JOYNANO Digital Kitchen Scale User Manual

JOYNANO Digital Kitchen Scale User Manual
Model Series: DKS3KG
The JoyNano DKS3KG02 series electronic kitchen scale is a new production with high precision
which used in family kitchen food weighing, common Traditional Chinese Medicine weighing, etc.
It has the characters of fine shape, high precision, multi-unit conversion, fast response, stable
weighing, etc. Ideal for food, diet, and small packages.
High precision strain gauge sensor.
Auto power-off ensures long battery life.
Low battery/overload indication.
Multi weight unit system: kg / oz / lb
Back-Lit display.
Tare function.
Range: 0-3kg / 0-6.6 pounds
Graduation: 0.5g / 0.02oz
Scale Pan Size: 12x12cm / 4.7x4.7inch
Power: 2 x AAA/LR03 batteries
Working Voltage: 2.4V-3.5V
Working Current: < =5mA
Shutdown Current: <=2uA
Net weight: 225g / 7.9oz
Package weight: 295g / 10.4oz
Power On/Off: Put the scale in a horizontal position. Press “Ф/T” key, it will power on and
display “8888”which indicates testing zero point. You can weigh after it is stable and displaying
zero weight. If you press “Ф/T” key lasting for 2 seconds in working state, it will power off, or
suspending the scale for 120 seconds it will power off automatically as well.
Unit Convert: In working state, press “UNIT” key, you can convert the unit between “gram(g) →
ounce(oz) → pound(lb)”. 1000 grams = 35 ounces = 2.2 pounds.
Tare: When you want to weigh something fragmentary, you can put a container on this scale
plate, press “Ф/T” key to tare. Then put the goods to be weighed in container after displaying
zero weight, you can get the net weight.
Calibrate: If the scale is inaccurate, you can calibrate it by yourself. You need a weight matching
calibrate range. Shut down the scale first, press “Ф/T” key to power on and press “UNIT” key
instantaneously, then release it and it will enter the calibrate state. Choose a calibrate range
between “7000g” → “5000g” → “3000g” → “3000.0g” → “1000.0g” by press “UNIT” key.
Press “Ф/T” key to display internal code. Keep the scale plate empty, press “Ф/T” key to
calibrate zero point after the internal code stable, then it will display “CAL0” → “range” →
“internal code” which indicates zero point calibrating completed. Put the matching weight on the
scale plate and it displays “CAL1” → “PASS” indicates calibrated successfully.
1. When the total weight on the scale plate is over the label range’s 105%, it will display
“O_Ld” means overload. You should remove the goods immediately, reduce the weight and weigh
it again, or else continuous overloading will damage the scale.
2. Displaying “Lo” when power on indicates low power, you should replace battery.
3. You should remove the battery from the scale when you do not use it in a long time for
avoiding leakage to damage the scale.
Copyright: JoyNano Tech Co.,Ltd
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