Total Office Manager is
the most powerful
program of its kind.
If you are shopping around
you may have noticed that
software companies are
usually long on hype and
short on system details. We
challenge our competitors to
be as detailed, open, and
upfront as we are about our
feature set.
In addition, our bookkeeping
experts are available to
completely demonstrate how
each and every one of these
features works.
Fully Integrated
Keyboard Friendly
One software program that handles
We know some of you prefer a keyboard
everything from accounting and payroll
to a mouse so we have worked hard to
to dispatching, service agreements, job
provide plenty of keyboard shortcuts and
costing and more. One software program
provide a finely tuned tab order. This will
and one database stops double entry and
make data entry must faster.
improves your reporting capability.
Three Click Rule
Auto Complete
Our founder was a contractor. He has a
When selecting from a list, users simply
strict rule for our programmers to live by.
type a few characters to narrow the list.
All common or important information
should be no more than three mouse
Add Records on the Fly
Selection lists allow you to “Add New”
without exiting the form.
clicks away. Information must also be
easy for a contractor/owner to find (not
just their office staff). You will find that to
be true throughout Total Office Manager.
Multiple Companies and DBA
Manage multiple company and create an
unlimited number if DBA’s (doing
business as). This is handy for those of
you who have multiple company
Smart Lists™
Create custom content lists from almost
any database table. This feature is perfect
for creating truck stock lists, phone call
lists, or any other list of data that needs
special attention.
Run Multiple Instances
You can open the software multiple times
on the same computer. This makes it
easier to multitask. Imagine working on
payroll in one instance and dispatching
on the other instance.
Zip Code Database
Enter a zip code and the system
automatically populates the city, state,
county, and country. This database can
be updated by the user. This will increase
mailing address accuracy and reduce
User Defined Fields
Create your own data entry fields and
time entering records.
add them to various forms.
Required Data Entry Fields
Certain fields within selected forms can be set to be required. In other words, the user
will be forced to enter information into those fields before they are allowed to continue.
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Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Full Blown General Ledger
Our self-balancing general ledger is the heart of the system.
Limit Form and Report Access
You can limit the ability to view, add, edit, delete,
inactivate, and void any form or report.
Complete Comprehensive Auditing
All transactions were written to a detailed audit trail log that
cannot be turned off or tampered with. You will always know who
did what, to which record, from what computer, and exactly when.
Our audit trail can reduce the threat of embezzlement and fraud.
Fully Departmentalized Accounting
Allows you to track in incoming and outgoing money by
department or profit center.
True Automatic Double Entry
The software takes care of the matching principle for you. Never
have to worry about balancing your books again.
Overhead Allocation by Department
Automatic allocation of overhead by department. This allows you
to see the actual net profit of each department.
Never Close a Period
You never has to close an accounting period. If a mistake is found,
it can be correctly quickly.
Accounting Period Locking
This allows you to lock an accounting period. Editing financial
information requires a special password.
Fast Adjusting Journal Entries
AJE can be made quickly and easily. We include a handy feature
that allows you to automatically create copies of prior AJEs and
automatic reversing Adjusting Journal Entries. ADJs can also be
memorized so that they are automatically created on a schedule of
your choice. This feature is controlled through TOM’s extensive
Fast Easy Deleting and Data Cleanup
As long as you have the permission to do so, you can typically void
or delete transactions and easily clean things up. Your actions can
be restricted and everything you do is written out in great detail to
the audit trail.
Specific Form Security
Certain forms have their own security preferences. For
example, you can restrict the ability for one user to edit
another user’s timesheet entry. This prevents people
from clocking in or out for others.
You can restrict the ability for one user to edit another
user’s Contact Log entries. This helps assure that the
notes and thoughts of one person are not contaminated
by another user.
Restrictions Based on Department (location)
You have the ability to restrict access to information
based on the department(s) assigned to a user. This
allows you to restrict a user from looking at invoices or
customers that are not related to the department(s) they
work in.
Restrictions Based on Warehouse
You have the ability to restrict access to inventory
information based on the warehouse(s) assigned to a
user. This allows you to restrict a user from looking at or
selecting inventory that is not related to the warehouses
they should be monitoring. Example: You can prevent a
technician from selecting items from another technician’s
Password Management
Strong passwords can be enforced and new passwords
can be required on a time schedule of your choice. All
credentials are fully encrypted.
