Start Here First, install the WNA3100 software

Start Here
After the driver is installed you are prompted to connect to a wireless network:
Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter WNA3100
First, install the WNA3100 software
This guide explains Express installation with the NETGEAR Smart Wizard.
Note: For help with custom installation, see the User Manual on the Resource CD.
Insert the Resource CD in your computer’s CD drive. If the CD main page does not
display, browse the files on the CD and double-click Autorun.exe.
Estimated completion time: 10 minutes.
Click Install the Software. The Software Update Check screen displays.
Package Contents
If you are connected to the Internet, click
Check for Updates. If not, then click Install
from CD.
Accept the license agreement. Then click
Next on the Setup Type screen for Express
Resource CD
Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter
Connect to a wireless network
Follow the wizard steps to install the
Then, install your WNA3100 adapter
a: WPS-capable networks in your area
b: No WPS-capable networks in your area
If your router supports Push 'N' Connect (also called WPS), follow the steps to
push the WPS button on your adapter and connect.
b. If no WPS networks are in your area, select your wireless network from the list and
click Next. If you select a secured network, you need to enter the passphrase or
network key.
You are prompted to insert your adapter.
The adapter connects to the network, which can take a minute or two. The Smart Wizard
Settings screen displays. Your settings are saved in a profile, which you can name.
Locate a USB port on your PC.
You are now connected to a wireless network!
Insert the adapter into the USB port or
connect it with the USB cable (see “Using
the USB Cable” on the other side of this
Profile name
Note: For best results, put the wireless
adapter at least 4 feet (1 meter) away from
your router.
USB cable with adapter cradle
Click Next. The WNA3100 software detects the adapter. Follow the onscreen prompts
to install the driver.
The WNA3100 icon
appears in the system tray and on the desktop so you can open the
Smart Wizard to make changes or connect to a different wireless network.
The Status Bar at the bottom of the Smart Wizard screen shows details about your wireless
Using the USB Cable
Technical Support
You can use the USB cable and adapter cradle to extend the range of your adapter and obtain
better wireless reception. Insert the adapter in the plastic cradle and attach the USB cable to
the adapter and the computer.
After completing the Smart Wizard configuration assistant, locate the serial number on the
bottom label of your product, and use it to register your product at
Registration on the website or over the phone is required before you can use our telephone
support service. The phone numbers for worldwide regional customer support centers are on
the Warranty and Support Information card that came with your product.
Go to for product updates and Web support.
Understanding the Status Bar
1. Wireless network Identifies which wireless network you have joined.
2. Join a Network
Click Join a Network to start the Connection Wizard. You can
select a different wireless network or reconnect to your current
network, should you become disconnected.
3. Connection
• Connected to Internet.
• Connected to Router. The adapter is connected to a router, but
the router is not connected to the Internet.
• 169.254.x.x or ___.___.___.___. You are connected to a router,
but the router has a problem. See the User Manual on the
Resource CD.
4. Security
• A closed lock indicates a network with wireless security.
• An open lock indicates an open network without wireless
5. Channel
The wireless channel used by the network. If many wireless
networks in your area use the same channel, they can interfere
with one another.
6. Data rate
Wireless data rate measured in Megabits per second. To optimize
wireless data rate, connect to a network with a high-speed router
or access point and a high-speed Internet connection.
7. Signal strength
More dots indicates a stronger signal. Usually, your connection
works best when the signal is strongest.
This symbol was placed in accordance with the European Union Directive 2002/96 on the Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (the WEEE Directive). If disposed of within the European Union,
this product should be treated and recycled in accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction implementing
the WEEE Directive.
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November 5, 2009
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