Datasheet - Liberty Test Equipment

SunSet E1
April 2001
2.048 Mbit/s E1 interfaces: Tx, Rx, Ext Clock
75Ω unbalanced BNC (f) standard
75Ω (option): Replaces BNC (f) w/75Ω 1.6/5.6 mm (f),
120Ω balanced BR2, or 120Ω Bantam
Printer/Remote Control: 8-pin mini DIN, RS232C/V.24
serial port, DTE
DC input for charging internal battery
Status/Alarm Indicators
20 super-bright LED indicators
Current status and alarm history
Power (green, on), Battery (red, when low)
Green: Signal, HDB3 detected, PCM-31, PCM-30, CRC-4
detected, Pattern Sync
For Alarms: LOS, LOF (FAS, MFAS or MFAS-CRC), AIS,
For Errors: Code, Frame, Bit, (any) Error
Yellow: Pattern Inverted
E1 General
Bit Error test rates: 2.048 Mbit/s, N (contiguous) and M
(noncontiguous) x64 kbit/s (N & M=1 to 31). Separate
and independent receive and transmit timeslot
selection. Automatic configuration to timeslots
containing test pattern
Drop and insert to internal test circuitry N or M x64 kbit/s
test pattern, or 64 kbit/s A-law decoded VF channel to
built-in speaker/microphone
Line Coding: HDB3, AMI selectable
Framing: Unframed, PCM-30, PCM-31 with or without
CRC-4. Conforms to ITU-T G.704
Graphical display of test set configuration. Key parameters for Tx and Rx interfaces and current status of
alarms and errors
Test Pattern Generator
General: All 1s, All 0s, Alt 1010, 1-in-8, 1-in-16, 3-in-24
PRBS: 2n-1, n= 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 20, 23. Conforms to ITU-T
O.151, O.152, O.153, and ANSI V.52, V.57
Others: 20ITU, 55 Octet, FOX
Programmable: 8 patterns, up to 2048 bits long with
user definable labels of up to 10 alphanumeric
characters for each pattern
Send and receive inverted test pattern
Send pattern independent of receive pattern
. . . a step ahead
Clock source
Internal: 2.048 MHz (± 5 ppm). Adjustable over ± 50
kbit/s/2 kbit/s steps and ± 200 bit/s/2 bit/s steps
(± 100 ppm/1 ppm steps) with option SS213
Loop: AMI or HDB3 (recovered from Rx port)
External clock input port: (REF. CLK) 75Ω; 120Ω
Line coding: HDB3, AMI
Pulse shape: Conforms to ITU-T G.703
75Ω unbalanced: ± 2.37Vbp (± 10%) or
120Ω balanced: ± 3.0Vbp (± 10%) with optional
balanced interface
Transmit level
Selectable: 0 dB or -6 dB
Programmable Send Frame Words: Programmable NFAS
Sa4 Sa8 bits (option SW210), manual/auto E-bit
setting (SW211). Set NFAS bit 3 (FAS RAI), set 4 bit
NMFAS word to 1 or 0 (SW210)
Set idle channel code and ABCD bits
Error/Alarm Injection
Code and/or bit error: Programmable burst of 1 to 9999
errors manually, or continuous rate of 2x10-3 to 1x10-9
FAS: Error consecutive frames, programmable 1 to 5 FAS
words manually, or continuous rate of 2x10-3 to 1x10-9
CRC-4: Single, or continuous rate of 2x10-3 to 1x10-9
E-bit (option SW211), Bit-Slip: Single manually
All channels: Single per timeslot manually or continuous
rate of 2x10-3 to 1x10-9. Errors injected equally in all
selected channels in N or M x64 kbit/s (N & M=1 to
31), or all 30, 31 or 32 channels in E1 (option SW171)
Generate AIS, TS16-AIS (PCM-30), MFAS RAI (PCM-30),
FAS RAI (PCM-30 and -31), ARTIFICE alarms
Frequency range: 2.048 Mbit/s ± 30 kbit/s (± 6 kbit/s
from clock)
Input sensitivity
Terminate, Bridge: +6 to -43 dB with ALBO
Monitor: -15 to -30 dB resistive loss
Auto configuration for framing (PCM-30, PCM-31 or
unframed), CRC-4 (with or without) and line coding
(AMI or HDB3)
SunSet E1
Terminate, Monitor: 75Ω unbalanced, 120Ω balanced (optional)
Jitter tolerance to ITU-T G.823
External Clock Interfaces
Input Impedance: 75Ω unbalanced, 120Ω balanced (optional)
Input Sensitivity: 0 to -30 dB resistive
Line Coding: HDB3
