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The Official Newsletter of the New Hampshire Professional Photographer’s Association March 2014
From Stage to Street: Photographing Dancers!
Heidi & Johnathon Denney
Wednesday, March 5, 2014!
The Chateau, 201 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH!
Heidi & Johnathon are a husband and wife team who specialize in dance and fashion-styled portraits. In their
presentation, they'll give you ideas for marketing four types of dance photography – costume portraits, class and
audition images, performance images and private fashion-styled dance shoots. They'll share how they pushed their
average portrait studio into a well-rounded and well-branded dance photography company. You'll leave with tips
for surviving hundreds of whiny toddlers and whinier dance moms in one day to how to pamper any dancer with
their very own fashion-styled dance shoot.
This presentation will compare fees, price
lists, commission, sales methods and … dare
I say it … work flow for each of the four
categories of dance photography. !
Heidi has been a dancer since 1986 and a
professional photographer since 1996.
Johnathon began his photography career in
2011 when they married and he joined the
business, turning his hobby into a paycheck.
Together, this husband and wife team
transformed an average portrait studio into
one with vision, artistic flair and … profit.!
Please contact Allison McGrail at and let her know if you will be
attending and please specify if you will be eating a meal.
Doors open @ 6 pm. The meal is only $20pp. You can pay
with PayPal or at the door. Remember to sign up by Friday,
February 28th.!
NHPPA Hyponeer March 2014
2014 Conference News! !
Stay at the Margate!
April 25 thru April 28, 2014!
Margate Resort, Laconia, NH!
We hope you’ll join us and stay at the hotel so you won’t
miss a thing! Not only does it help you manage your time so
you can take it all in, it lets you spend more time with friends
and colleagues, and it also helps NHPPA meet the minimum
room requirement to avoid facilities fees. Stay for one night
or the whole weekend! See the flyer for details on room
registration. It’s not too early!!!
Lake View at the Margate
Marilyn Dillon
2014 Conference Highlights!
2014 Conference Speakers!
Saturday Afternoon!
In addition to the speakers, there's
much to look forward to!!
Friday Evening
Safari Series
“First Ever" Pizza Party on
Saturday! No rushing out for dinner.
Just sit, relax, mingle with fellow
members, speakers, judges. You
won't even have to move from your
seat to be witness to the antics and
fun of the scholarship auction right
after! All this for only a $5
contribution! !
First half of Saturday will be
dedicated to Print Competition.
Start thinking about what you're
going to enter and make sure you
plan on sitting in during the
competition (whether you have
entered prints or not).!
Sunday morning print critique!
Sunday evening Banquet with our
costume theme of the Awesome 80's!!
“Location Shooting for High School
Senior Portraits” !
Adrian Henson!!
Sunday Morning
“Location Lighting”!
Rick Friedman!
“Wedding Formals in
45 Minutes” !
with Master Photographer
Jeff Dachowski!
“HDR Plain
Simple.” !
with Master Photographer
Alison Miniter!
Sunday Afternoon
“Marketing in a Tough Economy” !
Ronnie Owings!
Monday All Day
“Creative Composition
in Landscape
Photography.” !
with Alan Kirby!
“Art Beyond Sight”!
Corinne Alavekios
Volunteers Welcome!!
Want to be a part of the conference? There are a number of ways you can volunteer: print committee, props committee,
photography, hospitality, scholarship assistance, auction assistance, etc. It’s fun….and you can earn NHPPA degree credits!
Please let me know if you want to do more than just attend. !!
" 2
2013-2014 NHPPA Board of Directors
Carin D’Abrosca, A.C.Ph.!
23 Revolutionary Ln.,
Nottingham, NH, 03290!
(603) 591-6530 !!
Hyponeer Editor!
Marilyn Dillon, CPP, A.C.Ph.!
77 Emerson Ave. Hampstead NH
(603) 489-1277 !!
First Vice President!
Marsha Vander Mey, A.C.Ph.!
15 Old Milford Rd, Amherst, NH
(603) 759-0062 !!
Industry Representative!
