USB rechargeable torch user manual

USB rechargeable torch user manual
Model number: TORUMX-D8335
10 Watts Aluminium torch and power bank.
Bulb: 10 watts CREE bulb
Model: TORUMX-D8335
Battery: Protected 18650 2200 mah Lithium Ion Battery
Cable: USB to USB cable 1 metre
The power button(1), placed on bottom of the torch, will
cycle through 4 states when pressed.
State One: full beam power, green indicator on, run time:
State Two: half beam power brightness, green indicator
on, run time: 7-8hrs
State Three: flashing mode, green indicator on, run time:
State Four: off mode, no indicator
When the battery is below 3v, button (1) red light will flash
for 2 minutes, which means the torch needs charging.
The torch comes with a USB Port(2) which is used to
charge the torch battery or act as an emergency power
bank to charge other devices. You can get to the USB port
by unscrewing the USB cover(3), you can then use the
USB port (2).
USB Charge/Discharge Mode
While the torch is in off mode, pressing and holding the
button(1) for 2 seconds will switch the USB port(2) into
charging mode. The button (1) flashing green indicates
that charging mode is active. In this mode, it is ready to be
charged using an external USB power supply, or the torch
can supply power to another mobile device at a rate of 5V
1 Amps.
When the torch is being charged through its USB port(2) a
red light on the button(1) will flash which then turns green
when the battery is fully charged. The charging time
depends on the battery installed and the USB charger
used, with a 2200 Mah battery and 1 amp output USB
charger such as an Ultra max ADPUMXM-1A, which will
need 3 hours charging time.
Battery Type
Battery type (7) is a Protected 18650 Lithium ion battery.
The battery must come with protected circuitry already
installed in it. To access the battery you need to unscrew
the whole USB section(8) of the torch. The battery is
placed into the Battery holder (6) which can slide out of
the Torch.
Other features
Using the screw mechanism on the top of the torch (4) the
beam can be focused if needed.
Torch comes with a handy hanging clamp (9) a beam lens
Button (1)
USB Cover (3)
USB Section (8)
USB Port (2)
Clamp (9)
Battery Holder (6)
Beam focus (4)
18650 Battery (7)
Beam lens (5)
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