Database Passwords and Encryption
Your SQL Server database (company file) and fully
protected using a “SA” password. Sensitive information
within the database in encrypted.
Aptora has one of the very best field service business management programs available.
This is our own software program that we built from scratch so it is completely and totally
integrated. Many companies use third party mobile software that can be a frustrating mess
to deal with. Don’t get trapped. With Aptora Mobile II everything works smoothly and in
harmony. Plus there is no time wasting data synchronization to deal with – all in real time.
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Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Flexible Job Naming and ID. Jobs can be entered using job names, numbers
and letters, or automatic numbering.
Track Expenses
Detailed tracking of all expenses for every job.
Real-time Labor Reporting
Our optional mobile software includes the ability for work crews and managers to
enter labor time at the end of each day. This gives managers up to the day labor
reports that include estimates labor hours versus actual.
Numerous Reports
We include dozens of job costing reports from estimated versus actual, to
detailed line items reports, to one page summarized reports. Each reports
includes drill down capability. You will know where you are on every job.
Sales Representative
Add a sales rep to every job. Track closure rates, sales commissions, and more.
Extensive History
One form displays ALL job information including accounting, work orders, contact
log notes, phone messages, and everything else.
Quickly Set Reminders for Multiple Employees
The Reminder system allows you to set reminders for different users for
different reasons – and they work in the mobile software too. Never forget
another important task.
Mobile Reminders
Reminders display on your mobile device. Even when you are out of the office,
Total Office Manager will keep you on task.
Add Required Parts and Tools
Work orders include a list of required items. This list is included on all printed
or mobile work orders. Save needless multiple trips to part suppliers and
Convert Work Orders into Invoices
Work orders are converted to invoices with two mouse clicks. All information is
copied. No double entry reduces labor expenses and helps make sure that
everything gets charged to the customer.
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Positive Pay® Capable
We offer full support for the Positive Pay
standard which helps reduce fraud and
theft. This standard is a requirement of
some banks.
Create Unlimited Vendor Terms
Establish a complete list of vendor (and
customer) terms.
Automatically Calculate Early Payment
Automatically calculates the correct time to
pay the bill and presents that bill for
payment with the proper early payment
discount already calculated.
Day | Week | Month | List Views.
Change the way work orders and
appointments are displayed to meet the
needs of each user. Preferences are
saved by user.
Open Two Schedule Boards
Two schedule boards allow you monitor
two different departments of groups at the
same time.
Extensive Preferences and Options
Hundreds of options make it easy to
configure the look and behavior of the
schedule board to meet your own specific
Exact Time Rendering
Work orders and appointments are
rendering in their exact Start and End time
timeslots. With a quick glance, you will see
any and all open time slots or scheduling
Schedule Board Profiles
Create different was to view information
such as service technicians, new
construction, sales calls, and more. Switch
from one profile to the next. This allows
you to organize the schedule board and
manage large amounts of information.
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Fully Integrated
Document and file management is built into
your customer, vendor, employee, asset,
and company management systems.
Organization of files and documents saves
time, creates opportunities, and reduces
legal liabilities.
Track Company Property
Never search for an important asset again.
Auto Document Scanning
Insert a document and click the Scan button.
Total Office Manager handles the rest
seamlessly. Save time and money because
no special external software is needed.
Drag and Drop Attachments
Simply drag and drop files to automatically
create associations. Drag and Drop will not
work with Windows 7 Home.
Powerful Search
Quickly search by name, category, keyword,
description, and more. Never lose another
important document.
Full Repair History and Service Records
View every bit of information related to any serial number or location.
Track every penny spent maintaining your company’s property.
Attach Pictures, Documents, Manuals, and Files
Any file on your hard-drive can be attached to an asset. This helps make
identification faster and easier.
Tool Assignment
Assign equipment and tools to employees. Hold employees accountable
for lost items.
Loan Tools (Payday Loan) to Customers or Jobs
Track what tools and equipment were left at a customer’s property such
as fans, pumps, and monitoring equipment. Optionally charge rent.
Depreciation Schedules
Create depreciation schedules for your assets and improve the accuracy
of your financial reporting. Includes Straight Line, Sum of Years, Double
Declining, MACRS, and Section 179.
