User Manual
User Manual
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Please read this user manual first!
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this Beko product. We hope that you get the best results from your product
which has been manufactured with high quality and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, please read
this entire user manual and all other accompanying documents carefully before using the product and
keep it as a reference for future use. If you handover the product to someone else, give the user manual
as well. Follow all warnings and information in the user manual.
Remember that this user manual is also applicable for several other models. Differences between models
will be identified in the manual.
Explanation of symbols
Throughout this user manual the following symbols are used:
Important information or useful hints
à about usage.
Warning of hazardous situations with
regard to life and property.
/N Warning of electric shock.
A Warning of risk of fire.
Arcelik A.S.
Karaagac caddesi No: 2-6
34445 Sütlüce/Istanbul/TURKEY
Made in TURKEY
This product was manufactured using the latest technology in environmentally friendly conditions.
i Important instructions and warnings
for safety and environment 4
General safety... 4
Safety when working with gas... оусаезоееонусаннно) 4
Electrical safety... 5
Product safety... 6
Intended US6............... e. a, 7
Safety for children... 8
Disposing of the old product ...................... 8
Package information... 9
Future Transportation... 9
2 General information 10
OvervieW ...........evnemini ana ra naar 10
Package contents... 11
Technical specifications…………….….….……… 12
Injector table... 12
E Installation 13
Before installation ...................——— 13
Installation and connection... 14
Gas Conversión .............=.eie 17
Preparation 20
Tips for saving energy... 20
Initial USE... acer 20
First cleaning of the appliance....................... 20
Initial heating .........oocivi 20
5 How to use the hob 21
General information about cooking ............... 21
Using the hobs... serre 21
6 How to operate the oven 23
General information on baking, roasting and
Orilling vooovvvii re re cener ec rnee 23
How to use the gas Oven... 23
Cooking times table... 25
How to operate the gas grill ...................... 25
Cooking times table... 27
7 Maintenance and care 28
General information... 20
Cleaning the hob.............. 28
Cleaning the control panel... 20
Cleaning the OVEN o.oo, 28
Removing the oven door... 29
Removing the door inner glass..................... 29
Replacing the oven lampe 30
El Troubleshooting 31
This section contains safety
instructions that will help protect from
risk of personal injury or property
damage. Failure to follow these
Instructions shall void any warranty.
General safety
This appliance can be used by
children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance
in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved.
Children shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made
by children without supervision.
Never place the product on a
carpet-covered floor. Otherwise,
lack of airflow beneath the
product will cause electrical parts
to overheat. This will cause
problems with your product.
Installation and repair procedures
must always be performed by
Authorized Service Agents. The
manufacturer shall not be held
responsible for damages arising
from procedures carried out by
unauthorized persons which may
also void the warranty. Before
installation, read the instructions
Do not operate the product if it is
defective or has any visible
e Ensure that the product function
knobs are switched off after every
Safety when working with gas
e Any works on gas equipment and
systems may only be carried out
by authorised qualified persons
who are Gas Safe registered.
e Prior to the installation, ensure
that the local distribution
conditions (nature of the gas and
gas pressure) and the adjustment
of the appliance are compatible.
e [his appliance is not connected to
a combustion products or
evacuation device. It shall be
installed and connected in
accordance with current
installation regulations. Particular
attention shall be given to the
relevant requirements regarding
ventilation; See Before installation,
page 13
e The use of gas cooking appliance
results in the production of heat
and moisture in the room in which
it is installed. Ensure that the
kitchen is well ventilated: keep
natural ventilation holes open or
install a mechanical ventilation
device (mechanical extractor
hood). Prolonged intensive use of
the appliance may call for
additional ventilation, for example
increasing the level of the
mechanical ventilation where
(Gas appliances and systems must
be regularly checked for proper
functioning. Regulator, hose and
its clamp must be checked
regularly and replaced within the
periods recommended by its
manufacturer or when necessary.
Clean the gas burners regularly.
The flames should be blue and
burn evenly.
(Good combustion is required in
gas appliances. In case of
incomplete combustion, carbon
monoxide (CO) might develop.
Carbon monoxide is a colourless,
odourless and very toxic gas,
which has a lethal effect even in
very small doses.
Request information about gas
emergency telephone numbers
and safety measures in case of
gas smell from you local gas
What to do when you smell gas
Do not use open flame or do not
smoke. Do not operate any
electrical buttons (e.g. lamp
button, door bell and etc.) Do not
use fixed or mobile phones. Risk
of explosion and toxication!
Open doors and windows.
Turn off all valves on gas
appliances and gas meter at the
main control valve, unless it's in a
confined space or cellar.
Check all tubes and connections
for tightness. If you still smell gas
leave the property.
Warn the neighbours.
Call the fire-brigade. Use a
telephone outside the house.
Do not re-enter the property until
you are told it is safe to do so.
Electrical safety
If the product has a failure, it
should not be operated unless it
IS repaired by an Authorized
Service Agent. There is the risk of
electric shock!
Only connect the product to a
grounded outlet/line with the
voltage and protection as
specified in the “Technical
specifications”. Have the
grounding installation made by a
qualified electrician while using
the product with or without a
transformer. Our company shall
not be liable for any problems
arising due to the product not
being earthed in accordance with
the local regulations.
e Never wash the product by
spreading or pouring water onto it!
