To create a note
1. Tap Application Drawer > Note Pad.
2. Enter the notebook name.
3. Enter Page title for the new notebook as shown.
4. Enter contents of your notes below.
• Tap
to use paint tool to
make drawings on your notes.
• Tap
to insert images from gallery or insert image
from camera to your notebook.
• Tap
to add audio recordings to your notes.
4. When you are done, press
automatically saved.
to return to Note Pad screen. Your notebook is
Use Phone to make phone calls or manage contact list.
To make a voice call
1. Tap Application Drawer > Phone.
2. Tap the phone number on the keypad.
3. Tap
to erase a wrong number.
Tap and hold
to erase the entire number.
NOTE: To call a contact, tap the contact from the list.
4. After entering the phone number, tap
5. To end the call, tap
To answer a call
To answer a call, tap
and swipe right wards.
8.27 Places
Places is a location based application that helps you find the places and things
around you. Local information available includes restaurants, coffee , bars,
hotels, attractions, ATMs, gas stations.This application also helps you get
where you are going with maps and directions.
Tap Application Drawer > Places.
Rss Reader
Use RSS Reader to get live update of your favorite web sites.
To add a new RSS Feed
1. From Home screen, tap
Application Drawer > RSS Reader .
2. Tap Menu > New feed to add a Feed URL.
3. Select OK to confirm.
To update RSS Feed
1. From Home screen, tap Application Drawer > RSS Reader .
2. Tap Menu > Update all to update RSS feeds.
In the Settings menu, you can view and make adjustments for wireless & network
settings, call settings, phone general settings
and security settings etc.
SIM Toolkit
Directly connect to and use services provided by your mobile service provider.
Tap Application Drawer > SIM Toolkit .
Talk is Google's instant messaging program.
To sign in to Google Talk
1. Tap Application Drawer > Talk.
2. Tap Create or Sign in your Google account.
3. Follow the on screen instructions to login or create your Gmail username and password.
4. Once logged in, you can begin using Google Talk and do any of the following:
• View friend’s list: Tap Menu > All friends
• Add friends to friend’s list: Tap Menu >
Add friends
• To block a person: Tap Menu >More >
• To invite a person to your chat: Tap Menu
> More>Invites
• To configure Google Talk settings: Tap
Menu > Settings
• To Sign out: Tap Menu > Sign out.
• To view terms and privacy: Tap Menu > Settings > Terms & Privacy .
You can playback the video clips captured with this device. See “Videos and Photos ”
on page 29.
8.33 Voice Dialer
Read and record predefined texts to be recognized and used by this device for voice
dialing, finding a contact and others.
Tap Application Drawer > Voice Dialer
When the application prompts you to speak an
available command from the menu, say the
command in normal conversation tone and
If the application recognizes the command you said, it may prompt you for a
confirmation, select OK or Cancel.
Voice Note
To record a voice note
Tap Application Drawer > Voice Note.
Tap Menu > Record. The recording screen is displayed.
to record voice. Select
to stop recording
To play a voice note
Tap Application Drawer > Voice Note.
A list of voice notes are displayed.
Select a voice note to play.
The voice note is played with Music player.
Voice Search
Speak your query to search item on Google, or for applications or contacts on
your device.
1. Tap Application Drawer > Voice Search.
2. A dialog opens, prompting you to speak the
words that you want to search for.
3. When you are finished speaking, Voice Search
analyzes your speech and displays the results of
your search. If Voice Search misunderstands you,
Quick Search Box presents a list of similar
-sounding search terms.
8.36 YouTube
YouTube is an online video streaming service that allows you to view, search, and upload videos.
To start using YouTube
1. Tap Application Drawer > YouTube.
2. Videos are grouped into categories, such as Featured,
Most popular, Most viewed, Top rated, and more. Tap a
category to see the available videos for that category.
3. Tap a video to play it.
8.37 Zenga TV*
Zenga TV application allows you to watch the LIVE TV, and other videos on your device.
To open the application, tap Application Drawer > Zenga TV.
The first and main screen shows the main information available in the application that appears
at the start up of the application.
To use the application user need to register in the Zenga TV web site.To see the video and
Live TV on Zenga TV, user has to create his /her account. Below is the Register screen .
After creating the account user can Login with E-mail and password and able to see the
contents available on the Zenga web site.
Below is the Login screen.
* Conditions apply
Chapter 9 : Managing Your Device
Device Settings
Tap Application Drawer > Settings to view and adjust the settings of this device.
Wireless & networks
Airplane mode
Disable all wireless connections.
Wi- Fi
Tap to turn on/off.
Wi-Fi settings
Set up and manage wireless access points.
Blue Tooth
Tap to turn on/off.
Bluetooth settings
Manage connections, set device name, and
discoverability of the device.
Tethering &
portable hotspot
Share your phone’s mobile data connection via USB
a or as portable Wi Fi hotspot.
VPN settings
Set up & manage Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
Mobile networks
Set options for roaming, networks, and Access Point
Call settings
Fixed Dialing Numbers
Managed fixed dialing numbers.
Set voice mail number.
Other call settings
Call forwarding, call barring
and additional settings
Silent mode
Turn silent mode on/off. All sounds except media and
alarms are silenced.
Set your desired choice from the options after taping.
Adjust ringtone, media, and alarm volume.
Phone ringtone
Set your default incoming call ringtone.
Notification ringtone
Set your default notification ringtone.