Peggy Hatfield, !
M.Photog.Cr., ,A.C.Ph.!
LenzArt Professional Lab !
Waterfront Resort
Come to The Margate and enjoy all
the amenities of a first class lake front
resort only 90 minutes
north of Boston.
400 Feet of Private Beach
Indoor & Outdoor Pools
Canoe & Kayak Rentals
Paddleboard Rental
Oversized Jacuzzi
Fitness Center
Massage & Spa Services
Gazebo Beach Bar
Arcade Game Room
Free Continental Breakfast
Free WiFi
Second Vice President!
Allison McGrail, A.C.Ph!
243 Mount Vernon Road!
New Boston, NH 03070!
(603) 867-4970!!
Susan Gray!
Genevieve Buck!
Jean Camire, C.Ph.!
166 Elmhurst Ave, Manchester,
NH 03103!
(603) 668-1857!!
Interim NHPPA Representative !
Madonna Lovett Repeta!
Lauri West!
77 Centre St, Apt 2, Concord, NH
(603) 715-5932!!
Immediate Past President/
Conference Chairman!
Jean Wozniak, A.C.Ph.!
15 Acorn Ave, Auburn, NH,
(603) 483-2314 !!
NHPPA Directors!
Alison Miniter,CPP,
M.Photog.Cr., Cr Rick Hydren,
Jim Carlen!
Mark Powers!
61 Profile Circle, Nashua, NH
(603) 440-3228!
PPANE Director!
Jen Raiche, D.C.Ph.!
NEIPP Trustee!
Don Chick, !
CPP, M.Photog., Cr., D.C.Ph.,S.!
National Councilor!
Tim Cameron, !
CPP, M.Photog., Cr. D.C.Ph.,S.!
PPA Certification Secretary!
Don Chick,!
CPP, M.Photog., Cr., D.C.Ph, S.!
The HYPONEER is the official publication of the
New Hampshire Professional Photographers
Association. Views and opinions expressed reflect
those of the author and not necessarily those of
the Association. The Hyponeer is published nine
times a year to coincide with the monthly dinner
meeting held on the first Wednesday of each
month except for the months of May, July, August
and December. Deadline for news articles is the
tenth of the month prior to publication. To
advertise in the HYPONEER, please contact Rick
Hydren at 508-954-1298 or email: . Acceptance for advertisement
does not carry with it the endorsement of the
on the judging and follow your
prints through the whole
process. I find that sitting there
Carin D’Abrosca, A.C.Ph.!
is so inspiring and helps you to
learn and grow your skills as a
professional photographer.
Our March monthly meeting will
feature Heidi and Johnathon
Denny “From Stage to Street: Photographing Dancers”. They
are going to give us ideas for
marketing four types of dance
photography - from dance
schools to private fashion
sessions and more. If you don’t
photograph dance schools yet
or may never, you will still learn
Image by Carin D’Abrosca
the way they found their niche
February’s meeting was our print and turned their “hobby” into a
critique. I hope that you all had business.
a chance to learn how print
judges look at our images to
NHPPA’s commitment to
prepare us for print competition. education continues with our
I hope none of you were scared annual Photofestival series in full
away by what they had to say,
swing. From what I have heard
but took their words as advice to through FaceBook posts-Dennis
improve upon our work. It is a
Spaziano has lined up some
huge learning experience
great talent! There is still room
entering a print competition and left in a couple of classes, so get
our critique judges are very
in touch with Dennis if you are
helpful in getting us on the right interested in joining. Coming up
track. I would advise that you
is Ray Peeples' class on March
enter at least 2 images if you
1st titled, “A guide to technology
have never entered before….get for photographers” There is still
the credit toward a degree, sit in room if you want to learn the ins
President’s Message!
and outs of your computer and
what you need for your
computer so it runs smoothly
throughout your workflow
process and not lose your data
because of hard-drive crashes
and so on.