There is the risk of electric shock!
e Never touch the plug with wet
hands! Never unplug by pulling on
the cable, always pull out by
grabbing the plug.
e [he product must be
disconnected during installation,
maintenance, cleaning and
repairing procedures.
e |f the power connection cable for
the product is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer,
Its service agent or similarly
qualified persons in order to avoid
a hazard.
e [he appliance must be installed
so that it can be completely
disconnected from the mains
supply. The separation must be
provided by a switch built into the
fixed electrical installation,
according to construction
e Rear surface of the oven gets hot
when it is in use. Make sure that
the gas/electrical connection does
not contact the rear surface;
otherwise, connections can get
e [Do not trap the mains cable
between the oven door and frame
and do not route it over hot
surfaces. Otherwise, cable
insulation may melt and cause
fire as a result of short circuit.
Any work on electrical equipment
and systems should only be
carried out by authorized and
qualified persons.
In case of any damage, switch off
the product and disconnect it
from the mains. To do this, turn
off the fuse at home.
Make sure that fuse rating is
compatible with the product.
Product safety
The appliance and its accessible
parts become hot during use.
Care should be taken to avoid
touching heating elements.
Children less than 8 years of age
shall be kept away unless
continuously supervised.
Never use the product when your
judgment or coordination is
impaired by the use of alcohol
and/or drugs.
Be careful when using alcoholic
drinks in your dishes. Alcohol
evaporates at high temperatures
and may cause fire since it can
ignite when it comes into contact
with hot surfaces.
Do not place any flammable
materials close to the product as
the sides may become hot during
During use the appliance
becomes hot. Care should be
taken to avoid touching heating
elements inside the oven.
Keep all ventilation slots clear of
Do not heat closed tins and glass
jars in the oven. The pressure
that would build-up in the tin/jar
may cause it to burst.
Do not place baking trays, dishes
or aluminium foil directly onto the
bottom of the oven. The heat
accumulation might damage the
bottom of the oven.
Do not use harsh abrasive
cleaners or sharp metal scrapers
to clean the oven door glass since
they can scratch the surface,
which may result in shattering of
the glass.
Do not use steam cleaners to
clean the appliance as this may
cause an electric shock.
Do not use the product if the front
door glass removed or cracked.
Do not use the oven handle to
hang towels for drying. Do not
hang up towel, gloves, or similar
textile products when the grill
function is at open door.
Always use heat resistant oven
gloves when putting in or
removing dishes into/from the hot
Ensure that the appliance is
switched off before replacing the
lamp to avoid the possibility of
electric shock.
Do not close the top cover before
the hotplates or burners cool
Wipe the top cover dry before
opening it in order to avoid water
leakage to the rear and inner
sections of the oven.
Unattended cooking on a hob with
fat or oil can be dangerous and
may result in fire. NEVER try to
extinguish a fire with water, but
switch off the appliance and then
cover flame e.g. with a lid or a
fire blanket.
Danger of fire: Do not store items
on the cooking surfaces.
Prevention against possible fire risk!
Ensure all electrical connections
are secure and tight to prevent
risk of arcing.
Do not use damaged cables or
extension cables.
Ensure liquid or moisture is not
accessible to the electrical
connection point.
To prevent gas leakage ensure
that the gas connection is sound.
Intended use
This product is designed for
domestic use. Commercial use
will void the guarantee.
This appliance is for cooking
purposes only. It must not be
used for other purposes, for
example room heating.
e [his product should not be used
for warming the plates under the
grill, drying towels, dish cloths etc.
by hanging them on the oven
door handles. This product should
also not be used for room heating
e The manufacturer shall not be
liable for any damage caused by
improper use or handling errors.
e The oven can be used for
defrosting, baking, roasting and
grilling food.
Safety for children
e Accessible parts may become hot
during use. Young children should
be kept away.
e [he packaging materials will be
dangerous for children. Keep the
packaging materials away from
children. Please dispose of all
parts of the packaging according
to environmental standards.
e Electrical and/or gas products are
dangerous to children. Keep
children away from the product
when it is operating and do not
allow them to play with the
e An additional protective means to
avoid contact with the oven door
Is available. This part should be
fitted when young children are
likely to be present.
e [Do not place any items above the
appliance that children may reach
When the door is open, do not
load any heavy object on it and do
not allow children to sit on it. It
may overturn or door hinges may
get damaged.
Disposing of the old product
Compliance with the WEEE
Directive and Disposing of the
Waste Product:
This product complies with EU WEEE
Directive (2012/19/EU). This product
bears a classification symbol for
waste electrical and electronic
equipment (WEEE).
This product has been manufactured
with high quality parts and materials
which can be reused and are suitable
for recycling. Do not dispose of the
waste product with normal domestic
and other wastes at the end of its
service life. Take it to the collection
center for the recycling of electrical
and electronic equipment. Please
consult your local authorities to learn
about these collection centers.
Compliance with RoHS Directive:
The product you have purchased
complies with EU RoHS Directive
(2011/65/EU). It does not contain
harmful and prohibited materials
specified in the Directive.