Full Service History by Serial Number
View a complete list of all service calls and an itemized list of parts and labor for each unit. The warranty coverage for parts and
labor is also shown.
Check Warranty Status
Quickly see when the equipment was installed and what warranty coverage is in effect.
Attach Pictures and Documents
Photos, diagrams, and other documentation can be scanned / attached for quick access in the desktop of mobile software.
Work Order Creation
Automatically generate work orders when agreements are sold.
Flexible Pricing
Create as many price levels and discounts as you need.
Easy to Use Templates
Create time saving templates that automatically fill-out service
agreement prices, terms, description, and more.
Escrow Accounting
Spreads service agreement income out over the life of the
agreement automatically.
Automatically Renew
Renew service agreements in bulk based on your selection
sales@aptora.com | www.aptora.com | 913-492-9930 | Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Equipment Assignment
Select what equipment is covered under the service agreement
Track Your Interactions
Manage interactions with current and future customers.
Better Note Taking
Enter notes each time you speak with a
sales prospect, customer, vendor, etc.
Full Tracking
Total Office manager tracks phone messages, appointments, files, documents, email,
and other information. Locate records in three mouse clicks or less.
Complete Integration
CRM is built into the core of Total Office Manager. Notes and files interact with
accounting and sales information. This allows for better reporting and analysis that
any standalone CRM application can bring you.
Full Mobile Support
All CRM flows through our optional mobile software. This makes it easy for your
employees to management relationships in the field and eliminate double entry.
Serial Number Tracking
Equipment and parts can be tracked
by serial number. This makes
searching fast and accurate.
Bin Location Tracking
Allows you to establish and track an
exact location within a warehouse or
truck. This makes it easier for
employees to locate items. Auditing
inventory is less labor intensive.
Bar Code Scanning
Print and scan bar codes to enter and
relive inventory. You can scan bar
codes to fill out forms and lookup
information. You can even scan codes
already on the container using the
Item Alias feature. This makes data
entry faster and more accurate.
Track Inventory by Vehicle
Vehicles are rolling warehouses. Total
Office Manager allows for easy tracking
of inventory by truck. See what items
are required for a job and view
inventory before you dispatch a truck.
This can significantly reduce labor and
travel expenses.
Create Kits and Groups
Save time by creating lists of items. Give
that list a part number for easy data
entry. This makes entering numerous
items faster and more accurate.
Item Manufacturing
Create an inventory part from other
inventory parts. Component items are
automatically removed from inventory
and the resulting product of entered as
a new item. This advanced feature can
be a huge time saver.
Item Aliases
Create multiple part numbers for the
same item. Assign each vendor’s part
number to that item. Scan your
vendor’s bar code to automatically
enter or relieve inventory.
Costing and Valuation Methods
Switch from FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted
Average Cost to study the impact on
your financial reports. Switch anytime
you wish. Potentially reduce tax liability
and improve the accuracy of your
Multiple Business Locations
Setup warehouse for different
business locations. Then easily view
and manage the information all in
one place.
Actual Cost Method
The exact cost of serialized items is used
in all job costing reports. Since
equipment can be a large part of the job
costing, job costing is far more precise.
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Activity Reports
Pull reports by subject or topic such as
collections, complaints, employee reviews,
reprimands, tardiness, notes, and more.
Filter by date, employee, customer, etc.
Track Time by Contact
Generate more billable time with our
stopwatch feature. It will track every
second spent on the phone or email.
Automatic Price Adjustments
The retail price of items can be quickly
changed on a global basis using
numerous methods. This makes price
increases easy to handle with the least
amount of labor hours.
Unlimited Price Levels and Markups
The retail price can be calculated using
hundreds of possible calculation
methods ranging from simple markup,
to gross profit margin, etc.
Track Manufacturer’s Part Number
Record the manufacturer’s part
number for any item and avoid the
hassle of looking it up or trying to
locate it within a generic notes field.
Truck Stock or Job Lists
Create item lists for each of your trucks
and common jobs. These lists can be
dependent on the technician,
department, season, and more
Restrictions Based on Warehouse
(physical item location)
You have the ability to restrict access to
inventory information based on the
warehouse(s) assigned to a user. This
allows you to restrict a user from
looking at or selecting inventory that is
not related to the warehouses they
should be monitoring. Example: You
can prevent a technician from selecting
items from another technician’s truck.
