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HV-35 User Guide
revised 100713
+48V turns the phantom power supply on.
Protecting Against Electrostatic
Discharge – Static electricity can harm
delicate components on the HV-35 board.
To prevent static damage, discharge
static electricity from your body before
you touch any jumpers or switches with
the cover removed. You can do so by
touching an unpainted metal surface on
the API rack’s chassis.
Avoid connecting or disconnecting
mics with the +48V on (hot
patching). This can damage the
mic, preamp and make some very
loud pops that can damage your
monitoring system and ears.
Ribbon Mic DC couples the mic to the
gain stage and also provides an additional
10dB of gain. Use with any Ribbon or
Dynamic mic (like an SM-57). A mic
requiring phantom power will not work in
this mode.
Do not install or remove the
module until the rack’s power
is off.
Compatible Racks – The HV-35 is
designed to work in an API 500VPR or
Lunch box rack. If you are using another
brand, be sure it meets or exceeds the
API spec.
HPF (High Pass Filter) rolls off low
frequencies below 80 Hz at 6 dB per
The HV-35 power consumption is:
+45mA,–25mA nominal
+75mA,–25mA with +48V selected
Inst Input (Instrument Input) is for
high impedance sources such as bass
guitars. It makes the Hi-Z Instrument
input active.
Signal Present (green) and Peak
(red) LEDs indicate signal present at
-46dB and peaks at +22dB.
Gain is a continuously variable gain
control. It has a high gain jump near full
clockwise for low level signals.
Pad – Attenuates the input signal after
the gain stage by 13.5dB
Pol Flip (Polarity Flip) inverts the
signal’s polarity. This can be useful in
multiple mic setups to change the
interaction between them.
Millennia Media, Inc.
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Fax (530) 647-9921
Millennia Media will repair this
product, free of charge, for products
sold in the USA and Canada, in the
event of defect of materials or
workmanship for one (1) year
following date of purchase. A proof of
purchase is required. If there is not a
valid proof of purchase, the warranty
period will begin from the
manufacturing date located on the
serial number sticker on the product.
This warranty is extended only to the
original purchaser. This limited
warranty covers failures due only to
defects in materials and workmanship
that occur during normal, intended
use and does not cover damage
which occurs in shipment or failures
which are caused by products not
supplied by Millennia. This limited
warranty does not cover failures
which arise from accident, misuse,
abuse, neglect, mishandling,
misapplication, faulty installation,
improper adjustment, alteration or
modification of product,
incompatibilities, line-power surges,
acts of God, or service performed by
anyone other than Millennia or its
authorized agent. Vacuum tube
failures and light bulbs are not
covered under warranty.
Millennia Media, Inc.
To obtain warranty service,
contact the factory at
support@mil-media.com to obtain a
Return Authorization RA) form.
Please include your shipping address,
daytime phone number and
description of the problem.
Limits and Exclusions – There are
no express warranties except as
listed above. Millennia shall not be
liable for special, subsequent,
incidental, consequential, or punitive
damages, including, but not limited
to: damage to recordings,
broadcasts, microphones, mixing
consoles, or any associated
equipment, downtime costs, loss of
goodwill, or claims of any party
dealing with purchaser for such
damages resulting from the use of
this product. All warranties express
and implied, including the warranties
of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose are limited to the
applicable warranty period set forth
Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, or length of
time an implied warranty remains in
4600 Missouri Flat Road
(530) 647-0750
effect. As such, the above exclusions
may not apply. This warranty gives
you specific legal rights and you may
also have other rights which can vary
from state to state.
Export Units
Products purchased from authorized
distributors will have a warranty
period of two years from the
manufacturing date located on the
serial number sticker on the product.
Warranty services will be provided by
the authorized distributor and are
subject to local laws.
Discarding Units
In the event that any Millennia
equipment manufactured after July 1,
2006 needs to be discarded, you
must return it to Millennia, at our
headquarters in California, USA.
Please contact the distributor in your
country or Millennia directly for
instructions. We will make
arrangements to have the equipment
shipped to us at no cost to you, and
we will dispose of it in a manner that
complies with whatever regulations
are in existence at that time.
Placerville, CA 95667
Fax (530) 647-9921
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