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June 6 , 2013
All Sales International / All Partners & Distributors
Patrick Schill, Product Manager OPERON
OPERON® Safety Advice of March 11th, 2013
 Hand Pendants for D 760, D 820 and D 850
Valued Partners,
With the letter dated March 11 , 2013 we informed you that BERCHTOLD has become aware of
unintended movements occurring at customer sites in the USA.
We have performed intense investigation and test and would like to update you today on the findings
and measures.
Description of the potential problem and identified Root Cause:
The identified root cause has been the applied cleaning process for hand pendants allowing fluids to
get into the hand pedant. Unintended table movements have been reported at sites where pendants
have been submerged in aggressive disinfection fluids.
To our findings those hand pendants have not been disinfected according to the instructions clearly
given in the BERCHTOLD’s User Manuals.
Mandatory Actions:
Care and Clean the BERCHTOLD OPERON® Hand Pendant according to the User Manual / Safety
Advice of March 11 , 2013:
Do not immerse in fluids
Do not use prohibited fluids to clean/disinfect the hand pendant
Use only a damp cloth and wipe. Never spray the hand pendant with cleaning/disinfection
solution, only spray the cloth
Do not use a damaged hand control (e.g. housing broken, clip detached/broken, cable pulled
When the hand pendant is not in use, always attach it to the side rails on the respective table
section or the head module side rails
Please ensure that your Customers and staff responsible for that matter are aware of this mandatory
treatment of the hand pendant.
BERCHTOLD GmbH & Co. KG • Ludwigstaler Straße 25 • 78532 Tuttlingen/Germany • Tel. +49 7461 181-0 •
Marketing Bulletin
OPERON Hand Pendant Design
Intensive tests have shown that the BERCHTOLD Hand Pendant works well if treated according to the
User’s Manual.
Therefore BERCHTOLD is not obliged to carry out a wholesale replacement of existing table hand
control pendants. This is contrary to the information provided in our earlier safety vigilance document
of March 2013.
We would like to thank you for your patience and your support during this time period and excuse the
inconveniences occurred for you.
Transmission of this information:
Please assure that all people within your organization and users being affected by aforementioned
notice are notified by this information.
If you have submitted information to customers and/or third parties, please forward a copy of this
information to his/her attention.
Competent Authorities of the specific countries will be notified by a separate note.
Supply of OPERON® Operating Tables:
BERCHTOLD is further glad to announce that the supply of OPERON® Operating Tables D 760, D
820 and D 850 will be up and running within a short time frame; latest by end of month.
Tables shipped without a hand pendant will receive a hand pendant automatically within the next
weeks. Please get in touch for specific shipping dates with your Customer Service Contact once you
didn’t receive an expected shipment date by May 31 .
BERCHTOLD GmbH & Co. KG • Ludwigstaler Straße 25 • 78532 Tuttlingen/Germany • Tel. +49 7461 181-0 •
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