Touchscreen gloves with Built-in Bluetooth Kit BG2U
battery: 160mAh (0,59Wh); Li-Poly
bluetooth: V3.0+EDR
working time: 5h
standby time: 60h
fabric: 30% wool, 65% acrylic, 5% spandex
sizes: UNI
weight with battery: 250g
The gloves allows you to talk on the phone by showing the international “call me“ gesture with your hand
Connection with the phone is obtained using the Bluetooth technology a 10m range
The current-conducting filament on the thumb and the index finger allows for using touchpads without the
need to take off the gloves
The integrated steering panel allows for receiving and ending calls without the need to touch your phone
A high-quality Li-Poly battery allows for long and safe operation of the equipment
Cleaning and maintenance
The heating element used in is resistant to moisture. However, strong laundry detergent can cause mechanical
damage of the heating element . Therefore, we recommend surface cleaning with a cloth or brush with a small
amount of detergent and gentle rinsing . If you need a more powerful washing, tightly wrap the end of the
power cord. Do not clean with battery connected to them !
Before first use, fully charge the battery.
If the battery is stored for long periods without use, it should be fully charged before storage and charging
should be repeated every 3 months.
If there is mechanical damage to any items, immediately turn off the device and remove the battery . The
defective part must be sent to the service for repair or replacement .
Touchscreen gloves with Built-in Bluetooth Kit BG2U
Charging the internal battery
Connect batteries to the charger socket and then plug the charger to the electricity outlet.
Charging time is approximately 1 h.
Synchronisation with a phone
First connection - press PLAY/PAUSE for about 5
seconds – the lights will flash red and blue
Turn on Bluetooth and go to the telephone
Bluetooth settings.
Choose the device when it appears on the list and
wait until the status changes to “connected”.
Using the device
Phone call
Briefly pressing
Pressing and holding
Pressing twice
Briefly pressing
Pressing and holding
Briefly pressing
Pressing and holding
Answer/End the call
Turn on/Turn off
Redial the last number called
Volume down
Volume up
The device cannot be washed in a washing machine or soaked. Clean dirty spots using a wet
sponge with a little amount of a detergent
Energy-saving mode:
The device will turn off automatically if no other device is connected to it within 3 minutes. To
reconnect, press and hold PLAY/PAUSE for 3 seconds.
Low-battery alarm
In case of a low battery, the device will notify you with a double acoustic alarm. It is necessary
to charge the battery then.
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