And….we are just two months
away from our Annual
Conference!!! The registration
forms are on
and rooms are filling up so call
now to get your space! While the
hotel is more conveniently
located to most of us, still show
your support by attending all or
part of our conference and
staying at The Margate. Stay for
as much as you can…you won’t
be disappointed. Bring your
cameras as there is going to be
opportunity for hands on
learning starting Friday night
from 6:30pm-9:30pm. See our
full schedule on the Conference
tab of our website. So while you
are on here reading this, go
ahead and register. See you all
soon and take the next month
(while things may be a little slow)
and shoot for competition. Have
fun with your photography and
let the creative juices flow!
Carin D'Abrosca A.C.Ph.
Image by Bruce Conti
Fort Point Lighthouse, New Castle, New Hampshire
" 4
March Birthdays
March 3 - Louis Foisy!
March 7 - GaryThibeault!
March 8 - Roxanne Herres!
March 16 - Gene Paltrineri!
March 26 - Genevieve Buck!
March 26 - Ann Grummon!
Member News
• Congratulations to Ella Carlson who was
named PPA Elite Photographer, one of
only 22 people out of 27,000!
• Welcome to new member, Dannielle
Gleim Damm of Vella Photography in
Grantham, NH.
Scholarship News
March Anniversaries
March 15 - David Webster!
March 19 - Don Chick!
March 25 - Jim Carlen!
March 26 - Alan Kirby!
Conference gives you the opportunity to check off two our of several qualifications for entry into the
Sullivan/Raiche Scholarship drawings. You must enter at least two prints into print competition AND you
must attend conference. Registration, presence and entry of at least two photographs in competitive exhibit
are each required to meet the requirements of attendance at the Annual Conference.!
Scholarship earnings for the month of February went well! We sold $195 worth of tickets and gave out two
cash prizes of $30 each. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets! Every ticket you buys helps our
scholarship fund! !
We NEED AUCTION items for conference!! If you have a service you would like to donate that would great.
Have books? frames? or anything you might like to donate? No item is too small or too large. We have had
items as small as baby hats to as large as backdrops. We also need items for the raffles. We raffle items at
every meeting and every class at conference. The more items we can sell or raffle off the bigger our
scholarship drawings will be!! Thank you everyone for your help!!! This is truly a team effort! If you have
items to donate please let Genevieve Buck know@
February Meeting Images!
by Bob Lotz
more images on page 7
" 6
Photofestival News
There is still room in the following photofestival class. To register: ! or contact Dennis Spaziano!
Saturday, March 1, 2014 Ray Peeples on !
“A Hitchers Guide to Technology for the Photography Professional”!
Lichfield, NH. Limited to 10 Individuals.!
Spend the day with Ray learning in a hands on environment, unraveling the mysteries of computers,
networks, storage arrays and back ups. We will compare and contrast the major operating systems, cloud
storage and the state of the back up software available today. We will end our day with a round table
discussion focused on problems specific to photographers. Students should bring note books or a laptop .!
March Monthly Meeting - Print Critique - Images by Bob Lotz
© Jarmo Pohjaniemi
Chimera Imaging Solutions is a distributor of Hensel Performing Light.
" 8
by Tracy Phillips!
Client Image of the Month!
Tracy Phillips Photography, Exeter, NH!!
technical date for above image:
f1.8 1/160 ISO 640 50mm 1.4 prime D600 natural light
This little one’s Mom reached out to me after seeing a display I
had in a local coffee shop. I photographed this newborn in the
client’s home within the first two weeks of birth so he would,
hopefully, be sleepy. We were in the baby's warm nursery using
natural light; along with a full belly, the little one was bound to fall
As a side story, living in the home with the beautiful newborn,
were two 100+ pound Dobermans. I tried to remain cool as they
barked like crazy at my arrival. Their heads were chest
high. When I returned the following week to show the clients their
gallery, the alpha female climbed up on the couch and put her
head in my lap. The clients were so surprised, they took a
picture of me and said I was not only a baby whisperer but also a
dog whisperer!
Image provided by Tracy’s client
" 10
2014-2015 Board Elected at January Business Meeting!
