User Manual
A. Introduction
The portable, high-efficiency speaker (Horn Cube) is a range of horn speakers that offers
an improved sound quality in music play than other portable micro speakers currently
available. Designed using principles of physics, the product have been patented in
several countries. This product has the characteristics of small size, light weight,
portability, high efficiency and power saving. Not only the listeners able to enjoy the
beautiful pieces of their choice, they will also benefit from the high-quality and
high-definition sound played through the speakers.
B. Product Package Content
1. Two speaker cabinets, one left and one right.
2. AC adapter
3. PC USB power cable
4. USB extension
5. Left-channel and right-channel speaker cable
6. Audio input cable
7. User manual
C. Product Specification:
1. Dimension:7 × 7 × 7 cm
2. Weight:480 g / set
3. Power Supply:
a. AC adapter: AC to USB power output:
Input: 110V~240V-50/60Hz;Output: DC 5V 1A
b. Computer connection for USB power supply
c. 1.5V AA Battery × 2 or 1.2V AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery × 2.
4. Frequency Response:100Hz~20KHz
5. Average Power Consumption:2.5 W
6. Maximum Instantaneous Power:5 W
7. 2.5W output power can exceed 10W of efficacy
D. Product Features
1. The product is the only mini horn speakers in today's market that come with full
features of horn speakers, providing music lovers with better music aesthetics and
quality while listening to the music.
2. Compact size and lightweight product, using battery for power supply to connect
with multiple multimedia playback audio-device output for portability, anytime,
anywhere and casualty in a music feast of immediate enjoyment in high quality
and detailed playback effect.
3. Only two of 1.5V AA batteries are required. A green and energy saving product that
is compatible with rechargeable batteries and built-in sleep devices. A set of fully
charged batteries can last up to use for 6~8 hours. (Subject to variation of different
brand of rechargeable batteries.)
4. The production and package design of the product take into account the appeal for
environmental friendliness and carbon reduction.
5. The 2.5 Watt output power of the product can actually generate maximum efficacy
of 15 Watt output power. Stacking or paralleling this product can reach efficacy of
30 Watt or more.
6. Patented design with simple operation. The user will not longer need to adjust the
range of left and right channels to enjoy the full-range sound effects. Moreover
the product comes with shuttle-type volume adjustment and power switch for
smooth operation, as well as adjustable speaker socket for easy operations.
7. No special interior decoration is required to enjoy the superior sound effect. The
display does not take up space and matches any style of interior decoration with
its minimalist and fashionable design.
8. The product offers an economic price for beginners in music and the preferred
portable speakers that allow listeners to enjoy the music anywhere and anytime. It
is the initial purpose for the researcher of this product to allow music lovers enjoy
better listening effect.
E. How to operate the product
1. Connect to audio output on a multi-media player
Connect the two-channel audio input jack to the audio output on a multi-media
player such as earphone output and line out sockets on a PC, earphone output socket
on a MP3 player, audio output socket on a game console…
2. Connect left-channel and right-channel speaker
Connect the left-channel and right-channel speaker using the 3.5mm cable provided.
3. Power supply
a. Use the mini-USB/USB converter provided to connect to an USB port on a PC/NB
or the AC adapter provided for power.
b. 1.2V AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery × 2: When power source is switched to PC
USB power cable or AC power supply, it will automatically go into the charging
mode to charge up the internal chargeable batteries. This will not affect the
normal operation of the speakers.
c. 1.5V AA Battery × 2: When on non-chargeable battery power, please remove the
USB power cable.
4. Power switch and volume control
a. The LED light on top of the left-channel speaker is the LED –Battery Charging
b. Power is off when power symbol on the switch at the back of the speaker is in the
center. To turn on the power, turn the switch in a clockwise direction until a click
sound is heard; continue the clockwise turn to adjust the volume; to turn off the
power, turn the switch in an anti-clockwise direction all the way after the click
5. When using batteries, please insert them correctly according to positive and negative
labels on the cover underneath the speakers.
a. Use two non-chargeable or chargeable AA batteries (No. 3)
b. Turn the left-channel speaker upside down and lift the speak stand. Slide the
battery cover open, insert batteries according to the positive and negative labels
on the battery cover, and close it (close as tightly as possible so not to affect
sound quality of the left-channel speaker).
6. Charging LED indicator
As external USB cable is connected, power supply is switched to external and the
product activates its charging circuit and LED indicator; if chargeable batteries are
fitted, LED indicator will flicker until the batteries are fully charged, at which point
flickering stops and LED indicator stays on.
7. Notes
a. When using batteries, please ensure they are correctly inserted according to
positive and negative.
b. When charging with an external power source, please ensure only chargeable
batteries are used. Please remove external power when non-chargeable batteries
are used.
c. Please remove batteries when not in use to prevent battery charge loss or damage
to the product due to battery fluid leakage.
d. When on battery power, the product will shut itself down and enter the sleep
mode when the input sound volume and power is too low or there is no input
signal. Please turn up the volume of the player (near maximum) to reactive the
product from sleep mode back to normal mode. (While the Player works normally,
it can switch to Sleep Mode by pressing “Pause” button for more than 50 seconds
and return to Play Mode by pressing “Play” button.)
e. Please avoid humid environment and places where damp is likely to occur.
F. Other instructions :
The product is Patent and Trademark registered in countries such as USA, Japan,
German, Taiwan, etc, by our company. All rights of this product are owns by our
company. Our company will take all the legal actions to against the
people/manufactures copy our products without license approval from us previously.
G. Notes: Parallel mode of multiple sets
1. Multiple sets of this product can be paralleled. As stacking or paralleling two sets can
reach efficacy of 30W or more , meet the effect in the field of broadcasting.
2. Paralleling this product needs stereo cables, Specifications /3.5mm stereo
3.5mm stereo jack × 2 (parallel of 2 sets )
H. Warranty Service
2. This product carries a one-year warranty. Kindly produce either the purchase invoice
or receipt, together with the last page of the User Manual stamped by the distributor
from which the product was purchased, when requesting warranty service.
3. The product warranty is void in cases where serial number label on the product is
damaged or the product has been repaired or modified by a non-authorized repair
4. The product warranty does not cover the following areas:
Damages to the exterior of the product caused by inappropriate human handling.
Damages to the product caused by inappropriate use, storage, vandalism, and
poor, faulty, and unsuitable peripherals.
Damaged caused by a distributor during transportation.
Damages caused by power cables used that are not provided with the product or
differ in specification to the ones provided with the product.
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