Electric Snow Thrower
Model No. SJ622E/623E
Form No. SJ622E/623E-880E
A Division of Snow Joe, LLC
is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is
earthed or grounded.
Safety Instructions
c. Do not abuse the cord. Keep cord away from
heat, oil, sharp edges or moving parts. Never carry
the snow thrower by its cord or yank the cord to
disconnect it from the electrical outlet. Damaged or
entangled cords increase the risk of electric shock.
If cord is damaged in any manner while plugged in,
pull plug from wall receptacle.
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Any electrical appliance can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
Some of the safety precautions given in this manual apply
generally to many appliances. Other warnings are specific
to the use of this snow thrower. Keep this manual for future
d. Replace or properly repair damaged cords. If cord
is damaged in any manner while plugged in, pull the
extension cord plug from the wall receptacle.
e. Contact with water while operating the snow
thrower can result in electric shock and serious
bodily injury. Do not use the snow thrower in damp
or wet locations or expose to rain. Do not handle
the plug or the appliance with wet hands or while
standing in water.
General Safety WARNINGS!
You and any other operator of this snow thrower must read,
understand and follow these instructions in their entirety, and
should reread them at the start of each snow season. Failure
to follow these instructions may result in ELECTRIC SHOCK,
FIRE and/or serious PERSONAL INJURY.
f. Extension Cord – WARNING – Only use a UL rated
extension cord for OUTDOOR, all-weather use.
To prevent the extension cord from disconnecting
during operation, See page 7 Figure 12.
Notice the personal safety alert symbol m used in this
manual to draw your attention to a WARNING given along
with the particular operating instruction. This means that
the operation requires special ATTENTION, CAUTION, and
g. Turn off the power switch and disconnect the
power cable before making any adjustments,
inspecting, servicing, changing accessories, or
cleaning the snow thrower as well as any other
conditions in which dangerous factors exist. Any
such operation should be performed after revolving
parts inside the snow thrower stop completely.
Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of
starting the power tool accidentally.
1. Work Area
a. Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered, dark
areas invite accidents.
b. Do not operate snow thrower in an explosive
atmosphere, such as in the presence of flammable
liquids, gases, or dust. Electrical appliances create
sparks that may ignite the dust or fumes.
h. If you find the main power cable or the extension
cable damaged, please pull out the plug from the
socket and disconnect the power immediately.
Repair the cable or replace it if necessary.
c. Keep children, pets, and bystanders away from
work area. Be aware that the normal noise of the
machine when turned on may make it difficult for
you to hear approaching people. Visitors should
wear safety glasses and be kept a safe distance
from work area. Do not let visitors contact snow
thrower or extension cord.
i. When replacing any parts, you must strictly
observe the instructions and procedures
described in this User Manual. Special care
should be paid to any rubber parts, since these
parts may increase the engine load and decrease its
mechanical power if damaged.
2. Electrical Safety
j. Do not move or transport the snow thrower when
the plug is connected to the power socket and
the switch is turned on.
a. Electrical plugs must match the outlet. Never
modify the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter
plugs with grounded appliances. Unmodified plugs
and matching outlets will reduce risk of electric
k. When using the snow thrower, if you notice it is
running in an unstable state or hear abnormal
sounds from the engine, please stop the machine
and disconnect the power immediately and
contact your service center.
b. Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded
surfaces such as upper and lower water pipes,
radiators, ranges, refrigerators, microwave oven, and
outer frame of heating equipment, or in a place that
is locked. Be cautious to avoid electric shock. There
© 2012 by Snow Joe, LLC
All rights reserved. Original instructions.
4. Snow Thrower Use and Care
Know your snow thrower – Familiarize yourself with the
main parts of your snow thrower (Fig. 1).
3. Personal Safety
a. Stay alert – Watch what you are doing and use
common sense when operating the snow thrower.
Do not use the machine when tired, ill, or under the
influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. A moment
of inattention may result in serious personal injury.
b. Wear proper clothing – Wearing rubber boots offers
additional protection from electric shock. Do not
wear loose clothing or jewelry that may become
caught in the machine. Wear protective headgear to
keep hair away from revolving parts of the machine.