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Create Your Own Service
and Installation Tasks
Add and edit your own book
of installation scenarios,
repair task, and maintenance
Over 400 Industry Specific Reports
Our extensive background in contracting has helped us create a very extensive set of
reports that provide the kind of information contractors require to manage a field service
business. From accounting, job costing, employee performance, and more.
HVAC / Refrigeration
Our optional database of
HVAC and refrigeration repairs
and tasks over both
residential and light
commercial scenarios. Save
time by utilizing our
professionally created list of
thousands of tasks and items.
Plumbing Database
You will save countless hours
with our optional book of
tubular, faucets, stems,
drain/waste, drain cleaning,
sinks, lavatories, toilets, well
pumps & controls, disposals,
appliance hookups, water
heaters and other repairs.
Electrical Database
This option covers all of the
important residential and light
commercial repairs. You will
find: lighting, ballasts, motor
repairs, switches, wiring,
disconnects, fuses, breakers,
circuit extensions, panels,
generators, power
management, landscape,
accent lighting and more. It is
used by many of the nation’s
leading electricians.
Add Photos and Images
Improve the look of your flat
rate presentation by adding
images to your flat rate task.
These pictures will be
available on our mobile
version too.
Create Custom Reports
Build your own reports using our built-in report designer. Get the information you need,
when you need it.
Consolidated Financial Reports
Combine data from multiple separate companies into one income statement, balance
sheet and other selected reports.
Drill Down for Details
Most reports include extensive drill down capabilities. See something that you need
details on? Double click to view one detailed report after another until you are viewing the
original transaction that started it all.
Union Payroll Reports
Create a list of unions and associate them your employees. A wide variety of reports have
union related filters. This gives users the ability to create payroll reports that can be
filtered by union.
Create Custom Sales Proposals
Create detailed estimates that include extensive notes. Design your own sales proposal or
select from dozens of built-in templates.
Estimated versus Actual Tracking
Run reports that indicate what you predicted versus what actually happened, by job
name, data range, and more.
Advanced Sales Tax Operations
Sales tax can be calculated on retail price, gross profit, or direct cost and be different by
line item. Save time collecting and paying sales tax with software designed
for your industry.
Change Orders
Enter change orders on existing estimates. Optionally print change orders. Easily track
what changes have been ordered and approved. Create work orders for change orders.
All sales are tracked by profit center and department. You will be able to assess the sales
performance for each of your departments and profit centers.
Sales Representative Tracking
Assign sales reps to customers. Track sales commissions, sales closure rates, etc.
Lease or Rent Equipment
Equipment can be “moved” to a client’s address. You may charge rent or lease these items
as desired. It’s easy to forget what you’ve loaned and who you loaned it to. Never lose
track of another asset.
sales@aptora.com | www.aptora.com | 913-492-9930 |
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Create Payment Applications
Automatically create Summary of Work and Continuation Sheets off an invoice. Save
time and increase accuracy because there is no double entry.
AIA Form Support
Print to G702 and G703 Forms. Save money because you don’t additional software.
No Double Entry
By avoiding the use of a separate AIA system, you will save time and money, as well as
increase accuracy with our built-in AIA Billing system.
Cash Drawer
Our optional POS Light system
allows Total Office Manager to
work seamlessly with the cash
drawer, scanner, and credit card
swipe hardware.
See who is calling and view
account information before you
pick up the phone.
No Double Entry
Don’t write down information on paper only to reenter it.
Track Phone Messages
Enter phone messages and see who has returned their phone calls. Phone messages are
automatically sent to our optional Aptora Mobile II field service management software.
Quickly Lookup Historical Messages
Archive phone messages for later retrieval. Search an old phone message in seconds.
Marketing Campaign Manager
Monitor all advertising and marketing data points on one place. No longer hunt around
piecing together different bits of information.
Track Marketing Performance
Tracks all sales and expenses by marketing type. Compares and analyzes marketing
campaigns. Know exactly which advertising and marketing campaigns have been a
success and avoid repeating the failures.
Sales Letter Generator
Design sales and marketing letters, perform mail merges that go way beyond simple
contact information, and print or email.
Manage All Sales Leads
Open the Sales Lead Manager, sort, and view every sales opportunity in the sales funnel.