Package information
Packaging materials of the
product are manufactured from
recyclable materials in
accordance with our National
Environment Regulations. Do not
dispose of the packaging
materials together with the
domestic or other wastes. Take
them to the packaging material
collection points designated by
the local authorities.
Future Transportation
Keep the product's original carton
and transport the product in it.
Follow the instructions on the
carton. If you do not have the
original carton, pack the product
in bubble wrap or thick cardboard
and tape it securely.
e [o prevent the wire grill and tray
inside the oven from damaging
the oven door, place a strip of
cardboard onto the inside of the
oven door that lines up with the
position of the trays. Tape the
oven door to the side walls.
e Secure the caps and pan
supports with adhesive tape.
e [Do not use the door or handle to
lift or move the product.
s YDo not place any objects onto
he product and move it in
upright position.
Check the general appearance
adoï your product for any
damages that might have
occurred during
Top lid
Burner plate
Control panel
Shelf positions
Wire shelf
Front door
— = © CO N
© ar Ww ГО —
— ©
Lamp button
Turnspit button
Ignition button
Normal burner Front left
Normal burner Rear left
Wok burner Middle
— © © —
©) Or WN —-
Storage Compartment
Rapid burner Rear right
Auxiliary burner Front right
Oven knob
Mechanical timer
isserie c
Used to grill meat, poultry and fish evenly
from all sides.
Fix the food to be grilled to the turn spi
with the forks.
MAccessories supplied can vary depending on
Package contents
the product model. Not every accessory
described in the user manual may exist on
your product.
User manual
Oven tray
Insert sharp edge of the turn spit into
the driver on the left side of the oven
ty and hang up the other end into
the turn spit hook on the right side of
the oven cavity.
Used for pastries, frozen foods and big
Wire Shelf
Used for roasting and for placing the food to
be baked, roasted or cooked in casserole
dishes to the desired rack.
Turn spi
Turn spit hook
Coffee pot adaptor
Used for coffee pots.
Technical specifications
echnical specifications may be changed Fa alues stated on the product labels or in the
oO ithout prior notice to improve the quality of 6 documentation accompanying it are
„the product. obtained in laboratory conditions in
accordance with relevant standards.
Figures in this manual are schematic and Depending on operational and
y exactly match your product. environmental conditions of the product,
these values may vary.
_ Injector table
Product must be installed by a qualified person in
accordance with the regulations in force. The
manufacturer shall not be held responsible for
damages arising from procedures carried out by
unauthorized persons which may also void the
MPreparation of location and electrical and
gas Installation for the product is under
customer’s responsibility.
\ The product must be installed in
accordance with all local gas and/or
electrical regulations.
N Prior to installation, visually check if the
product has any defects on it. If so, do not
have it installed.
Damaged products cause risks for your
Before installation
Please note the product is packed without the
feet fitted, therefore please ensure the feet are
fitted as per the instructions; see Installation and
connection , page 14 before the appliance is
placed in its final position.
To ensure that critical air gaps are maintained
under the appliance, we recommend that this
appliance is mounted on a solid base and that
the feet do not sink into any carpet or soft
The kitchen floor must be able to carry the
weight of the appliance plus the additional weight
of cookware and bakeware and food.
(*) 750 mm min
It can be used with cabinets on either side
but in order to have a minimum distance of
400mm above hotplate level allow a side
clearance of 6bmm between the appliance
and any wall, partition or tall cupboard.
It can also be used in a free standing
position. Allow a minimum distance of 750
mm above the hob surface.
(*) If a cooker hood is to be installed above
the cooker, refer to cooker hood
manufacturer’ instructions regarding
installation height (min 650 mm).
Movement of your appliance is most easily
achieved by lifting the front as indicated in
the drawing. Open the oven door sufficiently
to allow a comfortable and safe grip on the
underside of the oven roof avoid causing
any damage to the grill element or any
internal parts of the oven. Do not move by
pulling on the door handle or knobs. Move
the appliance a bit at a time until placed in
the position required.
e The appliance corresponds to device class 1,
|.е. it may be placed with the rear and one
side to kitchen walls, kitchen furniture or
equipment of any size. The kitchen furniture
or equipment on the other side may only be
of the same size or smaller.
e Any kitchen furniture next to the appliance
must be heat-resistant (100 °C min).
LP Gas Only
{Don't install this appliance in a room below
él ground level unless it is oven to ground level
on at least one side.
Failure to install appliances correctly is
dangerous and could result in prosecution.
Room ventilation
All rooms require an openable window, or
equvalent, and some rooms will require a
permanent vent as well.
The air for combustion is taken from the room air
and the exhaust gases are emitted directly into
the room.
Good room ventilation is essential for safe
operation of your appliance. If there is no window
or door available for room ventilation, an extra
ventilation must be installed.
The appliance may be located in a kitchen,
kitchen/diner or a bed-sitting room, but not in a
room containing a bath or shower. The appliance
must not be installed in a bed-sitting room of
less than 20m”.
Do not install this appliance in a room below
ground level unless it is open to ground level on
at least one side.
Installation and connection
Product can only be installed and connected in
accordance with the statutory installation rules.