Safety glasses offer better protection than everyday
c. Moving parts present risks – Keep your face,
hair, clothing, hands and feet away from moving
parts. All guards and safety attachments must be
installed properly before using the unit. Shut off and
disconnect cord before touching any parts other
than the handles and switch.
d. Surfaces – This snow thrower is intended for use
on paved surfaces. Do not use on gravel, stone, or
other unpaved surfaces unless the snow thrower
is adjusted for such surfaces according to the
instructions given in the operator’s manual.
e. Avoid accidental starting – Make sure the switch
is in the off position before plugging in the unit. Do
not carry the snow thrower with your finger on the
Figure 1-1 (Model SJ622E)
f. Body position – Maintain proper footing and
balance at all times. Place heels firmly on the ground
and tightly grasp the handle bar. Watch for uneven
surfaces and do not overreach. In case you fall or
collide with the snow thrower, inspect the unit for
any damages or cracks. When stepping backwards,
be careful to avoid obstacles beneath your feet or
behind you to avoid falling.
Light Switch
g. If the snow thrower strikes any object, first, stop
snow thrower immediately; then, inspect for
damage. Repair any damage before restarting and
operating the snow thrower.
Figure 1-2 (Model SJ623E with Light)
A - Lower Frame
B - Middle Frame
C - Upper Frame
D - Joint Fixing T-Bolt and Knob
E - Upper Chute Crank
F - Lower Chute Crank
G - Chute Deflector
H - Discharge Chute
I - Main Cover
J - Auger
K - Scraper Bar
L - Rubber Covered Plate
M - Wheels (Back of the
N - Safety Switch Button
O - Polarized Cable Plug
P - Handle Bar
Q - ON/OFF Switch Lever
R - Clean-Out Tool
Note: The only difference of SJ622E and SJ623E is
halogen light system.
h. Hand-held operating position – Operation of the
snow thrower in the hand-held position is unsafe.
Voltage rating
Light (Model SJ623E only)
No-load speed
Weight (SJ622E)
Weight (SJ623E with light)
Working width
Working height
Throwing speed
Throwing distance
i. Abnormal operation – If you notice the snow
thrower running in an unstable state or hear
abnormal sounds from the engine, stop the machine,
disconnect the power immediately, and contact your
original distributor.
120 V, 60 Hz
15 AMP
12V 20W
2450 min¯'
31.8 lbs/14.4 Kg
34 lbs/15.4 Kg
18"/45.7 cm
10"/25.4 cm
720 lbs/min
25 ft/7.5 m
j. Noise control – When using the snow thrower, you
must respect local laws and regulations regarding
noise control and environmental protection. To avoid
noise disturbance, you should carefully decide upon
an appropriate operation time and consider the
surrounding conditions.
a. Read the operator’s manual carefully – Learn
your snow thrower’s applications and limitations as
well as the specific potential hazards related to this
machine. Do not use this machine for any purpose
other than the one for which it was designed.
Otherwise, it may cause mechanical defaults,
serious damage or personal injury.
k. When work is completed – Disconnect the snow
thrower from the power source when not in use,
when changing accessories, and before performing
any maintenance function.
l. Store safely – Store snow thrower indoors in a dry
area between uses. Keep in a locked area, where
children and unauthorized users cannot gain access.
Do not store the machine while it is still connected to
the power source. It may cause damage and injury.
b. Preliminary unit inspection – Thoroughly inspect
the unit before use. Make sure all the parts are
secure and installed correctly. If you notice any
abnormalities, do not use the machine until it has
been properly repaired. Always perform a test run
the first time you use the snow thrower or after
replacing parts to ensure that the unit is functioning
m. Maintain for safety and longevity – Check for
misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage
of parts, and any other conditions that may affect
the unit’s operation. If damaged, repair or replace
the damaged part before use. Use only those
replacement parts made for your model. When
replacing any parts, you must strictly observe
the instructions and procedures described in this
manual. Special care should be paid to any rubber
parts, since these parts may increase the engine
load and decrease its mechanical power if damaged.
c. Preliminary area inspection – Clear the area to be
plowed before each use. Remove all objects such
as rocks, broken glass, nails, wire, or string, which
can be thrown by or become entangled in the snow
thrower. Keep the area of operation clear of all
persons, particularly children and pets.
d. Excessive force – The snow thrower was designed
to respond at a certain rate for various snow
conditions for optimum safety and performance. Do
not force it; keep pressure constant.
e. Malfunctioning switch – Do not use the snow
thrower if the switch does not turn it on and off. Any
electrical appliance that cannot be controlled by the
switch is not safe to use and must be repaired.
f. Hitting an object – If the snow thrower accidentally
strikes an object, first stop the snow thrower and
unplug unit; inspect for damage; repair or replace
any damaged part before restarting and operating
the snow thrower.
g. Discharge chute safety – Never direct the snow
discharge chute at the operator, at bystanders,
at vehicles or at windows. The throwing snow
and foreign objects accidentally picked up by the
snow thrower can cause serious damage and
personal injury. Do not use your hands to unclog the
discharge chute. Stop the motor before removing
Always check that all bolts, nuts, and knobs are
tight before using!
