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by iABC Mobile Solutions Inc.
User Manual for iABC pro v1.0[beta] for Blackberry 5.0.0
User Manual Version 1.0
Login Screen
Click on Sign Up
below to register
with iABC pro.
Click Sign On to
sign in to iABC pro
Sign up to create
an account on
iABC pro.
Check this box to let
iABC pro remember
your login next time you
start the application.
When you start your iABC
application for the first
time, run Test Connection
by clicking on it.
Test Connection checks to
make sure iABC pro can
connect to the internet
through your mobile service
Test Connection Screen
When you click on Test Connection. Wait a
few moments, and the test must show
Connection Successful!, under the name of
your mobile carrier. If you have any issues
connecting to the internet, send iABC pro
an email at with the
name of your mobile carrier.
If you are connected through WiFi, you
don’t need to run Test Connection as long
as you are in the WiFi area. However, to
use iABCpro through your mobile service
provider (mobile data plan provider), you
must run Test Connection.
Home Screen
Press the
button to load the menu.
The first time iABC pro is installed and
loaded, use sync contacts from the
Home Screen menu to sync all your
local Blackberry Contacts with the iABC
iABC automatically syncs and updates
future contacts as they are added and
edited when iABC pro is installed and
Home Screen
Date, Time and Weather.
Tabs on the top of the
screen are used to
navigate to other
screens and options
available on the iABC
pro application.
Task importance
indicator, Red - High,
Orange - Medium,
Blue - Low.
Receive live notification
from iABCpro.
Up coming “ToDo/Task”.
ToDos are set from the
Clendar Screen.
Notes entered in the
Blackberry Task Screen
are displayed here.
Blackberry Edit Task Screen
Blackberry native Task
Screen used to edit a
ToDo / Task item. These
items appear on the
Home Screen under the
Upcoming section.
Calendar Screen
View Blackberry Calendar.
Create a new
Calendar Event.
Create a Task / To Do item.
To Do items appear on the
Home Screen under the
Upcoming section.
Calendar event
title / summary.
Event time.
Event location.
.Event notes.
Edit Appointment Screen
Blackberry Calendar Event
Screen. This screen is used
to edit / create a new
Notes, time, and location
entered here is displayed
in the Calendar Screen.
This screen is launched by
clicking on a Calendar
Event, from the Calendar
Create Appointment / Event Screen
Blackberry native Calendar
Event Screen. This screen is
used to create a new event.
Notes, time, and location
entered here is displayed in
the Calendar Screen.
You can launch this screen
by clicking +New Event in
the Calendar Screen.
Native Calendar Screen
Blackberry native full
Calendar Screen.
New Task / ToDo
Blackberry native Task
Screen. This screen is
used to create a new
Details and notes
entered here is
displayed in the Home
Contact Screen
Load the Blackberry
native inbox folder for
messages and emails.
Add a new Blackberry
Contact. Contacts are
automatically synced on the
server once added.
As you use iABC pro, it
starts listing contacts by
frequency of use and
date added.
Click here, to load the
Blackberry native Contact
List Screen.
The contact list, includes
contact name,
organization, phone
number, and email.
Contact Options Screen
Search Bar, search
for contacts using,
name, last name,
Click to run search.
Click on a contact, to
load Contact Options,
here you can call,
email, sms, or
contact’s details.
Blackberry New Contact Screen
Blackberry native New
Contact Screen. You
can run this from
iABC’s Contact Screen.
Blackberry Inbox Screen
Blackberry Native Inbox
folder for messages and
Leads Screen
Search Leads, allows you to
search leads by name, last
name, and organization
Lead state is shown here.
Red=Hot, Orange=
Warm, Blue = Cold
Tab button allows you to Add
New Lead, by choosing a
contact from the Blackberry
Contact List.
Leads name and type (eg.
buyer, seller) is shown
Blackberry Contact List Screen
Blackberry Native Contact
List, is loaded to select a
contact to be added as a
This is loaded by clicking
+Add Lead in the Leads
Add Lead Screen
Select Lead State. Hot, Warm, Cold.
Lead type, Buyer / Seller.
Click save to add lead.
Lead Options Screen
Click on the lead to load the Lead
Options Dialog.
Contact Lead, loads the contacting
options screen to call, email or sms
a lead.
Real Estate, loads the Real
Estate Screen where you can
add an new property and
lists all the properties
associated with the lead.
Click on Add as Client to
convert a lead to a client.
Click Notes, to add notes
about the lead. The notes is
added to the corresponding
Blackberry Contact.
Real Estate Screen
The Real Estate Screen allows you to
add a property information for a
lead using the +Add Property tab
The properties added for a
particular lead are listed here, in
the Real Estate Screen.
Add Real Estate Screen
The Add Property Screen allows you
to add property details in the form
show here for a given client or client.
Click save to add the new property.
Real Estate Screen
Property type and
description is
listed in the Real
Estate Screen.
Shown here, the price
of the property.
Add Notes Screen
Contact notes can be added
from the Contact List, Leads
Screen or Clients Screen.
Saving the notes, stores
the notes as part of the
Blackberry contact.
Add Lead as Client Screen
Estimated value of property.
Expected Commission
Client state, Hot, Warm, Cold
Client Created Screen
Lead is now successfully
converted to Client.
Client Screen
View Sales Stats and
Client state, hot,
warm, cold
Click to set Sales Targets
Client notes.
Client type.
Client Options Screen
Click on a Client to show the
client options dialogue. Here,
in addition to other options,
you can close a sale by
clicking on Close.
Set Sales Targets Screen
Enter yearly earning targets. This
value is used to show your progress in
the Sales Stats Screen.
Enter average expected
commission rate.
Sales Stats Screen
Target Sales shows the total
volume of sales required to
meet earning targets.
Projected Sales shows the projected
volume and earnings of open sales +
volume of closed sales.
Actual Sales shows the total
volume and earnings from
closed sales.
Tools Screen
The Tools Screen
includes various tools
such as calculators,
legal clauses, terms
definitions and daily
mortgage rates.
Daily Mortgage Rates Screen
Mortgage rates are
updated daily to
reflect the Monster
Mortgage variable
and fixed rates.
Mortgage Calculator Screen
Loan amount
Interest rate
Amortization period
Mortgage payment
frequency, monthly
and bi-monthly.
Estimated monthly
payment and interest
accumulated over 25
Real Estate Terms Screen
Sort Real Estate
Terms alphabetically.
Sort by popularity.
Ranks popular terms
amongst other iABC
users and displays
them in highest first.
Legal Clauses Screen
Type query term
contained in the Legal
Clauses here.
Click here to Search
for a query term
contained in the Legal
Contact Lawyer Dialog
Contact Lawyer, dialogue box,
to call, email or sms Parnes
Rothman Real Estate Lawyers.
Legal Fees Calculator Screen
Price of property in $
Legal service, purchasing /
Total Legal Fees + HST
Land Transfer Tax Calculator Screen
Price of property in $
Location of property
Is your client a first-time
buyer? This is used to
calculate tax rebates in
Toronto and Ontario
The Land Transfer Tax
amount for Toronto and
Ontario. If first time buyer,
the resulting amount is
after applicable rebate.
Leave Feedback Screen
Thank you for using iABC pro!
Please leave your feedback under Tools -> Feedback
as shown on the right.
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