See Account Info Instantly
View account information before
you pick up the phone. Nearly
instant customer lookup. View
pictures of your employee and
Faster Call Handling
Right click to create work order,
enter sales leads, phone
messages, and more. The related
form opens with as much prepopulated information as
Reduce Phone Time
Shave perhaps 90 seconds off of
each phone call with our unique
caller ID lookup system.
All Incoming and Outgoing Calls
Are Logged
Date, time, phone line, number of
rings, duration, customer name,
and other information is
permanently stored in your
database and available for
analysis and auditing anytime you
wish. You can even access this
information from your mobile
device using Aptora Mobile II.
Qualifications List
Create a custom list of sales qualification questions including Yes/No, fill in the blank,
check off, and more. Qualify your prospects using an objective method.
Profile Questions
Create a list of profile questions that can vary by product. This allows you to have a
systematic approach to data collection by product.
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Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Quickly Move Inventory
We offer multiple ways to quickly
move inventory from one job to
another or from one physical
location to another. These tools will
save your staff a lot of time
managing inventory and that means
more accurate job costing reports.
Auto Generation
Purchase orders can be automatically created from invoices, estimates, work order,
and other processes. This auto creation saves time and helps assure accuracy.
Year End Inventory Counts
Numerous reports and utilities make
locating, counting, and adjusting
item quantities.
Restrict Actions Based on
You have the ability to restrict access
to inventory information based on
the warehouse(s) assigned to a user.
This allows you to restrict a user
from looking at or selecting
inventory that is not related to the
warehouses they should be
monitoring. Example: You can
prevent a technician from selecting
items from another tech’s truck.
Reorder Points
Set reorder points for inventory
items and use Automatic Purchase
Order system to reorder parts.
Automatic Inventory Reordering
Our inventory reporting system automatically generates purchase orders when certain
reordering points are hit. This assures that you not fall below tolerable stocking levels.
PO Generation While Invoicing
After saving an invoice, the purchase order system will offer to create a purchase order
(one for all or one for each preferred vendor) to bring your inventory levels back to
your set stocking points.
Vendor Specific Pricing
Enter part pricing by vendor. When you create a PO, the software uses that vendor’s
specific pricing. Special pricing can also include notes. BE sure you pay the price you
deserve and not a penny more.
Create a Single PO for Multiple Jobs
You may have multiple jobs and truck stock on one purchase order. This saves time
from not having to create separate POs like you do with so many other software
accounting programs.
Set Company and Employee Limits
Purchase orders can be protected with company wide limits and or individual
employee limits.
Locate Open Purchase Orders
It’s really easy to identify what parts have not yet been received using the purchase
order lists. Simply click the “Open POs” filter to see what items are still due. Create an
unlimited set of filters for fast easy look up based on your criteria.
Search by Almost Anything
Search virtually every data field in the software. Search for
words, phrases, characters, numbers, and so forth.
Automatically Generate Transactions
Virtually any transaction type can be setup to automatically
process on a schedule of your choice.
Save and Name Searches
Save time by creating commonly used searches and saving
Set Reminders
Reminders launch at a predetermined date and time for one or
more employees. Our Reminder system also displays Reminders
in Aptora Mobile II, our bestselling Field Service Management
software program. You will never miss an important event.
Search As You Type
Quickly narrow search results in a list. All that you need to
do is open a list and start typing.
Search Reports
All reports include the ability to perform simple and
complex searches.
Option to Confirm
Memorized transactions can process automatically or they can
require a confirmation. A confirmation process helps to assure
the transaction is correct before the transaction is committed to
the general ledger.
sales@aptora.com | www.aptora.com | 913-492-9930 |
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Fully Managed Tax Tables
All 50 USA states are covered. We maintain all tax rules, rates,
thresholds, and other important payroll information. Payroll is
updated as needed with the software.
Employee Efficiency
Track hours paid against hours sold. Track payroll expenses
against gross profit dollars produced. You can’t manage what
you can’t measure.
No Ongoing Fees
Avoid costly ongoing fees. Others charge $28.00 per month
plus more for each and every employee. That’s after you have
already bought their software. We don’t charge extra for
payroll. As long as you have an active support plan, you can
rest assured that you payroll system is always up to date.