Frequency Range: 2.048 Mbit/s ± 300 ppm
Large character display of NO ERRORS
All measurement screen headers include Elapsed Time, Remaining
Time, Framing Type, Code, Input Port Termination State, Tx
Pattern, Rx Pattern and CRC-4 state
Code errors: Error count, ratio and current ratio, ES, %ES, SES, %SES,
Frame errors: FAS, MFAS and CRC-4 errors count and error ratios, ES,
Bit errors: G.821 analysis; bit error, ratio and current error ratio, ES,
%ES, SES, %SES, UAS, %UAS, AS, %AS, DM, %DM, Count and %
of loss of Patt Sync seconds, bit slip count
Signal and Alarm: Count of LOS seconds, AIS seconds, LOF seconds,
FAS RAI seconds, MFAS RAI seconds, ALL TS AIS seconds; frequency in Hz, deviation in ppm, wander in UI
E-bit Errors (option SW211): Error count, ratio and current ratio, ES,
Frequency Measurements: Max, Min, Current in Hz; Selectable
Frequency resolution: 1, 0.1, 0.01 Hz. Deviation from 2.048 Mbit/s
in ppm; Clock Slip & Wander in UI. Bar graph indicates direction
& rate of signal frequency slipping in relation to measurement clock
Settable frequency threshold for frequency error indication via printer
Signal level (Vbp+, Vbp- and Vpp in dBdsx) range: +7 to -36 dB
M.2100/550 Measurements: Pass/fail status, %ES, %SES
Programmable measurement period and %HRP
ITU-T G.826 Analysis: CRC-4 block based
Settable threshold for “low signal” range, 0 to -40 dB
Indication via reverse video message at the top of the screen
Print on event, can be enabled or disabled
Automatic printout at settable time intervals: Up to 999 hours or
999 minutes
Measurement duration continuous or timed; settable up to 999
hours, in 1 minute steps
Programmable time and date for start and stop of measurement
Other Measurements
View received data
View live traffic 2048 bits long (8 frames or one sub-multiframe) in
PCM-30, PCM-31 or unframed
Display 8 timeslots per screen
Stores 32 scrollable screens, hold screen, print
Information displayed in ASCII, reverse ASCII, binary and hex
View timeslot 0 (FAS, NFAS, CRC, MFAS/CRC words, E-bits, Sa4-Sa8,
A-bit) in PCM-30 and -31: 16 frames (option SW210)
View timeslot 16 (MFAS, NMFAS, ABCD bits for all 30 channels) in
PCM-30: 16 frames (option SW210)
Propagation Delay
Round trip signal transmission delay
Measures in microseconds and UIs (Unit Intervals)
Histogram Analysis
Graphical display of accumulated errors count (Bit, Code, CRC, FAS/
MFAS) and alarm seconds (LOS, AIS, LOF, Patt Sync Loss, FAS RAI,
Stores current results and past 7 days per hour, most recent 24 hours
per 15 minutes
Pulse Shape Analysis
Scan period, 500 ns
On screen pulse shape display with G.703 pulse mask verification and
pass/fail indication
Displays pulse width, rise time, fall time in ns (resolution 1 ns),
%overshoot, %undershoot (resolution 1%), level in dB (resolution
0.1 dB)
Pulse mask storage and printing on a Seiko DPU-411 or equivalent
Transmit Stress: Simultaneous display of code and bit errors, propagation delay; set internal clock over ± 100 ppm with 1 ppm step
Save 20 test results or 800 error and alarm events, available to screen
view and/or print. Lock/Unlock capability
Automatic Stress: Automatically determines the receiving
equipment’s upper and lower frequency capture range
Voice Frequency Capabilities
Tone generation: 0 dBm0/820 Hz and 0 dBm0/1020 Hz, can be
enabled or disabled. Selectable Tx timeslot
VF Measurement: 30 Hz to 3904 Hz, 1 Hz resolution; +3 dBm0 to 60
dBm0, 0.1 dB resolution
Companding: A-law
Built-in microphone for talk
Monitor speaker with volume control
ABCD bits monitor & transmit and view channel data byte (binary
format) in selected channel
