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Micca MB42X 4-Inch 2-Way Loudspeaker
Thank you for purchasing the Micca MB42X
Bookshelf Speaker! This product has been
designed for optimal audio reproduction
performance in a variety of home
entertainment configurations, with accuracy,
clarity, and impact that discerning
audiophiles listen for.
Please take the time to become familiar with
the MB42X and the placement options as
detailed in this manual.
General Recommendations
Height - For stereo listening from a fixed
listening area, the MB42X should ideally be
placed at the ear-level of the listener, with the
listener comfortably situated in the listening
Separation - The distance between a pair of
MB42X speakers should be shorter than the
distance from the speakers to the listener. Tilt
the two speakers inward toward the listener
slightly for best results.
Orientation - The speakers provide the best
results in its normal vertical orientation. When
the speakers are placed much higher or much
lower than the recommended ear-level height,
the speakers can be placed on its side to
provide better off-axis performance in these less
than optimal placements.
Usage-Specific Recommendations
Bookshelf Speakers
When placed on bookshelves, it is important to
keep both speakers at the same height. Avoid
placing the speakers at different heights as this
will degrade the sound. Speaker height should
be selected so that it is as close to ear level as
possible while considering whether listeners will
be seated or standing in the listening area.
Stereo Speaker on Stands
When used with speaker stands, it is important
to select speaker stands that place the speakers
to the ear level of the listener. Do this by
measuring the height of the listener’s ear when
seated in the listening area, and subtracting 6
inches. For example, if the listener’s ear is
measured at 36 inches from the floor when
seated, select speaker stands that are
approximately 30 inches high.
Desktop Near-field Monitor
The MB42X can be used as desktop/near-field
monitor speakers, such as when placed to the
either side of a display or mixing console. If the
MB42X cannot be located near ear level,
Monitor isolation wedges like the Auralex
MoPAD, as well as inexpensive alternatives, can
be used to slightly tilt back the speakers, and to
decouple the speakers from the desk surface.
Be aware that the MB42X is not shielded and
thus should not be placed in proximity to CRT
displays or other magnetic-sensitive equipment.
Speaker Wire
The MB42X should be connected to the
amplifier with good quality oxygen-free copper
speaker wire for best performance.
The gauge or thickness of the speaker wire can
affect the performance of the MB42X. Always
choose a speaker wire of the appropriate gauge
to prevent excessive speaker wire resistance.
Using undersized speaker wire can result in lose
of volume, detail, and dynamic range. Please
select speaker wire for the MB42X based on the
following minimum recommendations:
50' or less - 16 Gauge 2 Conductor
50' - 80' - 14 Gauge 2 Conductor
80'-120' - 12 Gauge 2 Conductor
120'-200' - 10 Gauge 2 Conductor
Amplifier Connection
Amplifier speaker output terminals are typically
color coded with black for negative (-) and red
for positive (+). Similarly, the MB42X has
speaker wire terminals with a black and red
color coding. When connecting speaker wire,
ensure that the positive terminal on the amplifier
is connected to the positive terminal on the
MB42X. And similarly, the negative terminal on
the amplifier should be connected to the
negative terminal on the MB42X.
Speaker wires typically use at least one of
several possible methods to help maintain
correct polarity, including color coded insulation
or conductor strands, or printing of text and
symbols along one side of the wire insulation.
Amplifier Considerations
The MB42X’s impedance varies between 4 to 8
Ohms. Care must be taken to ensure that the
amplifier is capable of handling a 4-Ohm load.
Some amplifiers have a switch that must be set
to select a 4-Ohm compatible operation mode.
Improper amplifier selection or setup may result
in permanent damage to the amplifier or speaker.
The MB42X can be used with amplifiers
between 15 to 100 watts per channel as long as
reasonable care is exercised. If there is audible
distortion, turn down the volume until the
distortion goes away. Never allow the speaker
and amplifier to play for more than a few
seconds when there is audible distortion.
Removing the Grill
The MB42X has a removable grill that is held in
place by four high strength magnets. To remove
the grill, carefully pry the grill off from edge until
the magnets are fully disengaged. To avoid
damaging the speaker drivers, do not touch
them either with or without the grill in place.
The MB42X can be used without the grills
installed as long as care is taken to prevent the
drivers from damage such as by hard/sharp
objects, liquids, pets, or hands. Store the grills in
a safe dry place when not in use.
MB42X Specifications
Woofer: 4” Carbon Fiber Cone with Rubber Surround
Tweeter: 0.75” Silk Dome
Crossover: 12dB/Octave
Enclosure: Ported Cabinet
Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz (Typical In-Room)
Impedance: 4-8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 85dB 1W/1M
Power Handling: 75 Watts (Each)
Dimensions: 9.5” (H) x 5.8” (W) x 6.5” (D)
Information in this manual is believed to be accurate and reliable but Micca Ltd assumes no responsibility for its use nor for any
infringement of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from the use of this manual or the product. Micca
reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without notice.
Micca, MB42X, and the Micca logo are trademarks of Micca Ltd. Other trademarks referenced in this manual are the properties
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