Time-Off Tracking
Establish paid time off (PTO) rules and thresholds, the payroll
system will track eligibility, hours used, unused time, etc.
Third Party Payroll Interface
Export and import from ADP, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity,
WebPay, and Sure Payroll. You can maintain these formats or
create your own from scratch.
Unlimited Payroll Items
Create unlimited earnings, taxes, liabilities, deductions,
additions, and time off types as needed. This offers extreme
flexibility when it comes to setting up compensation methods.
Payroll Templates
Save a lot of time when setting up employees. Simply select a
payroll template, adjust the numbers as needed.
Direct Deposit
Set up bank accounts for each employee and the payroll
system does the rest. You no longer need to print check and
pay stubs can be paperless PDFs. Save time and save money by
reducing paper and processing costs.
Certified Payroll
Allows you to produce a certified payroll report showing
prevailing wages (Davis-Bacon wages) for each employee.
Includes information such as company, project, employee
name, last four of social security number, job classification,
hours worked, overtime, and more. Built-in certified payroll
reports allow you to comply with federally funded job without
buying and learning complicated specialized software.
Worker’s Compensation
Create unlimited work comp codes and track payroll details by
those codes. This feature can reduce worker’s compensation
expenses and reduce liability by classifying labor expenses.
Easy Payroll Liability Management
The payroll system includes a great Pay Payroll Liabilities
system that makes it easy to track and pay your taxes. The
system keeps track of who to pay, how much, and when it is
due. You will always have the correct information. Reminders
can be set so that you never pay late.
Federal Reporting
Many federal forms are built in such as 940, 941, W2, W3, 1099,
1098, and more. We maintain these forms so that they are
always accurate.
Customized Reports
Build your own payroll related reports. You will have access to
important payroll information when you need it.
Detailed Paystubs
Many software companies miss the importance of a good
detailed paystub. Real managers know how useful an
informative paystub is and so does Aptora. You can select
between a standard paystub or a detailed paystub that can
span one or more pages.
Payroll Liability Adjustments
It is easy for payroll manages to make adjustments to the
company’s or employee’s payroll liabilities.
Sales Commissions
You can setup sales commissions for each employee. There are
multiple calculation methods and rule possibilities including
paying on profit margin – not just revenue. No double entry.
You no longer need to waste time managing complicated
spreadsheets that are no integrated into your payroll system.
Please see the next page for more details.
Open any report in MS Word® or MS Excel®
With a few mouse clicks, you can open and edit any of the over 400 reports found in
Total Office Manager.
MS SQL 2012
Total Office Manager was built to take
advantage of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012.
We provide your company with the free
“Express” version – which is totally adequate
for many of our clients. You may decide to
select Microsoft’s paid version.
Export Lists to Excel
With two or three clicks, virtually any report and any list can be exported and
automatically opened in Microsoft® Excel.
sales@aptora.com | www.aptora.com | 913-492-9930 |
MS SQL 2012
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
The sales commission methodology is one of the best things about our
contractor specific payroll system. Contractors pay commissions,
bonuses, and spiffs many different ways.
You are allowed to have multiple commission methods per employee
and each method can be combined for greater flexibility. Also,
commissions can be set for payment only if the invoice has been
completely paid. Here are some of the methods available.
Fixed Dollar
Calculates a sales commission based on a fixed dollar amount. This
amount will be the same no matter what the invoice total is.
Percentage of Sub-Total
Calculates a sales commission based on the sub-total of the invoice.
Sales tax will not be part of the calculation.
Percentage of Direct Cost
Calculates a sales commission based on the direct cost of all materials
and labor. Sales tax will never be part of the calculation.
Percentage of Retail Labor
Calculates a sales commission based on the retail price of the invoice
labor. Sales tax will never be part of the calculation.
No sales commission will be calculated automatically. You can add the
amount manually. This method offers complete flexibility and should be
used when no other method applies.
Percentage of Gross Profit on Materials
Calculates a sales commission based on the gross profit dollars for all
materials. The formula is (Retail Price – Direct Cost). Sales tax will never
be part of the calculation.
Percentage of Labor Cost
Calculates a sales commission based on the cost of labor. This comes
from the Estimated Cost field on the labor item. Sales tax will never be
part of the calculation.