« Do not install the product next to
refrigerators or freezers. The heat emitted
by the product will increase the energy
consumption of cooling appliances.
Carry the product with at least two persons.
Product must be placed directly on the floor.
It must not be placed onto a base or a
. Do not use the door and/or handle to carry
or move the product. The door, handle or
hinges get damaged.
Electrical connection
Connect the product to a grounded outlet/line
protected by a fuse of suitable capacity as stated
in the "Technical specifications” table. Have the
grounding installation made by a qualified
electrician while using the product with or
without a transformer. Our company shall not be
liable for any damages that will arise due to
using the product without a grounding installation
in accordance with the local regulations.
y The product must be connected to the
mains supply only by an authorised and
qualified person. The product's warranty
period starts only after correct installation.
Manufacturer shall not be held responsible
for damages arising from procedures
carried out by unauthorised persons.
¡The power cable must not be clamped, bent
or trapped or come into contact with hot
parts of the product.
A damaged power cable must be replaced
by a qualified electrician. Otherwise, there is
risk of electric shock, short circuit or fire!
The mains supply data must correspond to the
data specified on the type label of the product.
The rating plate is either seen when the door or
the lower cover is opened or it is located at the
rear wall of the unit depending on the unit type.
Power cable of your product must comply with
the values in "Technical specifications” table.
“Power cable plug must be within easy reach
jafter installation (do not route it above the
\ Before starting any work on the electrical
installation, disconnect the product from the
mains supply.
There is the risk of electric shock!
Plug the power cable into the socket.
Gas connection
\ Product can be connected to gas supply
system only by an authorised and qualified
person or technician with licence.
Risk of explosion or toxication due to
unprofessional repairs!
Manufacturer shall not be held responsible
for damages arising from procedures
carried out by unauthorised or unlicensed
Before starting any work on the gas
installation, disconnect the gas supply.
There is the risk of explosion!
e Gas adjustment conditions and values are
stated on labels (or ion type label).
| JYour product is equipped for liquefied
J jpetroleum gas (LPG).
Connecting the gas hose
e Have your product connected in a way that
it will be close to the gas connection and
not gas leakage will exist.
e Plastic hose to be used must not be longer
than 125 cm.
e Install the clamp to the hose. Soak one end
of the hose (15 mm inner diameter) into
boiling water for one minute to soften it.
e Than, slip the softened end of the hose
completely onto the sharp hose tip of your
product. Finally, tighten the clamp
completely with a screwdriver.
* Repeat the same procedure for the other
end of the hose and complete the gas
cylinder connection.
e Never forget to make the gas leakage
Risk of explosion and suffocation!
Do not keep LPG cylinders in home.
e If you need to use your product later with a
different type of gas, you must consult the
Authorised Service Agent for the related
conversion procedure.
Hose tip-LPG
Hose tip-NG
Safety hose
O-ring (gasket)
N SC N —
Leakage control at the connection point
Make sure that all knobs on the product are
turned off. Make sure that the gas supply is
open. Prepare soapy foam and apply it onto
the connection point of the hose for gas
leakage control.
Soapy part will froth if there is a gas leakage.
In this case, inspect the gas connection
once again.
[Never use a match or lighter to make the
gas leakage control.
The gas hose must not be clamped, bent or
trapped or come into contact with hot parts
of the product.
There is the risk of explosion due to
damaged gas hose.
Push the product towards the kitchen wall.
Adjusting the feet of oven
4 feet are supplied together with your oven.
Each foot must be installed into respective
slots located at 4 corners under the oven.
Screw the thread of the foot by turning in
For your safety, make sure that they are
level when screwing all 4 feet. Unbalance of
the legs has negative influence on cooking.
1 2
Foot slot
Final check
Open gas supply.
2. Check gas installations for secure fitting and
3. Ignite burners and check appearance of the
@Hame must be blue and have a regular
shape. If the flame is yellowish, check if the
burner cap is seated securely or clean the
Gas conversion
Before starting any work on the gas
installation, disconnect the gas supply.
There is the risk of explosion!
In order to change your appliance's gas type,
change all injectors and make flame adjustment
for all valves at reduced flow rate position.
Exchange of injector for the burners
1. Take off burner cap and burner body.
2. Unscrew injectors by turning the counter-
3. Fit new injectors.
4, Check all connections for secure fitting and
x ew injectors have their position
imarked on their packing or injector
table on Injector table, page 12 can be
referred to.
Flame failure device (model dependant)
Spark plug
=> VW ГО —
QUnless there is an abnormal condition, do
not attempt to remove the gas burner taps.
ou must call an Authorised service agent if
it is necessary to change the taps.
Reduced gas flow rate setting for hob taps
1. Ignite the burner that is to be adjusted and
turn the knob to the reduced position.
2. Remove the knob from the gas tap.
3. Use an appropriately sized screwdriver to
adjust the flow rate adjustment screw.
For LPG (Butane - Propane) turn the screw
clockwise. For the natural gas, you should turn
the screw counter-clockwiseonce.
» The normal length of a straight flame in the
reduced position should be 6-7 mm.
4, If the flame is higher than the desired
position, turn the screw clockwise. If it is
smaller turn anticlockwise.