Safety Symbols
The following table describes safety symbols that may appear
on this product. Read, understand, and follow all instructions
on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate.
The rotating part will continuously run
for several seconds after you turn off
the machine.
Double insulation.
Read the instruction manual.
Keep hands and feet away from
the rotating parts.
There is a risk that stones and other
objects could be thrown out by the
appliance. Keep other people and
domestic animals at a safe distance.
Never use your hand to clear a
clogged chute. Use the clean-out
tool to unclog.
Keep foot away from the moving
parts of the snow thrower. The
rotating parts will hurt you.
Keep the supply flexible core away
from the cutting blades.
Keep hands away from the moving
parts of the snow thrower. The rotating parts will hurt you.
Always keep the cable away from
the heat sources, oils or sharp
edges. Remove plug from the mains
right away if cable is damaged or
Disconnect plug before conducting
maintence or when it is damaged or
tangled. Do not use this product in
the rain or leave outdoors while it is
It is obligatory at all times to wear
goggles or a visor to protect the eyes
and face.
It is obligatory to wear safety footwear at all times to provide protection
against objects accidentally falling on
It is obligatory at all times to wear
gloves to protect the hands.
2. Secure the connection of lower frame and middle frame
by fastening the knobs on each side (Fig. 3).
Inspect wiring, which, if damaged during shipping, may
cause serious bodily injury during equipment use. If any
damage is seen or suspected, do not assemble. Instead,
contact Snow Joe Customer Service (1-866-766-9563)
for assistance.
Handle with care during assembly so that electrical
wiring does not become damaged.
Getting Started
1. Remove the snow thrower and all other items from the
Figure 3
2. Determine the left and right hand side of the snow thrower
by standing in the normal operating position.
3. Secure the connection of middle frame and upper frame
by fastening the knobs on each side (Fig. 4).
3. Check all items for shipping damage. If damages are seen
or suspected or if any of the parts are missing, do not
assemble. Instead, promptly inform the dealer where you
bought the snow thrower or contact Snow Joe Customer
Service for assistance.
4. Check to make sure upper chute crank is included.
Upper, Middle, and Lower Frame
1. The machine is packed ready to go. Pull the middle frame
back (Fig. 2). For easy assembly, we packaged the model
with most parts connected. Pull the upper frame up
(Fig. 2).
Figure 4
Discharge Chute Assembly
1. Loosen the knob to lift the chute deflector (Fig. 5).
Figure 5
Figure 2
2. Loosen the screw on the lower chute crank by hand (Fig. 9).
2. Lift the chute deflector and lock securely onto the
discharge chute (Fig. 6).
Figure 6
Figure 9
3. Slide the upper chute crank into the lower chute crank
(Fig. 10).
3. Raise or lower the chute deflector to the desired height of
the snow stream and tighten the knobs (Fig. 7).
Note: Do not over tighten the knobs.
Figure 10
Figure 7
4. Align the screw holes and tighten the screw by hand (Fig. 11).
Chute Crank Assembly
1. Slide the upper chute crank through the rubber ring
located on the middle frame (Fig. 8).
Figure 8
Figure 11
3. Connect the female end of extension cord to the male
plug in the cable/plug (Fig. 13).
Note: Before using this machine, make sure that the power
source you will use complies with the specifications detailed
in this manual. Before inserting the plug into the socket, verify
that the snow thrower’s roll shaft and rubber plates are firmly
secured with screws, and that the rubber plates are facing the
correct direction. Perform a test run to ensure that the rotor
turns freely.
Securing the Extension Cord
1. For safe and efficient use of your snow thrower, use only
a UL-rated extension cord recommended for outdoor use.
Refer to the Extension Cord Chart that follows.
