Press BACK to
return to the data you want to change.
After saving the basic settings, the FA20 enters
Time mode.
You can modify your user information in Settings
afterwards. For more information, see Settings.
Get Started 5
Menu Structure
Time mode: Displays current date and
Activity log: See your daily active time
and the number of burnt calories, and
receive feedback on your activity level.
Training: Record and receive advanced
feedback on your training sessions.
Settings: Change settings and operate
watch functions, i.e. set alarm, time
and date.
6 Get Started
Wear the FA20 on your wrist to measure your physical activity
continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need to do is
wear it, no button presses required. The FA20 gives you continuous
feedback on your daily activity, and makes monitoring your activity
level easy.
To promote and maintain health, regular physical activity - such as
brisk walking - should be performed at least 30 minutes every day or
most days of the week.
The health benefits are, for instance, better cardiovascular condition
and blood pressure control, and improved glucose tolerance and
bone health. Increased physical activity also helps control weight
and promote psychological well-being.
Your Daily Activity 7
Activity Log
During the course of the day, you can check the log for immediate feedback on activity level and burnt
calories. If it says Lazy day, this means you need to be more active for it to be beneficial to your health.
Check your Activity log by pressing UP in time mode and enter the log with OK. Choose the date you
want to observe.
Activity log
Review the activity information.
Select the date of the activity log with UP/DOWN and enter the file with OK.
+ -mark above the activity bar indicates that there are one or more recorded
training sessions for that day.
8 Your Daily Activity
Your active time.
Calories you have burnt today.
Counted calories do not include those required to keep your body functioning (i.e.
basal metabolic rate).
The FA20 gives you feedback:
Lazy day
You have been active for less than 30 minutes. You need to be more active to reach the required amount
of health beneficial daily active time.
Easy day. Nice!
You have been active 30 to 60 minutes.
Just 30 minutes of physical activity at moderate intensity every day or most days of the week can improve
your overall health and well-being.
Your Daily Activity 9
Active day. Well done!
You have been active 60 to 75 minutes.
This brings you more health benefits and if you keep up the same intensity, it will increase your calorie
Intensive day. Excellent!
You have been active more than 75 minutes.
This brings you even more health benefits, and if you keep up the same intensity, the amount of burned
calories will increase further.
10 Your Daily Activity
training? is displayed. Select YES or NO by
To maximize your use of the FA20, record your
training sessions to learn more about the way your
body responds, and to keep motivated.
pressing UP or DOWN and confirm with OK.
Start the training session.
Start Training
Adjust training sounds
In Time mode press OK twice or long-press once
when you want to start recording your training
Training sounds can be set Off, Soft, Loud or Very
Set training target
In Time mode, press OK. Press DOWN and then
Select Off by pressing OK, Target off! is
displayed. To start the training session press UP,
Start is displayed. Press OK to start the training
If you select to activate the target, in Time mode
press press OK, then DOWN and confirm with
OK. Press DOWN to set the value in DISTANCE
(km/miles) or in CALORIES (kcal/Cal). Confirm
with OK, Target set is displayed. Start
In Time mode press OKand then DOWN twice.
Adjust the sounds and confirm with OK.
Press UP twice, Start is displayed. Press OK to
start recording the training session.
Training 11
During Training
View the following information during training:
TO TARGET (Displayed only if target set)
Calories left to burn or kilometers/miles to go before target is reached.
Training in low intensities brings you Health benefits.
Training in higher intesities brings you Fitness benefits.
Number of calories burnt during training.
12 Training
Distance covered on foot. The measurement is most accurate for walking-type activities.
Instead of counting single steps, Polar FA20 counts steps based on the continuous motion of the whole
body. Active steps improve fitness more efficiently than low intensity steps.
The total duration of truly active body movement of the current day. This consists of all the active time
that benefits your health during the day, automatically excluding the time periods spent stopping and
taking breaks.
Total time of your training session is visible on the bottom of the display throughout the recording.
Training 13
Time of day.
Training time.
During training the FA20 gives you feedback on your activity. This includes all the active time during the
30 minutes active time. Nice!
You have been active for 30 minutes.
60 minutes active time. Well done!
You have been active for 60 minutes.
14 Training
75 minutes active time. Excellent!
You have been active for 75 minutes.
If you activate the training target, you will receive relevant feedback during training sessions:
Half-way point!
You have reached the half-way point of your target (distance/calories).
Target reached!
You have reached your target (km/mi or kcal/Cal). Stop the session, or continue training.