5. For the last control, bring the burner both to
high-flame and reduced positions and check
whether the flame is on or off.
Depending on the type of gas tap used in your
appliance the adjustment screw position may
1 Flow rate adjustment screw
1 Flow rate adjustment screw
Exchange of injector for the grill
1. Open the door.
2. Unscrew the two screws of grill burner.
3. Take out the grill burner.
4, Remove the grill injector from injector holder.
5. Fit new injector.
Exchange of injector for the oven
Injector and Injector holder
Unscrew fastening two screws of the rear
Unscrew the two screws from the injector
Pull out the injector holder.
Remove the injector by turning to counre-
clockwise direction.
Fit new injector.
For the appropriate functioning of the oven re-
checking the by-pass adjustment is extremely
important. In order to provide maximum security
to the user these operations have to be done with
1. Ignite the burner that is to be adjusted and
turn the knob to the high flame position.
Close the oven door and wait for 10 to
15 minutes until the oven becomes ready for
. Take out the knob
4, After 15 minutes, adjust the oven to the
lowest flame position.
5. Set the flame length to 2 to 3 mm by means
of the screw 7 on the oven tap. Turning in
clockwise direction reduces the flame,
turning counter-clockwise increases the
Vi the temperature of the oven increases
unintendedly, turn off the oven and call the
authorised service agent to have oven
thermostat repaired.
Butan/propan | Natural gas
Fasten the screw until | Loosen the screw
the end | 1/2 round
/ x
If the gas type of the unit is changed, then
пе rating plate that shows the gas type of
the unit must also be changed.
Tips for saving energy
The following information will help you to use
your appliance in an ecological way, and to save
e Use dark coloured or enamel coated
cookware in the oven since the heat
transmission will be better.
o While cooking your dishes, perform a
preheating operation if it is advised in the
user manual or cooking instructions.
e Do not open the door of the oven frequently
during cooking.
e Try to cook more than one dish in the oven
at the same time whenever possible. You
can cook by placing two cooking vessels
onto the wire shelf.
e Cook more than one dish one after another.
The oven will already be hot.
Defrost frozen dishes before cooking them.
Use pots/pans with cover for cooking. If
there is no cover, energy consumption may
increase 4 times.
e Select the burner which is suitable for the
bottom size of the pot to be used. Always
select the correct pot size for your dishes.
Larger pots require more energy.
Initial use
First cleaning of the appliance
The surface might get damaged by some
idetergents or cleaning materials.
Do not use aggressive detergents, cleaning
powders/creams or any sharp objects
during cleaning.
Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp
metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass
since they can scratch the surface, which
may result in shattering of the glass.
1. Remove all packaging materials.
2. Wipe the surfaces of the appliance with a
damp cloth or sponge and dry with a cloth.
Initial heating
Heat up the product for about 30 minutes and
then switch it off. Thus, any production residues
or layers will be burnt off and removed.
Hot surfaces cause burns!
Product may be hot when it is in use. Never
touch the hot burners, inner sections of the
oven, heaters and etc. Keep children away.
Always use heat resistant oven gloves when
putting in or removing dishes into/from the
hot oven.
Gas oven
1. Take all baking trays and the wire grill out of
the oven.
2. Close the oven door.
3. Select the highest flame of the gas oven; see
How to use the gas oven, page 23.
4, Operate the oven about 30 minutes.
5. Turn off your oven; See How to use the gas
oven, page 23
Grill oven
1. Take all baking trays and the wire grill out of
the oven.
2. Close the oven door.
3. Select the highest flame of the grill oven; see
How to operate the gas grill, page 25.
4, Operate the oven about 30 minutes.
5. Turn off your grill; see How to operate the
gas grill, page 25
“Smoke and smell may emit for a couple of
Jhours during the initial operation. This is
Miquite normal. Ensure that the room is well
ventilated to remove the smoke and smell.
Avoid directly inhaling the smoke and the
smell that emits.
General information about cooking
Never fill the pan with oil more than
A one third of it. Do not leave the hob
a unattended when heating oil.
Overheated oils bring risk of fire. Never
attempt to extinguish a possible fire
with water! When oil catches fire,
cover it with a fire blanket or damp
cloth. Turn off the hob if it is safe to do
so and call the fire department.
e Before frying foods, always dry them well
and gently place into the hot oil. Ensure
complete thawing of frozen foods before
e Do not cover the vessel you use when
heating oil.
e Place the pans and saucepans in a manner
so that their handles are not over the hob to
prevent heating of the handles. Do not place
unbalanced and easily tilting vessels on the
e Do not place empty vessels and saucepans
on cooking zones that are switched on.
They might get damaged.
e (Operating a cooking zone without a vessel
or saucepan on it will cause damage to the
product. Turn off the cooking zones after
the cooking is complete.
e As the surface of the product can be hot, do
not put plastic and aluminum vessels on it.
Such vessels should not be used to keep
foods either.
Use flat bottomed saucepans or vessels only.
Put appropriate amount of food in
saucepans and pans. Thus, you will not
have to make any unnecessary cleaning by
preventing the dishes from overflowing.
Do not put covers of saucepans or pans on
cooking zones.