WARNING Figure 13
4. Note that the snow thrower has a polarized male plug,
with one prong in the cable/plug slightly longer and wider
than the other (Fig. 14). The extension cord female end
should be likewise polarized so that the extension cord fits
snugly into the cable/plug.
Electric shock may cause SEVERE INJURY or
DEATH. Heed these warnings:
• Do not allow any part of snow thrower to make
contact with water while powered on. If the appliance
becomes wet while turned off, wipe dry before
• Use only a UL, CSA, ETL-rated extension cord for
outdoor, all-weather use. Do not use an extension
cord over 100 feet (30 meters).
• Do not touch the appliance or its plug with wet hands
or while standing in water. Wearing rubber boots
offers some protection.
Cord Length is:
50 ft. (15m)
100 ft. (30m)
Wire Gauge is:
14 AWG
12 AWG
2. Push the loop of extension cord through the slot from the
opposite side of the restraint hook. Position the loop over
the hook and pull the cable back through the slot (Fig. 12).
Figure 14
Damaged electrical cords present risk of fire,
electrical shock, and serious bodily injury.
Before operating the snow thrower, carefully examine
the electrical cord. If the cord is damaged, do not use
the snow thrower. Replace or repair the damaged cord
immediately. If you need assistance, contact Snow Joe
Customer Service (1-866-SNOW JOE).
Figure 12
4. On SJ623E, the halogen light could be used to lighten the
forward road in the dark by turning on the switch on the
backside of snow thrower (Fig. 17).
Powering On and Off
1. To power on, first press the Safety Switch Button found
along side the switch housing (Fig. 15).
Figure 17
Figure 15
2. While holding the Safety Switch Button in, pull the ON/
OFF Switch Lever toward you. Release the Safety Switch
Button and run the machine (Fig. 16). The machine can
only be started by pressing the Safety Switch Button first,
followed by squeezing the ON/OFF Switch Lever, reverse
operation cannot start the machine.
Note: Only when the snow thrower is running will the light
turn ON. After finishing using your snow thrower, don’t
forget to turn OFF the light switch.
Moving the Machine and Plowing the
Foreign objects, such as rocks, broken glass, nails, wire,
or string, can be picked up and thrown by the snow
thrower, causing serious personal injury.
Remove all foreign objects from the area to be plowed
before operating the snow thrower.
1. Keep the area of operation free of foreign objects that can
become thrown by the rotor blades. Perform a thorough
inspection of the area since some objects may be hidden
from view by surrounding snow. If the snow thrower hits
an obstruction or picks up a foreign object during use,
stop the snow thrower, disconnect the extension cord,
remove the obstruction, and inspect the unit for damage.
Repair or replace any damaged part before restarting and
operating the unit.
Figure 16
3. To power off, release your grip on the ON/OFF Switch
2. Keep children, pets, and bystanders away from the area of
operation. Be aware that the normal noise of the machine
when turned on may make it difficult for you to hear
approaching people.
3. When moving the snow thrower, use the wheels on one
side as the pivot point. Slightly tilt the snow thrower on
this pivot point to move it forward or backward.
4. Start your clearing path near the electrical outlet and work
outward, throwing snow in a back and forth motion. To
clear inthe opposite direction, step over the cord and pivot
the snow thrower on its wheels. Make sure to overlap
clearing paths.
1. The discharge chute can be adjusted 180 degrees by
rotating the chute crank. Rotate the chute control crank
clockwise to move the discharge chute to the left (Fig.18)
and counterclockwise to move the chute to the right
5. Note wind direction. If possible, move in the same
direction as the wind so that the snow is not thrown
against the wind (and thus back into your face and on the
just cleared path).
6. While moving the snow thrower, do not drag the power
cable violently or roughly. The snow thrower should move
within the range that the cable can reach.
7. Do not push the snow thrower with excessive force. You
should push the machine gently and evenly in accordance
with the unit’s throw rate.
8. Do not apply additional man-made load to the engine
since this may cause engine damage.
9. Some parts of the snow thrower may freeze under extreme
temperature conditions. Do not attempt to operate the­
snow thrower with frozen parts. If the parts freeze while
the snow thrower is in use, stop the snow thrower, unplug
the extension cord, and inspect for frozen parts. Free all
parts before restarting or operating the snow thrower.
Never force controls that have frozen.
