Dear water sports enthusiasts, thank you for your purchase of a diver bike, manufactured by our
company AKJK.
We invite you to join a complete new diver experience with one of our diver bikes. You can relax and
enjoy while experiencing the underwater world in an easy and fast way. You are now able to travel
underwater faster and explore larger and wider areas than before.
Years of engineering and design were necessary to develop the diver bike. Experiences from skilled
divers were considered and included in this diver bike to offer an easy handling also for beginners.
We wish you lots of fun on your adventurous expedition underwater with DIVERBIKE.
You should carry the diver bike carefully with your hands under the main part or by using the carrying
You should not carry the diver bike on any movable parts, nor the wings or the engine. Do not
overstretch movable parts, they may get damaged.
The attached fixation valves are used to fix and secure the diver bike and should not be used for
Please read the user's manual carefully before using the diver bike. If you do not understand certain
chapters please consult your dealer for further explications.
The diver bike should only be controlled by a person with a valid diver's license from SCUBA, PADI or
similar. If you are an apprentice you should be accompanied by a certified diver.
Always follow the general basic rules of diving. Do never dive alone, it is perilous.
Take care on the following aspects:
never stick body parts, clothing, diver tools or other objects in the vicinity of the propeller.
do not touch the security grilles while the engine is on
do never remove the security grilles of the propeller (except for maintenance)
do never open the diver bike underwater
take care when using the bike near anybody with long hair. Users with long hair should tie it
up or wear a swimming cap when using the diver bike
Inspect your diving area at first, to make sure it is free of hazards, boats, swimmer or other
the battery should charged completely before the first use
do not dive in dangerous water depths or heavy streams
find out if you are diving in an area with tidal changes
follow the diver rules when descending and ascending
Do never use the diver bike with any influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
Children under 16 years are not allowed to use the diver bike.
Keep the diver bike out of direct sunlight when not in use. This can destroy the battery.
If you want to dive in unknown areas please ask for the regional distinctions.
Carry the necessary life saving appliances while diving.
Before running your diver bike you need to charge the battery pack completely. Check if all
connections are plugged in correctly and closed watertight .
Before placing the diver bike inside the water you should check the functioning of the engine and the
safety device (Safety Key).
Before using the diver bike:
check if there are any loose or damaged parts.
tighten all loose fastening elements.
check the correct functioning of all control elements.
replace worn or damaged parts immediately.
The diver bike can be used for diving and snorkeling in sea or inland waters. Take care on the safety of
the person who is using the diver bike. Never dive alone !!!!!
Carry life saving appliances, including inflatable vest and oxygen bottles.
Always rinse the diver bike in fresh tap water after use (see care and maintenance).
Any works on the battery pack should only be done by qualified personnel considering the security
guidance and user instructions!
During work on the battery it is obligatory to wear protective clothing (gloves, protective glasses ,
work boots with steel toecap etc.) The batteries are heavy and can hurt you when they fall down.
Never throw used or defective batteries in the household garbage or organic waste. Please follow the
official security regulations in your country how to dispose the batteries correctly.
Before charging the battery you should take the diver bike completely out of the water and drain it
from remaining water. Do never charge the battery near the water!
Remove the safety device (Safety Key).
Before starting to recharge the battery take care that all connections and wires are clean and
completely dry.
At first connect the charger to the charging socket of the diver bike and then plug in the mains switch
into the appropriate electric socket.
After finishing the charging process disconnect the charger from the wall socked and then disconnect
the charger from the charging socket of the unit.
Close the charging socket after the charging process to keep it watertight.
During the charging process and while storing the batteries you need to make sure that the battery
cannot be reached by unauthorized people. Place it out of reach of children.
To guarantee a long life time of the battery you should charge the battery completely also before
Also you should recharge the battery completely every 3 month.
The max. diving depth of the diver bike is up to 20 m.
The diver bike is produced with a positive buoyancy and should never be trimmed to have a negative
buoyancy to avoid the drop off of the diver bike when releasing it by mistake.
At a water pressure at 10m depth or deeper it is possible that the diver bike has difficulties to come
up by itself. You can achieve more buoyancy if you fill your diver vest with air. This fact should be
considered if you are diving in higher depths.