Simultaneous view of 30 channels ABCD signalling bits (PCM-30)
Dialing Capabilities
DTMF dialing
32 digits, 10 speed dial numbers with alphanumeric names, send
digits 0 . . . 9 and pause
Programmable dial and interdigit (silent) period
MF dialing
32 digits, transmits CCITT MR2 MF tones, send digits 0 . . . 9 and
combination 11 to 15
Choice of forward or backward tone set
Remote Control (SW100)
VT102 terminal emulation remote control via 8-pin mini DIN RS232C/
V.24 DTE port
Same graphical interface on terminal/PC monitor as on the test set
Circuit status table provides current and historical information on
test set LEDs
Bitmapped histogram and pulse shape cannot be remoted
Enhanced Error Injection (SW171)
Errors are injected equally in all selected channels for N (contiguous)
or M (noncontiguous) x64 kbit/s. For 2 Mbit/s, N=30 for PCM-30,
N=31 for PCM-31, N=32 for unframed
Inject burst of 1 manually or rate from 2x10-3 to 1x10-9
Test Set
SunSet E1 with 75Ω unbalanced BNC (f) connectors
Includes Internal Lead Acid Battery, AC Battery Charger
(SS121B, 220VAC, 0.6A), User’s Manual (SS209), and
Software cartridge
Note 1:
All other accessories must be ordered separately
Note 2:
110, 120 or 240 VAC Chargers may be substituted at no
additional charge at the time of order
Advanced Frame Word Applications (SW210)
One-screen display of NFAS words for 6 odd-numbered frames
Set Sa4, Sa5, Sa6, Sa7, and Sa8 to 1, 0 or alternate 1/0 or 0/1
Set 4 bits of NMFAS bits to 1 or 0
Set ABCD bits of selected TS to 1 or 0
Set Bit 3 of NFAS word to 0 or 1 (FAS RAI)
E-BIT Analysis and (SW211)
E-bit error measurement with ITU-T G.821 analysis
Transmit E-bits in response to received CRC-4 error
Inject E-bit error manually (single)
CE mark
Languages: English, French, German, Italian or Spanish (specify)
Field upgradable PCMCIA firmware card
Store and recall 10 instrument configurations by name
16 line x 32 character LCD display screen with backlight
Backlight continuous or time-settable from 1 to 99 minutes
Internal Battery: Lead acid type
Battery operation time: 2 hr, 15 min nominal
Unit charging time: 8 hours nominal
Power Source: 110/120/220/230/240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Printer/Communication port
Text: Standard ASCII scape sequence code
Graphics: Standard Bit-image Graphic Mode (dot matrix)
Baud rate: 1.2, 2.4, 9.6 and 19.2 kbit/s (9.6 kbit/s preferred)
Parity: None, even or odd
Stop-bit: 1 or 2 bits
Bits per character: 7 or 8
Selection of CR or CR+LF
Print screen via dedicated key
Self test and internal Tx frequency deviation calibration
Clear print buffer, erase NVRAM
Configure test set to preprogrammed factory default
Display version/option configuration of the test set
Operating Temperature: 0˚C to 50˚C
Storage Temperature: -20˚C to 70˚C
Humidity: 5% to 90% noncondensing
Size: 10.5 cm (W) x 6 cm (H) x 27 cm (L)
Weight: 1.2 kg (approx.)
Hardware Options
Please specify alternate connectors/impedances if required:
Replace all 75Ω BNC (f) with 1.6/5.6 mm (f) 75Ω unbalanced connectors
Replace all 75Ω BNC (f) with 120Ω BR2 (f) balanced
Replace all 75Ω BNC (f) with Bantam 120Ω balanced
High Capacity Battery Package
NiMH battery pack (SS139) 100-240 VAC AC/DC adapter
(SS138C), Power Cord (SS429)
Note 3:
Alternate power cord can be substituted at N/C (Please
Transmit Frequency Shift
Vary transmit frequency over ± 50 kbit/s in 2 kbit/s steps,
and ± 200 bit/s (100 ppm) in 2 bit/s (1 ppm) steps. Set
transmit level to 0 dB or -6 dB
Note 4:
All hardware options must be specified at the time of order
Note 5:
Refer to “Other Accessories” for Bantam/310 cables, etc.