10. Working on pebbles, gravel, or unpaved surfaces – To
avoid throwing loose surface material along with the snow,
push down on the handle to raise the scraper at the base
of the unit above the pebbles or gravel.
Figure 18
Note: A little Lubricant, such as WD-40 will provide a
smoother operation of the chute (spray at point A and B).
Changing Throw Direction and Throw
Never direct the snow discharge chute at the
operator, at bystanders, at vehicles or at nearby
windows. The discharged snow and foreign objects
accidentally picked up by the snow thrower can
cause serious damage and personal injury.
Always orient the discharge chute in the opposite
direction from where you, bystanders, surrounding
vehicles, or windows are located.
Figure 19
2. The chute deflector on the top of the discharge chute
controls the height of the snow stream. Loosen the knob
to raise or lower the deflector to the desired height of
snow you wish to throw. Tighten the knob to secure the
deflector (Fig. 20).
Lifetime Lubrication (Motor and Auger)
Lubrication is not necessary and may damage the unit. The
snow thrower is lubricated for lifetime use at the factory before
General Maintenance Tips
1. Do not attempt to repair the machine unless you have the
proper tools and instructions for disassembly and repair of
the machine.
2. Check bolts and screws at frequent intervals for proper
tightness to ensure that the equipment is in safe working
Deflector Knob
3. After each snow removal session, run the snow thrower
for a few minutes to prevent the collector/impeller from
freezing. Shut off the motor, wait for all revolving parts to
stop completely, and wipe residual ice and snow off the
unit. Rotate the chute crank several times to remove any
excess snow.
Replacing the Rubber Plates
Figure 20
WARNING Note: When replacing worn rubber plates, pay close attention
to carefully distinguish between the coarse and smooth side of
the plates. Place the coarse side inside and the smooth side
1. Detach the worn rubber plate assembly by removing the 2
sets of nuts and bolts used to secure it (Fig. 21, 22).
Make sure that the chute deflector snaps and locks
completely onto the discharge chute. An opening
between the discharge chute and the chute deflector
may allow foreign objects to be picked up by the
snow thrower and thrown in the direction of the
operator causing serious boldly injury.
• Do not advance the chute deflector too far
forward causing an opening to appear between
the deflector and discharge chute.
• Do not overtighten the knobs on the chute
deflector (Fig. 20).
WARNING Figure 21
Make sure to turn off the switch and disconnect the
extension cord before performing any maintenance
task on your snow thrower.
Clean-Out Tool
The clean-out tool is designed to clear a clogged chute.
WARNING: Never use your hand to clear a clogged
chute. Shut off engine before unclogging or servicing machine.
Use the clean-out tool to unclog.
Figure 22
2. Loosen the middle 2 sets of nuts and bolts to change the
worn rubber plate, assemble and tighten it on reverse step
(Fig. 23).
3. Install the new scraper bar and fasten it securely to the
snow thrower with 2 screws (Fig. 26).
Figure 23
3. Install the new rubber plate assembly by tightening 2 sets
of nuts and bolts on both sides (Fig. 21).
Replacing the Scraper Bar
1. The scraper bar is located at the base of the snow thrower
beneath the rotor housing (Fig. 24).
Figure 26
Replace the Belt and Pulley
Note: Determine the left and right hand side of the snow
thrower by standing behind the unit in the normal operating
1. Remove the screws from the left panel of the snow
thrower (Fig. 27).
Figure 24
2. Detach the worn scraper bar from the snow thrower by
removing 2 screws that hold it in place (Fig. 25).
Figure 27
2. Lift the belt tension and roll the worn belt off the big pulley
from upside (Fig. 28).
Figure 25
Figure 28
Note: To replace the pulley, remove the outer nut, the left
handed nut in the opposite direction (clockwise to loosen
and counterclockwise to tighen) (Fig.28).
1. Allow the engine to cool and clean the snow thrower
before storing or transporting. Be sure to secure the unit
while transporting.
3. Lift the belt tension and assemble the new belt by rolling it
into the big pulley from upside (Fig. 29).
2. Disconnect the extension cord from the snow thrower.
Inspect the extension cord closely for signs of wear or
damage. Replace it if it is worn or damaged.
3. Inspect the snow thrower carefully for worn, loose, or
damaged parts. Check connections and screws and
tighten if necessary. For repairing or replacing parts,
contact your Snow Joe dealer or Snow Joe Customer
Service at 1-866-766-9563.