To achieve a neutral buoyancy the diver should balance with the diver bike. This can be done by using
ballast weights for divers. The quantity can be different for each diver. Placing ballast weights on the
diver bikes allows a parking of the diver bike underwater which allows the diver to dive free
The controlling of the diver bike can be learned quickly with a few exercises.
Find out local water conditions
Battery charged
Get dressed in diver clothes and carry complete equipment
Fix loose equipment parts and your hair if necessary
Check the functioning of vest and diving tanks
Then you can start your fascinating experience.
Put the diver bike inside the water and let it fill with water. Tare yourself to the diver bike. Before
starting the drive, the engine should be under the water. Make sure your diving tanks are full and
turned on.
Plug in the safety key, the diver bike is ready to go.
If you need to stop the diver bike underwater you simply disconnect the safety key and the propeller
will stop.
Always disconnect the safety key if you are not using the diver bike.
Depending on the model, you have either 1 or 2 throttles on the right or right and left side of the
handlebars. The usage is similar to a motorbike. Turn the throttle and the motor will start. If you want
to drive faster you should turn the throttle further. Every motor has 3 driving speeds.
Important is the correct position of yourself on the bike. You should lean forward to achieve the
maximum speed. An upright position can decelerate the bike.
You can steer the diver bike with the side wings.
Press the handle forward (wing down) to descend.
Pull back the handle to your body (wing up) to ascend.
If you press the right wing forward and the left wing backwards you will drive to the right.
If you press the left tin forward and the right wing backwards you will drive to the left.
For all diver bikes with only one motor, the steering is also supported by the pot drive which should
be controlled by your feet.
If you purchased a diver bike with 2 engines you can support the driving in curves with the 2 engines.
If you want to drive to the right, place the tins as explained above and additionally ease the throttle
on the right handle/stop (right engine will stop). The left engine support the turning to the right side
and makes the turning radius much smaller.
If you want to drive to the left side, place the tins as indicated above and additionally ease the
throttle on the left handle/stop (left engine will stop). The right engine support the tunrning to the
left side and the turning radius will be much smaller.
To take the diver bike out of the water you need to be at least 2 persons to carry the bike with your
hands or by using carrying straps. You should not carry the diver bike on any movable parts, nor the
wings or the engine out of the water. Do not overstretch movable parts, when you take the bike out
of the water. You should lay the bike that the drainage openings on the down side are free that all
water can flow out of the diver bike. You should clean the diver bike with tap water after each dive to
avoid that sand, salt water or any plants will jam any movable parts.
The battery should be fully charged before each dive.
Use only the delivered charger.
Avoid a short-circuit on the battery cable or the battery.
Never store batteries near heaters or open fire.
You should store the battery on a dry and cold frost free place.
You should never use chemical substances to clean the diver bike.
To avoid dirt or other wear out please rinse the diver bike with fresh water and let it dry completely
before storing it.
To gentle clean the paint we advice a wax-polish with boat wax. This should be done several times a
year. If you clean and polish it regularly you will keep the brilliance of your diver bike and protect it
against UV radiation.
The tins are hard to move
Engine does not start
Only one regulation step is working
Diver bike does not descend
What to do?
- sand can jam the mounting. Clean it with fresh
- check if battery is charged
- control all plug in connections
- propeller can be blocked
- driving level relay is defective
- Connect the safety key
- driving level relay is defective
- to much air inside the diver bike body. Press it
completely underwater so that air can escape.
- Buoyant Force to high. Insert more ballast
Limited warranty
The company AKJK Yachtliftcenter repairs and replace defective parts of the product which result
from manufacturing defects or material defects.
We offer a warranty time of 5 years for your diver bike.
The warranty work should be handled by our authorized dealers.
The warranty time starts from the date of purchase of the first retail customers or end user and is
valid for 5 years.
To receive warranty services there is no registration necessary. Keep your purchase contract or
receipt. If you cannot present any receipt for your warranty claim, the warranty deadline will be
determined from the date of fabrication via your serial number.
About warranty
If a repair under warranty is necessary, it will be handled by our authorized dealers. Most of the
warranty repairs are routine tasks. It can happen that your claim of warranty is not justified. There is
no warranty provided for all defects resulting from wrong usage of the diverbike, poor maintenance,
improper transportation, handling or storage of damages because of accidents.
The warranty covers only product specific material or manufacturing defects. Batteries, engine and
charger are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty expires immediately when unauthorized modifications on the diver bike or its parts are
Subject to technical alterations and errors.
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