Place the saucepans in a manner so that
they are centered on the cooking zone.
When you want to move the saucepan onto
another cooking zone, lift and place it onto
the cooking zone you want instead of sliding
Gas cooking
e Size of the vessel and the flame must match
each other. Adjust the gas flames so that
they will not extend the bottom of the vessel
and center the vessel on saucepan carrier.
Using the hobs
Normal burner 20-22 cm
Normal burner 20-22 cm
Wok burner 22-24 cm
Rapid burner 22—24 cm
Auxiliary burner 12-18 cm is list of advised
diameter of pots to be used on related
Large flame symbol indicates the highest cooking
power and small flame symbol indicates the
lowest cooking power. In turned off position (top),
gas is not supplied to the burners.
Igniting the gas burners
Or = WN —
Gas burners are ignited with ignition
1. Keep burner knob pressed.
2. Turn it counter clockwise to large flame
3. Press and release the ignition button. Repeat
the procedure until the released gas is
4, Adjust it to the desired cooking power.
Turning off the gas burners
Turn the knob to off (upper) position.
Gas shut off safety system (in models with
thermic component)
1 As a counter measure
against blow out due to fluid
overflows at burners, safety
mechanism trips and shuts
off the gas.
1. Gas shut off
e Push the knob inwards and turn it counter
clockwise to ignite.
e After the gas ignites, keep the knob pressed
for 3-5 seconds more to engage the safety
e |fthe gas does not ignite after you press
and release the knob, repeat the same
procedure by keeping the knob pressed for
15 seconds.
\ Release the button if the burner is not
ignited within 15 seconds.
Wait at least 1 minute before trying again.
There is the risk of gas accumulation and
Wok burners help you to cook faster. Wok, which
is particularly used in Asian kitchen is a kind of
deep and flat fry-pan made of sheet metal, which
is used to cook minced vegetable and meat at
strong flame in a short time.
Since meals are cooked at strong flame and in a
very short time in such fry-pans that conduct the
heat rapidly and evenly, the nutrition value of the
food is preserved and vegetables remain crispy.
You can use wok burner for regular saucepans
as well.
General information on baking,
roasting and grilling
¡Hot surfaces cause burns!
Product may be hot when it is in use. Never
touch the hot burners, inner sections of the
oven, heaters and etc. Keep children away.
Always use heat resistant oven gloves when
putting in or removing dishes into/from the
hot oven.
\ Be careful when opening the oven door as
steam may escape.
Exiting steam can scald your hands, face
and/or eyes.
Tips for baking
e se non-sticky coated appropriate metal
plates or aluminum vessels or heat-resistant
silicone moulds.
Make best use of the space on the rack.
Place the baking mould in the middle of the
e Select the correct rack position before
turning the oven or grill on. Do not change
the rack position when the oven is hot.
e Keep the oven door closed.
Tips for roasting
e Treating whole chicken, turkey and large
piece of meat with dressings such as lemon
juice and black pepper before cooking will
increase the cooking performance.
e |ttakes about 15 to 30 minutes longer to
roast meat with bones when compared to
roasting the same size of meat without
e Each centimeter of meat thickness requires
approximately 4 to 5 minutes of cooking
e |etmeatrestin the oven for about
10 minutes after the cooking time is over.
The juice is better distributed all over the
roast and does not run out when the meat is
e Fish should be placed on the middle or
lower rack in a heat-resistant plate.
Tips for grilling
When meat, fish and poultry are grilled, they
quickly get brown, have a nice crust and do not
get dry. Flat pieces, meat skewers and sausages
are particularly suited for grilling as are
vegetables with high water content such as
tomatoes and onions.
e Distribute the pieces to be grilled on the
wire shelf or in the baking tray with wire
shelf in such a way that the space covered
does not exceed the size of the heater.
e Slide the wire shelf or baking tray with grill
into the desired level in the oven. If you are
grilling on the wire shelf, slide the baking
tray to the lower rack to collect fats. Add
some water in the tray for easy cleaning.
Foods that are not suitable for grilling
N carry the risk of fire. Only grill food
which is suitable for intensive grilling
Do not place the food too far in the
back of the grill. This is the hottest area
and fatty food may catch fire.
How to use the gas oven
a Y roductis equipped with a security valve.
1 {When the flame goes out, gas supply is cut
Ma automatically. Thus, gas accumulation is
The gas oven is operated by the gas oven control
knob. In off position (top) the gas supply is Off.
Switch on the gas oven
The gas oven is ignited with the ignition button.
1. Open oven door.
2. Keep gas oven control knob pressed and turn
It counterclockwise.
3. Press ignition button and release it again. ANGER: risk of das compression and
4, Keep the gas oven control knob pressed for 3 "explosion! J р
to 5 seconds. | | | Do not attempt to ignite the gas more that
» Repeat the process until the emanating gas is 15 seconds. If the burner is not ignited
ignited. within 15 seconds, turn off the knob and
5. Keep the gas oven control knob pressed for wait for 1 minute. Ventilate the room before
another 3 to 5 seconds. Be sure that gas has reattempting to ignite the burner. There is
ignited and flame is present. the risk of gas compression and explosion!