4. Store the unit, along with the disconnected extension
cord, in a locked, dry place out of the reach of children to
prevent unauthorized use or damage. Cover loosely with a
tarp for added protection.
Service and Support
Figure 29
Note: Heavy wet snow puts a load on belts and have to
be replaced more often.
If your Snow Joe SJ622E/SJ623E Ultra Electric Snow Thrower
requires service or maintenance, please call 1-866-766-9563
for assistance.
Replace Skid Shoes
Model and Serial Numbers
The skid shoes are located at the bottom of side panel.
Remove the 2 screws on side panel and pick up the worn skid
shoes to change (Fig. 30).
When contacting the company, reordering parts, or arranging
service from an authorized dealer, you will need to provide the
model and serial numbers, which can be found on the decal
on the main cover of the unit to the left of the discharge chute.
Copy these numbers into the space provided below.
Record the following numbers from the housing or handle of your
new product:
Model #:
S J 6 2
Serial #:
Figure 30
Automatic Reset
The Snow Joe SJ622E/SJ623E has a built in automatic reset
function. In the event of a major obstruction halting the auger,
simply unplug your unit, clear auger obstruction, wait 60
seconds and resume use.
A Two-Year Full Warranty
for residential use
in the United States and Canada
General Conditions:
Snow Joe, LLC warrants this product to the original purchaser for two years against defects in material or workmanship when used for
normal residential purposes. Snow Joe, LLC will repair any defect in material or workmanship, and repair or replace any defective part,
subject to the conditions, limitations, and exclusions set forth herein. Such repair or parts replacement will be free from charge to the
original purchaser except noted below.
The duration of the warranty applies only if the product is put to personal use around the household or residence. If the product is put
to any business use, commercial or industrial, then the duration of this warranty is 90 days from the date of original purchase. If any
product is rented or leased, the duration of the warranty is 90 days from the date of original purchase.
It is the owner’s responsibility to perform correctly all maintenance, and minor adjustments explained in the owner’s manual.
Electric Products:
To obtain a replacement electric powered unit or repair the existing electric powered unit, you must return the complete unit and
postage prepaid to: Snow Joe Return Center, 86 Executive Avenue, Edison, NJ 08817.
Gasoline / Battery Products:
• Batteries are warranted only for the period of 12 months after the date of purchase on a prorated basis. Rechargeable batteries
will be replaced free from charge during the first 90 days. After the initial 90 days, batteries will be replaced at prorated cost to
the customer
• Idlers, cables, and electrical components are warranted to the original purchaser for use at household or residence for a period
of two years
• Snow Joe brand engines are covered under this warranty. All other engines and engine accessories are covered only by the
engine manufacturer’s warranty and are not covered by this warranty
• Parts used that are not genuine Snow Joe parts are not covered by this warranty
• Damages resulting from misuse, alteration, improper assembly, improper adjustment, neglect, or accident which requires repair
is not covered under this warranty
• Belts, augers, and tines are not covered under warranty – belts, augers, and tines wear out and can be purchased at
www.snowjoe.com or by calling 1-866-766-9563
Snow Joe, LLC may from time to time change the design of its products. Nothing contained in this warranty shall be construed as
obligating Snow Joe, LLC to incorporate such design changes into previously manufactured products, nor shall such changes be
construed as an admission that previous designs were defective.
This warranty is intended to cover product defects only. Snow Joe, LLC is not liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages
in connection with the use of the Snow Joe Products covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any cost or expense
incurred by the purchaser in providing substitute equipment or service during reasonable periods of malfunction or non-use of this
product, while waiting for completion of repairs under this warranty. Some states do not allow exclusions of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above exclusions may not apply in all states. This warranty may gives you specific legal rights in your state.
If you wish to contact Snow Joe, please direct inquiries to the:
Customer Service Department
Snow Joe Center
86 Executive Avenue
Edison, NJ 08817
Customers who have purchased Snow Joe products exported from the United States and Canada should contact their Snow Joe
Distributor (Dealer) to obtain information applicable for your country, province, or state. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the
distributor’s service, or if you have difficulty obtaining warranty information, contact your Snow Joe seller. If in the event your efforts
are unsatisfactory, please write to the Snow Joe Center at the above address.
If you have any questions about your product warranty, please call 1-866-SNOW-JOE or visit us online at www.snowjoe.com.
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