Software Options
Note 6:
Remote Control
Includes printer cable (SS115B) and null modem adapter
Enhanced Error Injection
Bit errors injected simultaneously in all channels
Advanced Frame Word Applications
Setting of Sa4 to Sa8 bits in NFAS word. Display of TS0
and TS16
E-bit Analysis and Injection
E-bit error measurements and analysis. E-bit error
injection in auto/manual modes. (SW210 required)
Software cartridges may be upgraded to include additional
options at any time
Other Accessories
Cable, Single Bantam (m) 120Ω to Single
Bantam (m) 120Ω, 2 m
Cable, Single Bantam (m) 120Ω to Single 310,
Cable, Single Bantam (m) 120Ω to Probe Clips
120Ω, 2 m
19"/23" SunSet Rack Mount - Removable
19"/23" SunSet Rack Mount - Permanent Unit
Conversion Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to Bantam (m)
120Ω, 2 m
SunSet E1 Training Tape, English (specify
SS215K for Korean)
Cable, Bantam (m) 120Ω to 3-pin banana CF
(m) 120Ω, 2 m
1 Mb Software Replacement Cartridge
Specify model and serial number
AC Battery Charger, 120 VAC
Output 0.6A at 12 VDC. To be used with
SunSets equipped with Lead Acid battery
AC Battery Charger, 110 VAC
Output 0.6A at 12 VDC. To be used with
SunSets equipped with Lead Acid battery
AC Battery Charger, 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3prong IEC connector. Output 0.6A at 12 VDC.
To be used with SunSets equipped with Lead
Acid battery
AC Battery Charger, 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3prong IEC connector. Output 0.6A at 12 VDC.
To be used with SunSets equipped with Lead
Acid battery
Carabiner hook for SunSet Jacket
SunSet AC Adapter, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
input, output 15VDC@2A. Only for use with
SunSets equipped with NiMH battery pack
6-cell NiMH battery Pack. 7.2VDC, 1.8Ahr
SunSet E1 User’s Manual
3-prong Power Cord for use in North America
and Asia
N C.
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
© 2001 Sunrise Telecom Incorporated. All rights reserved.
Printed in USA.
SunSet E1 Extended Warranty
Extends standard 1-year warranty period to 3
years. Excludes battery and accessories which
are warranted for 1 year.
Carrying Case
Cigarette Lighter Battery Charger
To be used with SunSets equipped with sealed
Lead Acid battery
NiMH Cigarette Lighter Battery Charger,
Output 15.5V DC@2.5A (For use on SunSets
equipped with NiMH batteries only)
DIN-8 to DB25 RS232C Printer Cable
Replacement printer cable for earlier serial
printers such as SS118
DIN-8 to DB-9 RS232C Printer Cable
Included when either SW100 or SS118B/C is
Instrument Stand
Printer Paper, 5 rolls, for SS118B/C
High Capacity Thermal Printer
With internal rechargeable battery. Includes
cable (SS115B) for connection to SunSet and
110 VAC charger
High Capacity Thermal Printer
With internal rechargeable battery. Includes
cable (SS115B) for connection to SunSet and
220 VAC charger
Null Modem Adapter
DB9 (f) to DB9 (f) with Full Handshaking.
Included with Remote Control.
Null Modem Adapter
DB25 (f) to DB25 (f) with Full Handshaking
SunSet Jacket
Provides additional weather protection for
SunSets (SS123B Carabiner Hook included)
Conversion Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to 3-pin
banana CF (m) 120Ω, 2 m
Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to BNC (m) 75Ω, 2 m
3 ea. Female to Female Adapter Plugs
Changes 3-pin banana male to female
Conversion Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to BR2 (m)
120Ω, 2 m
Cable, 1.6/5.6 mm (m) 75Ω to 1.6/5.6 mm (m)
75Ω, 2 m
Conversion Cable, 1.6/5.6 mm (m) 75Ω to 3pin banana CF (m) 120Ω, 2 m
Cable, BR2 (m) 120Ω to BR2 (m) 120Ω, 2 m
Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to 1.6/5.6 mm (m) 75Ω, 2 m
Cable, BR2 (m) 120Ω to 3-pin banana CF (m)
120Ω, 2 m
Conversion Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to 3-pin
banana CF female 120Ω, 35 cm
Conversion Cable, BNC (m) 75Ω to Probe clips
120Ω, 2 m
2-pin Euro-style Power Cord
Conversion Cable, RJ-48 (m) 120Ω to two BNC
(m) 75Ω, 2 m
3-prong South African Power cord
Certificate of calibration/compliance when
specified at the time of order
Certificate of calibration/compliance with
measurement data when specified at the time
of order
01 - A6
22 Great Oaks Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95119
ph 1 408 363 8000
fax 1 408 363 8313
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