6. Select the desired baking power/ gas mark. Switch off the gas oven
7. If there is no electricity; ignite the gas with 1. Turn gas oven control knob to off position
the gas lighter from the ignition control hole
Gas level temperature chart
1 Ignition control hole
Using the clock as an alarm PF « Mum the Function knob counter
iclockwise to off position to turn off the
Setting the alarm clock
1. Turn the Time Adjustment knob clockwise to
determine for how long the alarm will sound.
2. The knob will turn counterclockwise at the
end of the cooking time and the alarm will
sound. Alarm clock does not turn off the
Cooking times table
1st rack of the oven is the bottom rack.
Maximum load capacity of oven tray: 4 kg
48.8 lb).
Baking and roasting
Product is equipped with a security valve.
When the flame goes out, gas supply is cut
automatically. Thus, gas accumulation is
The timings in this chart are meant as a
guide. Timings may vary due to temperature
of food, thickness, type and your own
preference of cooking.
Stand dishes on a baking sheet to prevent
spillages onto oven base and help keep oven
\ Close oven door during grilling.
Hot surfaces may cause burns!
Grill is operated with Grill control knob. In turned
off position (top), gas is not supplied.
¡Hot surfaces may cause burns! Keep
Children away from the product.
Oven door remains slightly inclined when
opened full and thus, possible splashes to
not reach you.
Switching on the grill
Gas grill is ignited with the ignition button.
1. Open the oven door.
2. Keep the knob pressed and turn it clockwise
to the Grill symbol.
3. Press and release the ignition button.
» Repeat the procedure until the gas is ignited.
4, Keep the knob pressed for 3to 5 seconds
Make sure that the grill is ignited.
6. If the electricity is cut-off, ignite the grill
burner with a lighter or match.
\ There is the risk of gas compression and
Do not attempt to ignite the gas more that
15 seconds. If the burner is not ignited
within 15 seconds, turn off the knob and
wait for 1 minute. Ventilate the room before
reattempting to ignite the burner. There is
the risk of gas compression and explosion!
Switching off the grill
1. Turn the Grill control knob to Off (upper)
Foods that are not suitable for grilling
carry the risk of fire. Only grill food
which is suitable for intensive grilling
Do not place the food too far in the
back of the grill. This is the hottest area
and fatty food may catch fire.
Turnspit function
Used to grill meat, poultry and fish evenly from all
After selecting the Grill function, press Turn Spit
11 2
Turn spit hook
3 Turnspit slot
e Fix the food to be grilled to the turn spit with
the forks.
e Insert the turn spit into the driver on the left
side of the oven cavity and hang up the
other end into the turn spit hook on the right
side of the oven cavity.
Make sure that the turn spit hook is inserted
into the turn spit slot.
e Place a tray to one of the lower racks in
order to collect the fats. Put some water
into the tray for ease of cleaning.
e Do not forget to remove the plastic
handle of the turn spit.
* When cooking completes, attach the plastic
handle and remove your food from the oven.
Maximum weight of a chicken or turkey that
Jwill be cooked with rotisserie function can
not exceed 5 kg.
Cooking times table
YT he timings in this chart are meant as a
guide. Timings may vary due to temperature
of food, thickness, type and your own
preference of cooking.
Grilling with gas grill
481 st rack of the oven is the bottom rack.
General information
Service life of the product will extend and the
possibility of problems will decrease if the
product is cleaned at regular intervals.
Disconnect the product from mains supply
before starting maintenance and cleaning
There is the risk of electric shock!
Allow the product to cool down before you
clean it.
Hot surfaces may cause burns!
e (lean the product thoroughly after each use.
In this way it will be possible to remove
cooking residues more easily, thus avoiding
these from burning the next time the
appliance is used.
e No special cleaning agents are required for
cleaning the product. Use warm water with
washing liquid, a soft cloth or sponge to
clean the product and wipe it with a dry
e Always ensure any excess liquid is
thoroughly wiped off after cleaning and any
spillage is immediately wiped dry.
e Do not use cleaning agents that contain
acid or chloride to clean the stainless or
inox surfaces and the handle. Use a soft
cloth with a liquid detergent (not abrasive) to
wipe those parts clean, paying attention to
sweep in one direction.
e Do not use solid metal scrapers or abrasive
cleaning materials to clean the glass cover.
Glass surface can get damaged.
» Nhe surface might get damaged by some
detergents or cleaning materials.
Do not use aggressive detergents, cleaning
powders/creams or any sharp objects
during cleaning.
Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp
metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass
since they can scratch the surface, which
may result in shattering of the glass.
Do not use steam cleaners to clean the
Jappliance as this may cause an electric
Cleaning the hob
Gas hobs
1. Remove and clean the saucepan carriers and
burner caps.
2. Clean the hob.
3. Install the burner caps and make sure that
they are seated correctly.
4. When installing the upper grills, pay attention
to place the saucepan carriers so that the
burners are centered.
Cleaning the control panel
Clean the control panel and knobs with a damp
cloth and wipe them dry.
Do not remove the control buttons/knobs to
clean the control panel.
Control panel may get damaged!
