Carve360 User Manual

Read Instructions Carefully Before Operating
Take special care on safety prompts in these instructions so as to avoid injury to yourself, other
people and objects.
Please follow the guidelines in these instructions to avoid damage to the tool.
The CARVE360 is the first cordless professional grade hot knife tool for foam. The CARVE360 heats
up in seconds and gives the operator temperature control. Never before has working with foam been
this easy, inexpensive and free of mess.
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), Polyethylene, Cross-Linked Polyethylene
and many other foam materials can be easily cut with the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife. Check
with foam manufacturers for safe and proper cutting procedures.
A Temperature Control Knob
B Trigger
C Trigger Safety
D Battery Locking Switch
E Blade Holder
F Battery
Note: Always release the trigger of the CARVE360
Cordless Hot Knife before installing or removing
blades. Allow sufficient cooling time for blades,
blade holders and mounting screws before handling.
CAUTION: The CARVE360 blades have a
sharpened razor edge, for the cleanest cut always
cut in the direction of the sharpened edge.
1. Loosen the screws on the blade holders with the included hex tool.
2. Slide the blade under the square pressure plates until snug.
3. Securely tighten screws to assure the proper electrical connection. Do Not Over Tighten.
4. The temperature control knob has 14 click settings that correspond to the graduated ridges on
the surface. The smaller th ridge, the lower the power setting.
CAUTION: Excessive power output and heat generation may cause the blade holders to overheat
resulting in damage to the unit. Use only the power output for proper cutting. The blade does not
need to be red hot to move through foam materials.
Set temperature control knob at midrange setting, place the blade against the edge of foam and
depress “C” trigger safety then depress trigger “B”. Optimum cutting should be virtually smoke free.
Note: For the best results, practice on scrap pieces
of foam first.
When cutting foam, it is best to keep the temperature and
speed consistent. If smoke develops during the cut, you are
cutting too slow or the blade is too hot, which could result in
an oversized, uneven cut. This can be remedied by lowering
the temperature and intermittently releasing the trigger during
your cut. As cutting resistance increases, depress the trigger again. The CARVE360 Cordless Hot
Knife will reach the set temperature within seconds. You can accomplish your cut with minimal smoke
using this process. Cutting in this manner will also prolong the life of the knife.
Releasing the trigger approximately one or two inches prior to the completion of the cut will help keep
the blade clean and free from buildup.
The selected cutting blade should not be more than 3/4” longer than the thickness of your foam board.
The foam cools the blade as it cuts. The exposed portion can overheat and cause your blade to warp.
1. Always operate the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife in well a ventilated environment
2. Never burn off excess residue on the got knife blade. The blades will overheat, warping
the blade and potentially overheating the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife.
3. Only operate the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife when it is in contact with foam.
4. Keep hot blades away from skin, clothing and other flammable materials.
5. Allow blades to cool before handling. A hot blade can cause injury or burns if not
handled correctly.
Constant use of the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife may result in Polystyrene material build up on
the blades and brass holders. This excess polystyrene interferes with the proper electrical and
impairs the performance of the blades. The brass blade holders and blades can be thoroughly
cleaned using the included wire brush.
WEIGHT: 10 Ounces
LENGTH: 10.25” (260mm)
TEMPERATURE: 662°F (350°C)
A Only recharge the battery using charging devices supplied by the manufacturer. There is a
risk of fire when using a charging device designed for a specific battery type when it is
used with other batteries.
B In the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife, use only batteries that have been designed for this
type use. Using other battery types may lead to fire and injuries.
C When not using the battery, keep it away from paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws and
other small metallic objects which may cause the contacts to connect. If the battery
contacts short-circuit, it may lead to burns or fire.
D Fluid may leak from the battery if used incorrectly. Avoid contact with that fluid. In the event
of accidental contact, rinse the area throughly with water. If battery fluid comes in contact
with the eyes, seek medical attention immediately. Leaking battery fluid can lead to burns
and irritation of the skin.
Continued on reverse page.
E Do not open battery. This leads to the risk of a short-circuit. Keep battery away from heat
(e.g. permanent sun radiation) and from fire due to risk of explosion.
F If the battery is damaged or used in an inappropriate manner, vapors may leak from it.
Seek fresh air immediately. Seek medical assistance immediately if needed. Vapors can
lead to irritation of the respiratory system.
G If the battery is defective, fluid may lead from it and coat adjacent objects. Check any affected
parts. Clean thoroughly or replace if necessary.
H Use the battery only with the CARVE360 Cordless Hot Knife. This is the only way to prevent
dangerous overload of the battery.
Nominal Voltage: 36V
Capacity: Li-ion 1.5Ah (10 cells)
Weight: 610g
Input Voltage: 100-200V / 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 36V
Recharging Time: <70 minutes
Weight: 600g
Figure 1
Sled: You can bend flat blade or wire blade with the
included crimping tool according to your usage, and
assemble as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 2
Cutting Guide: You can cut on an angle using
the Cutting Guide as shown in Figure 2.
Note: The battery is partially charged on delivery.
To guarantee full power of the battery, charge completely before first use. Pay attention to the
charge indicator on the charging device. The Li-ion battery can be recharged at any time without
affecting its fatigue life. Interrupting the charging process doesn’t damage the battery.
The battery is equipped with temperature monitoring system which only allows for charging
between 32°F and 113°F (0°C and 45°C).
How to Charge Battery:
Insert charging cord correctly into battery unit.
Insert the power plug of charger into standard wall socket. Red LED light will illuminate
indicating the unit is in CHARGING status. (If the power plug is plugged into wall socket
without connecting the battery to charger, the Green LED light will illuminate which
indicates STAND-BY status).
The LED light turns to green when the battery is fully charged. When charging is complete,
removed the power plug from the charger and then remove plug from the battery.
Pipe Groove Adapter: You can bend flat blade
or wire blade with the included crimping tool according
to your usage, and assemble as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 3
Li-ion: Do not dispose of batteries in household waste. Do not throw batteries into fire or water.
Batteries should be collected and recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
Only valid for EU countries: According to European regulation 91/157/EWG, defective and used
batteries need to be recycled.
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