Training 15
Stop Training
pause your training session, press BACK.
To continue recording press OK.
To stop recording, press DOWN and OK.
To adjust the training sounds press DOWN twice and OK. Set the
sound Off, Soft, Loud or Very loud and confirm with OK.
To stop the training session quickly, press BACK twice and Stopped
is displayed.
The FA20 will automatically display the training data once you stop
the session, if the session has lasted more than one minute. Scroll
DOWN to see the data or press and hold BACK to return to Time
16 Training
After Training
Check your training results in the Activity log.
In Time mode press UP once and Activity log is displayed.
Enter the log by pressing OK. Your activity dates are displayed as bars. Browse the dates with UP and
DOWN and select the date you want to review. Enter the file with OK.
Press DOWN until TRAIN. FILE (Training file) is displayed and enter it with OK.
Browse the information with UP and DOWN:
Starting time of your training session.
Training 17
Number of calories (kcal/Cal) burned.
Distance covered (km/mi).
Training time spent on health beneficial intensity level.
Training time spent on fitness beneficial intensity level.
Number of active steps accumulated during the training session.
Instead of counting single steps, Polar FA20 only counts the steps that are based on the continuous
motion of the whole body. Active steps improve fitness more efficiently than low intensity steps.
18 Training
Transfer Data
How to transfer data from your FA20 to polarpersonaltrainer.com
For long-term follow-up, transfer your training files effortlessly from your Polar FA20 to
polarpersonaltrainer.com with the Polar FlowLink accessory*. There your training data (calories, distance,
active steps and training time) is saved in a diary and converted into graphs.
Register in polarpersonaltrainer.com
Follow the instructions to download and install the Polar WebSync data transfer software onto your
Plug in the FlowLink to the USB port on your computer.
Place your FA20 onto the FlowLink display facing down.
Follow the data transfer process on the WebSync Software on your computer screen.
See polarpersonaltrainer.com "Help" for further instructions on data transfer.
*Optional Polar FlowLink required.
Training 19
Watch, Time and Date
Training Settings
In Time mode press DOWN to select Settings >
Watch, time and date
• Alarm: Set the alarm Off, or on by selecting
Once. Then set the time. Press BACK to stop the
alarm or UP/DOWN to snooze for 10 minutes.
The alarm cannot be used during training.
• Time 1: Select Time 1. Set the time format to 12
or 24 hour format. Set the hours and minutes.
• Time 2: Select Time 2. The FA20 displays the
current time. Add or substract hours to set Time
• Time zone: Select time 1 or 2.
• Date: Set the date.
• Watch face : Select Time and activity, Time and
logo or Time only to show on the display in
Time mode .
If Time 2 is in use, number 2 will be displayed on
the bottom right corner of the display in Time
20 Settings
Training target : Set the training target Off,
Distance or Calories. Set the target in
Distance (km/mi) or in Calories (kcal/Cal).
Training sounds : Select OFF, Soft, Loud or
Very loud
User Information
Weight: Set your weight in kilograms or in
pounds (kg or lb).
Height: Set your height in centimeters or in feet
(cm or ft).
Date of birth: Set date of birth; Day ,Month,
Year .
Sex: Select Female or Male.
General Settings
Button sounds: Set the sounds Off, Soft, Loud
or Very loud .
Button lock: Select Manual lock or Automatic
lock. To lock or unlock buttons manually, press
and hold LIGHT and confirm with OK. Automatic
button lock is activated when you have not
pressed the buttons for a minute.
Units: Select metric (kg, cm) or imperial (lb, ft)
Language : Select Deutsch, English, Español,
Français or Italiano.
Settings 21
Caring for Your Polar FA20
Like any electronic device, your Polar FA20 should
be treated with care. The suggestions below will
help you fulfill the guarantee obligations and enjoy
this product for many years to come.
Clean the FA20 with a mild soap and water
solution, dry with towel. Never use alcohol or any
abrasive material (steel wool or cleaning
chemicals). Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not
store in a damp environment, in non-breathable
material (a plastic bag or a sports bag) nor with
conductive material (a wet towel). Do not expose
to direct sunlight for extended periods.
The operating temperature of your FA20 is -10 °C
to +60 °C / +14 °F to +140 °F and the storage
temperature is -20 °C to +70 °C / -4 °F to +158
22 Customer Service Information
Avoid opening the sealed battery cover during the
guarantee period. We recommend that you have
the battery replaced by an authorized Polar
Service Center. They will test your FA20 for water
resistance after battery replacement, and will
make a full periodic check.