The new board will be sworn in at the 2013 Annual Conference in April and will hold their positions in
NHPPA’s coming fiscal year which runs from June 1, 2013 - June 1, 2014.!
President: Marsha Vander
Mey, A.C.Ph.; 1st VP:
Allison McGrail, A.C.Ph;
2nd VP: Roland Lemire,
CPP, M.Photog., Cr., D.C.
Ph.S.; Secretary: Lauri
West; Treasurer: Michele
Spaziano, A.C.Ph.; Rep to
PPANE: Madonna Lovett
Repeta, A.C.Ph. M.
Photog., C.Ph.; Directors:
Rick Hydren, CPP; Jim
Carlen; Claire Lemire,
M.Photog.,Cr., D.C.Ph.
Your Business Logo…Some Tips on Design
by Gloria LeClair, A.C.Ph
Sampling of logos from NHPPA member websites
You may be thinking “Does it really
matter what my logo looks like?” Yes,
it does! With all the logo competition
out there, it’s important to have a logo
design that people will associate your
business with and also remember you
by. It is part of your branding, your
business personality, and speaks about
your photographic style.
!If you have graphic art training, you
could more than likely design your
own logo as I have or you can hire a
professional designer or art student to
create one for you. One of the things
to remember is that your logo will be
used for different purposes. For
instance your logo could be created in
black and white or color for an
advertisement, business card, website
or flyer. It may be printed in a
different way to appear on your
images that you deliver to your clients
and yet another way for stationary
(does anyone use stationary any
more?), printed invoices and sales
receipts or emails. You get the idea.
" 12
Keeping it simple by use of type and/
or perhaps an image of some sort is
sometimes a good design choice.
There are so many ways you can
create a logo just using a typeface.
You can use a single type or combine
multiple typefaces. You can color it,
shade it, bend it, twist it, and mirror it.
You can add a design element, clipart,
illustrations and photographs.
Check out this link for some
come into contact with throughout
your day. Which ones do you like?
Not like? Which ones are hard to
read? Look professional? Are just
plain bad? See if you can find some
that are in color on a package at the
grocery store for example and then
see if you can find it in black and
white and notice the design changes
that had to be made to make it work.
you and your business. Choose wisely
and update if needed as time goes by.
I have updated my logo several times
in the past fifteen years and I am
getting ready to do it again. If you
look at some of the big names in
business like Coke and Pepsi you can
see how their logos have been updated
to keep up with the times and their
product changes.
!Take a good look at all the logos you
!Collect other people’s business cards
or check out other photographers
websites for ideas. Google
“photography logo design” and see
what comes up.
!Take note of what you like and don’t
like about your favorite logos and use
this information either to create your
own or use it to assist the artist you
hire to design it for you.
!Remember, your logo speaks about
!Do your research and then get
designing, it can be a lot of fun to see
what you can come up with on your
12 Elements of a Merit Image
Visit this link for detailed descriptions of each element!
For Sale:
• Nikon D300 - $500
Digital camera body only, excellent condition, original owner, 35,876 actuations.
Comes with all original packaging and accessories, including:!
EN-EL3e rechargeable Li0ion battery with terminal cover !
Body cap!
BM-8 LCD monitor cover!
DK-5 eyepiece cap!
MH-18a quick charger with power cable!
UC-EF USB cable!
EG-D100 video cable!
AN-D300 strap!
User’s Manual!
Quick Guide!
Software Suite CD ROM !
Software Installation Guide!
• Nikon 50 MM 1.8 LENS - $95
Excellent condition, original owner, comes with original packaging, manual, lens
• Nikon 10.5 MM FISHEYE LENS - $495
Excellent condition, original owner, comes with original packaging, manual, lens
covers and velvet storage pouch.!
call Donna Corey 603-345-0574 or email:
For Sale:
2 AlienBees B800 Self-Contained Studio
Flash Units
320 Watt Seconds
$280 each new – for $200 each
JTL Background Support Stand
4 sections, range of 6.3’ to 12.6’ length,
10.6’ height
$160 new – for $110
Westcott Apollo Softbox Speedlight Set
Includes 28” x 28” recessed softbox,
diffusion panel and shoe-mount umbrella
$130 new – for $90
Lastolite Ezybox Hot Shoe Softbox Kit 24x24"
Includes carry bag and hot-shoe mount
new $150 - for $100
Those interested contact Mark Powers at
603.440.3228 or
For Sale:!