Cleaning the oven
To clean the side wall
1. Remove the front section of the side rack by
pulling it in the opposite direction of the side
2. Remove the side rack completely by pulling
it towards you
Clean oven door
To clean the oven door, use warm water with
washing liquid, a soft cloth or sponge to clean
the product and wipe it with a dry cloth.
“Don't use any harsh abrasive cleaners or
Jsharp metal scrapers for cleaning the oven
door. They could scratch the surface and
destroy the glass.
Removing the oven door
1. Open the front door (1).
2. Open the clips at the hinge housing (2) on
the right and left hand sides of the front door
by pressing them down as illustrated in the
1 2 3
3. Move the front door to half-way.
4, Remove the front door by pulling it upwards
to release it from the right and left hinges.
Steps carried out during removing process
should be performed in reverse order to
install the door. Do not forget to close the
clips at the hinge housing when reinstalling
the door.
Removing the top cover
Pull and remove the plastic part located at right
and left sides of the glass top cover.
Pull up and release the cover from right and left
hinges in order to detach it from the burner table.
1 Glass cover
2 Hinge plate
3 Plastic part
Removing the door inner glass
The inner glass panel of the oven door can be
removed for cleaning.
e (Open the oven door.
e Remove the metal part (1) by removing
three screws that secure it..
e To remove the plastic holders (2) , use a flat
metal or plastic, e.g., a knife, slotted
screwdriver, to free the fixing foot (5).
Push the fixing foot through the window (6)
in arrow direction.
Metal part
Plastic carrier
Inner glass panel
Lower plastic slot
Fixing foot
© Or © ГО —
200 Ро
® Pull the inner glass panel (3) towards
yourself until it detaches from its plastic
slots (4).
o When reinstalling the glass panel, make
sure that it is seated into the plastic slots.
Replacing the oven lamp
Before replacing the oven lamp, make sure
that the product is disconnected from mains
and cooled down in order to avoid the risk
of an electrical shock.
Hot surfaces may cause burns!
The oven lamp is a special electric light bulb
that can resist up to 300 °C. See Technical
specifications, page 12 for details. Oven
lamps can be obtained from Authorised
Service Agents or technician with licence.
Position of lamp might vary from the figure.
If your oven is equipped with a round lamp:
1. Disconnect the product from mains.
2. Turn the glass cover counter clockwise to
remove it.
3. Remove the oven lamp by turning it counter
clockwise and replace it with the new one.
4, Install the glass cover.
. Main gas valve is closed. >>> Open gas valve.
e Gas pipe is bent. >>> Install gas pipe properly.
e Burners are dirty. >>> Clean burner components.
e Burners are wet. >>> Dry the burner components.
e Burner cap is not mounted safely. >>> Mount the burner cap properly.
e Gas valve is closed. >>> Open gas valve.
e Gas cylinder is empty (when using LPG). >>> Replace gas cylinder.
Consult the Authorised Service Agent or
echnician with licence or the dealer where
ou have purchased the product if you can
not remedy the trouble although you have
implemented the instructions in this section.
Never attempt to repair a defective product
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WEEE la; 35 20 zul! Ida 38 5%:
Jas: (EU/19/2012) ¿23933 1350
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el idad E a MS Cha
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38 (63) AY! asa GIA y ¿Sal
at 1 ya A a . a Y
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Gala zall 1391 UY ce Jalil oy
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day es yaa 13) Le als) ¿ya SEN
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¿e SU ea Sill A € y AN Je
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сауна 43 y de ¡La Y
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of Ura (1S 12) Sead) diy Y
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2 gall aladind 44) a
| 38) gall Jasa
3 gall Js ia < (9
BH 38 gall alain) 48S
All ala yl J gas
5 JE) 55) Jus dis
All ala yl J gas
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lll AS ela y AI
3 gall ная (Ла
Laia y Je alii В
AR | 3
A y Le Lala Sl yg SL A
dala] AI Sila
JUN ue debil sie LOLI
dla y, SI Lei
il io
Sead) al jara ЗАЗ
Salad daly Aad
2338) all Ge ala
assi ¿all Ge ala
delo Cl Дал
dele 5 jai
8 1) Cala gina
dal ataca yal
Jal Gino J gas
ws i
Jal as ds
Jaa sill 5 aS АМ
Dd) DL pas
ala Y!
AN ja Lai
"У Я 03330) 138 891 00
Aaalı 9 Alle 83 gas Aia Ml Alea Ge il Juil Jus ©) JG Beko Cafe ua de NT Sa
Stead! shading JE lia al Tasio) Chlatiuall apes 9 138 axial Judy del e 8 aya Mi de y SUN
aren af Lal aastiuall Ja Abelá as Y gcitall Cubas] 13) Lifted) alain aa ys dial
postal Ja Aba y gl la glaall 5 y yA
JM A 7298 y a gal! de Big a Bane (5 HAT TS gal Luulia (y 8 JJ Sa off SX
Ja pds
AN 5 gal) ala JIM a
Js bars Tila |) Ален СА а
Aaa y
* Cd
An ye dana E gig ya ua y
(Bios Qed ba ua pda
Lalu) dul yá aa y
Arcelik A.S.
Karaagac caddesi No:2-6
34445 Sütlüce/Istanbul/TURKEY
C € Made in TURKEY
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