Please note the following:
The low battery indicator is displayed when
10-15% of the battery capacity is left.
Before battery change, transfer all the training
data from your FA20 to polarpersonaltrainer.com
to avoid data loss. For more information see
Transfer Data.
Excessive use of the backlight drains the battery
more rapidly.
In cold conditions, the low battery indicator may
appear, but will disappear when the temperature
The backlight and sound are automatically
turned off when the low battery indicator is
displayed. Any alarms set prior to the
appearance of the low battery indicator will
remain active.
To change the battery:
Open the battery cover with a coin by turning it
from CLOSE to OPEN.
Remove the battery cover and lift the battery
(CR2025) out carefully with a suitably sized
small rigid stick or bar. This can be a toothpick
or small screwdriver. However, a non-metal tool
is preferable. Be careful not to damage the
metal sound element (*) or the grooves.
Insert a new battery with the positive (+) side
Replace the old sealing ring with a new one,
fitting it snugly in the cover groove to ensure
water resistance.
Put the cover back on and turn it clockwise to
Re-enter the basic settings. For further
information, see Basic Settings.
Customer Service Information 23
When handling a new, fully charged battery, avoid
clasping it with a metal or electrically-conducting
tool (e.g. tweezers). This may short-circuit the
battery, causing it to discharge rapidly. Usually,
momentary short circuits don't damage the
battery, but may decrease the capacity and thus
the lifetime of the battery.
We recommend that you change the sealing ring of
the battery cover every time you change the
battery. Additional sealing rings are available at
authorized Polar Service Centers only.
Keep the batteries away from children. If
swallowed, contact a doctor immediately. Batteries
should be disposed of properly according to local
Your Polar FA20 is designed to help you achieve
personal activity goals by measuring active body
movement during a day. Health and fitness
beneficial activity intensity is measured during
separate training sessions. No other use is
intended or implied.
During the two-year guarantee/warranty period we
recommend that you service your device at an
authorized Polar Service Center only. The warranty
does not cover damage or consequential damage
caused by service not authorized by Polar Electro.
Please see the separate Polar Customer Service
Card for details.
Register your Polar product at
http://register.polar.fi/ to help us improve our
products and services and better meet your
24 Customer Service Information
Minimizing possible risks
Training may include some risk. Before beginning
a regular training, answer the following questions
concerning your health status. If you answer yes to
any of these questions, consult a physician before
starting any training.
It is important to be sensitive to your body’s
responses during exercise. If you feel unexpected
pain or excessive fatigue when training, stop the
exercise or continue at a lighter intensity.
If you are allergic to any substance that comes
into contact with your skin or if you suspect an
allergic reaction due to using the product, check
the listed materials in Technical Specifications.
Have you been physically inactive for the past 5
Do you have high blood pressure or high blood
Do you have symptoms of any disease?
Are you taking any blood pressure or heart
Do you have a history of breathing problems?
Are you recovering from a serious illness or
medical treatment?
Do you use a pacemaker or other implanted
electronic device?
Do you smoke?
Are you pregnant?
Customer Service Information 25
If you don't know where your are in the menu,
press and hold BACK until the time is displayed.
If there are no reactions to any buttons or if the
display is behaving abnormally, reset the wrist unit
by pressing four buttons (UP, DOWN, BACK AND
LIGHT) simultaneously for four seconds. The
activity log and all other settings except time and
date will be saved.
If the animation on the display is not moving while
you are, make sure you are recording, see "Start
Training", then move effectively and fast enough
for the animation to move. Too slow or too careful
movement may also stop the animation, as such
movement is not considered beneficial enough.
If the display is blank, the FA20 may be in battery
saving mode, as it is dispatched from the factory.
Press any button for one second. For more, see
Basic Settings.
If the low battery symbol is visible, this may mean
26 Customer Service Information
that the battery needs changing. For further
information, see Care and Maintenance.
If the battery of the wrist unit must be replaced,
we recommend you service your device at an
authorized Polar Service Center only. This is
especially necessary to ensure that the guarantee
remains valid and is not affected by incorrect
repair procedures performed by an unauthorized
agent. Polar Service will test your FA20 for water
resistance after battery replacement, and make a
full check of the device.