Item Commission
This commission is calculated by multiplying the Value times the Sales
Commission field found on most item types. Leave the Value blank (or
zero) to use 100% of that amount. Enter .5 to use 50% of the
commission, 1.5 to use 150% of that commission, etc.
Positive Pay® Capable
We offer full support for the Positive Pay standard
which helps reduce fraud and theft. This standard is
a requirement of some banks.
Bank Reconciliation
Total Office Manager includes a powerful and easy to
use Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation system that
matches financial transactions with actual bank
activity. This can be done on a daily or monthly basis.
A properly performed monthly bank reconciliation
will help insure your books are accurate.
Account Register
TOM makes it easy to review banking activity. You
can search, sort, and drill down on all transactions.
Credit Card Statement Reconciliation
Like our Back Reconciliation system, credit card
statements can be precisely matched with the credit
card transactions recorded in the software.
Secure Credit Card Numbers
Credit card data is encrypted and the numbers are
not viewable by users of the software. They can only
see the last four characters and an expiration date.
Hundreds of Thousands of Records
Total Office Manager was designed to handle large
numbers of customers, invoices, inventory items, and
other key lists.
Have It Your Way. Aptora has an in-house staff of
highly skilled software engineers. We can add
virtually anything to the software. You don’t have to
outgrow our software, it can grow with you.
Service Agreement
This commission method only applies to Service Agreement items. The
amount is a percentage of the Retail Price of the Service Agreement
without regard to Sales Tax.
Variable by Invoice
Calculates sales commissions based on the total price of the invoice
with or without sales tax. The sales commission multiplier can be varied
up or down depending on the total amount. Interested? Call and ask us
to show it to you.
sales@aptora.com | www.aptora.com | 913-492-9930 |
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
Full-time Professionally Trained
We have a staff of full-time native
English speaking support personnel.
When you call for support, you will
be speaking to someone that is at
least a Full Charge Bookkeeper. We
have degreed accountants, CPA’s, IT
experts, and programmers. We do
not farm out technical support to
another company or country.
Form-by-Form Report-by-Report Access Control
You decide who can open, view, edit, add, void, inactivate, or delete any transaction. You
have full control over the access of any and all reports.
Comprehensive Videos
Over 100 new training videos (up to
date for current versions of the
Complete User Manual
We include a fully printed colorful user manual that is jam packed with helpful and
detailed information.
On-Site Training
We offer personal on-site training for
your staff. We will send an expert to
your company and provide you with
customized training and assistance.
Live Personalized Internet
Our one-on-one training is scheduled
during a time that is good for you
and your employees.
Annual Meetings and Workshops
Our annual user meeting has
become a favorite event among
many of our users. They are fun and
very informative. Please call us for
upcoming dates and locations.
Comprehensive Auditing
No matter what your security settings are, all transaction and most other activity is written
to a detailed audit trail. That audit trail cannot be deleted or tampered with. The audit trail
can reduce the threat of embezzlement and fraud.
Form Date Stamping
Each form indicates the name and date of the user that first created the data and the
name and date of the person of who last edited the data.
Installation Manual
We include a fully printed colorful user manual that is jam packed with helpful and
detailed information.
Database Setup Guide
Printed colorful user manual that covers the process of setting up your database and
company files.
Complete User Manual
We include a fully printed colorful installation manual that covers installation and initial
setup step-by-step.
Accounting For Contractors Manual
Our very own book on accounting – written by accounting nerd contractors for non
accounting nerd contractors.
Optional Self-Paced Training System
We can provide you with a complete set of training manuals for Total Office Manager
and Aptora Mobile II. This system also includes a self-examinations and grading sheets.
Import to and from Delimited Files, Access, Excel, and Others
Thousands of data fields can be exported to and from the software. You can import customers, inventory items, vendor pricing,
equipment, and much more.
QuickBooks® Accounting Data Migration
Keep 100% of your important QuickBooks® data with our optional QB migration service. Don’t be fooled by our competitor’s false
claims. Aptora is the only company that can migrate your lists, accounting, and payroll at a transaction by transaction basis.
Customized Data Migration
Our database migration specialist are experts and extracting data, reorganizing that data, and moving it into Total Office Manager.
If you/we can get the data out, we can get it into Total Office Manager. Call us at 913-492-9930 for more information.
sales@aptora.com | www.aptora.com | 913-492-9930 |
Contractors Building Software For Contractors
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