Black Rapid Strap $40!
I also have various backdrops/muslins for sale (a light grey, dark grey, blue, and others …please
contact me if you are interested in seeing any and I will bring them to the next meeting. Prices vary $75$95.!
Carin J D'Abrosca, A.C.Ph!
603-591-6530 or
For Sale!
I have an Epson Stylus Photo R1800 for sale. EBay has it for $350 – I am asking for $200 or best
offer, details below:!
Product Information: Print lab-quality photos in the comfort of your home with the Stylus
Photo R1800. The photos that come out of this digital inkjet printer can be up to 13 inches wide
and will last between 100 and 200 years. This Epson photo
printer gives you border-less photos in 7 popular sizes in a
resolution of 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi and an 11 X 14 inch
photo in less than 2 minutes.!
Carin J D'Abrosca, A.C.Ph!
While organizing and cleaning after a busy
studio season, consider donating those
unneeded items to scholarship!
Scholarship is accepting donations for
monthly raffle items and is also accepting
items for the auction at conference!!
Thank you all for your support!
603-591-6530 or!
! 14
Download the full NEIPP brochure with instructors and course descriptions at the following link:!
Schedule of NHPPA and PPA Event!
Sat. Feb. 22 Photofestival: Making Senior Magic. Marsha Vander Mey
Sat. March 1 Photofestival: A guide to Technology for Photographers. Ray Peeples.
March 5 Monthly Meeting -"From Stage to Street: Photographing Dancers". Heidi and Johnathan Denney of Exclusive Image
in CT, Chateau Restaurant, Manchester, NH
Sat. March 8 Photofestival - Painting with Photoshop. Ella Carlson
March 30 - April 3 New England Institute of Professional Photography, Resort and Conference Center, Hyannis, MA April 9 (note date changed from April 2) Monthly Meeting - “The Forgotten Generation” Steve Bedell. Chateau, Manchester
April 25-28, 2014 NHPPA Conference - Margate Hotel, Laconia, NH
If you plan on attending the March Meeting, you must sign up with Allison
McGrail by Friday, February 28th
Please contact her at and let her know if you will be
attending and also specify if you will be joining us for the meal.
The meal is still only $20.00 per member. You can pay for your meal by Paypal or
at the door. Remember to sign up by the Friday before the meeting.
Monthly Meeting Hospitality!
Program Review - Write a review about the program (using attendees forms). available!
New Member Column - (1yr or less) Seek out new members and ask them to write about their
impressions of NHPPA and something about themselves. Claire Lemire!
Meal Ticket Collection - available!
Chair Set up - available!
Communication—Alison Miniter !
Photography - Photograph portions of the program and the Speaker receiving his Merit. Send file
images to Editor. Bob Lotz!
Scholarship Raffle - Sell tickets at meetings and raffle donated gifts. Genevieve Buck!
Image by Bob Lotz
PPA News—Tim Cameron!
PPANE News - Madonna Lovett Repeta!
Association News/Special Events- Collect news items & event happenings for publication in
Hyponeer. Marilyn Dillon!
Anyone interested in any of these jobs, contact Gerald Browne 603-485-2269 or 603-485-7372!
If you do any one of these tasks for four months, you will receive one credit towards your NHPPA
Degree. Image by Bob Lotz
The HYPONEER is the official publication of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association. Views and opinions expressed reflect
those of the author and not necessarily those of the Association. The Hyponeer is published nine times a year to coincide with the monthly dinner
meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month except for the months of May, July, August and December. Deadline for news articles is the 10th
of the month prior to publication. To advertise in the HYPONEER, please contact Rick Hydren at 508-954-1298 or 978-948-3346
email: Acceptance for advertisement does not carry with it the endorsement of the NHPPA.
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