Technical Specifications
Limit values
Wrist unit
Total time:
Total calories:
Total activity log
Total training file
Battery type:
Battery life:
Wrist strap
Back cover and
wrist strap buckle:
Watch accuracy:
Average 1.5 years (1 h/day, 7
days/week exercise)
-10 °C to +60 °C / +14 °F to +140 °F
-20 °C to +70 °C / -4 °F to +158 °F
Stainless steel complying with the EU
Directive 94/27/EU and amendment
1999/C 205/05 on the release of nickel
from products intended to come into
direct and prolonged contact with the
Better than ± 0.5 seconds / day at 25
°C / 77 °F temperature
23 h 59 min 59 s
0 - 9999 h 59 min 59 s
0 - 999999 kcal/Cal
Eight weeks plus current week
activity information.
1921 – 2020
System requirements
Polar WebSync
Software and Polar
PC MS Windows (2000/XP/Vista),
64/32 bit
Customer Service Information 27
Water Resistance
Polar FA20 may be worn when swimming. To maintain water resistance, do not press buttons under water.
For more information, visit http://support.polar.fi. The water resistance of Polar products is tested
according to International Standard ISO 2281. Products are divided into three categories according to
their water resistance. Check the back of your Polar product for the water resistance category, and
compare it to the chart below. Please note that these definitions do not necessarily apply to products of
other manufacturers.
Marking on the case back
Water resistance characteristics
Water resistant
Splash proof. Protected against wash splashes, sweat,
raindrops etc. Not suitable for swimming.
Water resistant 30 m/50 m
Suitable for bathing and swimming.
Water resistant 100 m
Suitable for swimming and snorkeling (without air tanks).
28 Customer Service Information
Guarantee and Disclaimer
Limited Polar International Guarantee
This limited Polar international guarantee is issued by
Polar Electro Inc. for the consumers who have purchased
this product in the USA or Canada. This limited Polar
international guarantee is issued by Polar Electro Oy for
the consumers who have purchased this product in other
Polar Electro Inc. / Polar Electro Oy guarantees to the
original consumer/ purchaser of this product that the
product will be free from defects in material or
workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.
Please keep the receipt and stamped Polar
Customer Service Card. The receipt is your proof
of purchase!
This guarantee does not affect the consumer’s statutory
rights under applicable national or state laws in force, or
the consumer’s rights against the dealer arising from their
sales/ purchase contract.
© 2008 Polar Electro Oy, FIN-90440 KEMPELE, Finland.
Polar Electro Oy is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company. All
rights reserved. No part of this manual may be used or
reproduced in any form or by any means without prior
written permission of Polar Electro Oy. The names and
logos marked with a ™ symbol in this user manual or in
the package of this product are trademarks of Polar
Electro Oy. The names and logos marked with a ® symbol
in this user manual or in the package of this product are
registered trademarks of Polar Electro Oy, except that
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
The guarantee does not cover the battery, damage due to
misuse, abuse, accidents or non-compliance with the
precautions; improper maintenance, commercial use,
cracked or broken cases.
The guarantee does not cover any damage/s, losses, costs
or expenses, direct, indirect or incidental, consequential or
special, arising out of, or related to the product. During
the guarantee period the product will either be repaired or
replaced at an authorized service center free of charge.
Customer Service Information 29
The material in this manual is for informational purposes
only. The products it describes are subject to change
without prior notice, due to the manufacturer’s continuous
development program.
This product is compliant with Directive
93/42/EEC. The relevant Declaration of
Conformity is available at
Polar Electro Inc. / Polar Electro Oy makes no
representations or warranties with respect to this manual
or with respect to the products described herein.
Polar products are electronic devices and are in
the scope of Directive 2002/96/EC of the
European Parliament and of the Council on
waste electrical and electronic equipment
(WEEE). These products should thus be disposed
of separately in EU countries. Polar encourages
you to minimize possible effects of waste on the
environment and human health also outside the
European Union by following local waste disposal
regulations and, where possible, utilize separate
collection of electronic devices.
Polar Electro Inc. / Polar Electro Oy shall not be liable for
any damages, losses, costs or expenses, direct, indirect or
incidental, consequential or special, arising out of, or
related to the use of this material or the products
described herein.
This product is protected by the incorporeal rights of Polar
Electro Oy as defined by the following documents:
EP1532924, US2005130802, JP2005152633, FI20031699,
CN1628609. Other patents pending.
Manufactured by Polar Electro Oy, Professorintie 5,
FIN-90440 KEMPELE, Finland. Tel +358 8 5202 100, Fax
+358 8 5202 300, www.polar.fi
30 Customer Service Information
Manufactured by
Polar Electro Oy
Professorintie 5
Tel +358 8 5202 100
Fax +358 8 5202 300
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