Audible touch tones
Enable/disable sound when using dial pad.
Audible selection
Enable/disable sound when making screen selection.
Screen lock sounds
Play sounds when locking or unlocking the screen.
Haptic feedback
Vibrate when pressing soft keys and on certain UI
Adjust the brightness of the screen.
Auto -rotate screen
Switch orientation automatically when rotating the device.
Show animation when opening & closing windows.
Screen timeout
Adjust the delay before the screen automatically turns off.
Resolution compatibilty
Check to enable resolution compatibility
G-Sensor Calibration
Set the g -sensor calibration for the device.
E-Compass Calibration
Set the e - compass calibration for the device.
Location & security
Use wireless networks
See location in applications (such as maps) using the
wireless networks.
Use GPS satellites
Check to enable GPS satellites.
Use assisted GPS
Use server to assist GPS.
AGPS Settings
Adjust AGPS settings. This option is only available if Enable
GPS satellites is activated.
GPS Ephemeris
Auto Download
Enable/Disable to download Ephemeris updates from the
Tap to set the lock screen with a pattern, PIN, or password.
Set up Screen unlock
SIM card lock
Tap to set up SIM/USIM card lock or change SIM/USIM pin.
Check the box to show password as you type.
Device Administartion
Add or remove device administrators.
Credential storage
Use secure credentials, install from SD card, set or change
password for credential storage, or clear credential storage.
Allow installation of non market applications.
Unknown sources
Manage applications
Manage and remove installed applications.
Running services
View and control currently running services.
Set options for application development.
Accounts & sync
Auto Sync
Check to enable sync, send, and receive data for all
Check to automatically sync data with applications.
Manage accounts
Tap an account to configure synchronization settings for
Background data
Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail or tap to add an account.
Back up and Restore
Personal data
Check to back up and restore the settings and other
Erases all data on the device.
SD card & phone storage
SD card
Show available memory card storage and total memory
card space.
Unmount SD card
Unmount the memory card for safe removal.
Format SD crad
Internal phone storage
Format the SD card.
Show available phone storage.
Google search
Searchable items
Clear shortcuts
Manage search settings and history etc..
Choose what to search on the phone
Clear shortcuts to recently chosen search suggestions.
Language & keyboard
Select language
Select language for this device.
Set on screen keyboard settings.
User dictionary
Add user preset words to the dictionary.
Voice input & output
Voice input
Voice output
Set the voice recognizer settings.
Set the text to speech settings.
Configure the settings for the downloaded application with
an accessibility feature
Power button
Set to end a call by pressing the power button
Date & time
Set date
Select time zone
Check to use network provided values.
Tap to set date for this device.
Set time
Tap to set time for this device.
Use 24 hour format
Set the clock to 24 hour format.
Set the preferred date format.
Select date format
Set time zone of your current location.
About phone
View legal information, device status and software version etc.
Changing Basic Settings
Date and Time
To set the date and time
1. Tap Application Drawer >
Settings > Date & Time
2. Tap Set date to set the date.
• To adjust the date, tap the month, day,
and year field, and tap +or- to increase
or decrease the value. Tap Set to apply
the values.
• To change the date format, tap
Select date format , and select from the List
3. Tap Select time zone to select the time zone from the list.
4. Tap Set time to set the time.
• To adjust the time, tap the hour, minute, and AM/PM field, tap + or to increase or decrease the value. Tap Set to apply the values.
• To use 24 hour format, tap Use 24 hour format
Setting Alarms
To set the alarm
1. Tap Application Drawer > Clock.
2. Tap alarm icon to enter set alarm submenu.
3. To add an alarm, tap Add alarm .
4. Set the time, and tap the other options to change
5. After all settings are completed, tap Done
Display Settings
The display settings of this device affect the battery and external power level
To turn off backlight when the device is idle
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Display to enter the submenu.
2. Tap Screen timeout .
3. Select from the screen timeout list. Your setting is automatically saved.
To adjust brightness
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Display to enter the submenu.
2. Tap Brightness .
3. Drag the Brightness slider to adjust brightness settings, and tap OK.
To change the screen orientation
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Display to enter the submenu.
2. Tap Auto-rotate screen to check the box to automatically switch the screen
orientation when rotating the device.
Ring Settings
You can assign a ringtone for various events such as an incoming call, new
message received, among others.
To change the r ing tone of an incoming call
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Sound.
2. Tap Phone ringtone .
3. Select the desired ringtone from the lists.
4. Tap OK when finished.
To change the ring tone of other events
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Sound.
2. Tap Notification ringtone .
3. Select the desired ringtone from the lists.
4. Tap OK when finished.
Using Wireless & networks
Wireless & networks allows you to manage Wi Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode
and mobile networks etc.
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Wireless & networks .
2. To turn on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Airplane mode , simply tap their
corresponding bars.
3. To change connection settings, tap the corresponding function settings,
then select the setting to change.
9.4 Protecting Your Device
You can protect this device from unauthorized users by requiring the PIN code or
entering a password.
Enable or Disable SIM /USIM card PIN
When PIN code is enabled, you are required to enter the PIN code before making a call.
1. Tap Application Drawer > Settings > Location & security .
2. Tap Set up SIM card lock .
3. Tap Lock SIM card to use PIN to use the device. Check to enable, uncheck to disable.
4. Enter the current PIN code.
5. To change the PIN code, tap Change PIN .
6. Enter the old PIN code.
7. Enter the new PIN code and confirm.
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