User Manual

User Manual
Clamshell Battery Holder For AA Alkaline Cells
To Open / Close The Clamshell
To open, place clamshell in the palm of your right hand with Power
Products label facing you. (If clamshell is attached to the radio, front of the
radio will be facing you.) Firmly grasp sides of orange housing at the top
with your thumb and forefinger.
While holding the clamshell with your right hand, push the black oval on the
bottom of the clamshell with the thumb on your left hand.
By applying pressure to the black oval, the black inner section of the
clamshell will slide up and off of the orange section.
To close the clamshell, slide the black section down into the orange
section. Be certain to align the catch points on the sides of the orange
section with the grooves on the sides of the black section. A clicking sound
confirms the two sections are properly connected.
Installing Batteries
To install batteries, separate the black section of the clamshell from the orange section.
The black section of the clamshell holds 12 AA alkaline batteries. Eleven batteries are
installed on the side opposite the Power Products label and one battery is installed on the
same side as the Power Products label.
Install each battery so that the positive and negative terminals match the positive (+) and
negative (-) markings on the housing.
It is possible to use the clamshell with only six AA alkaline batteries. The six batteries must
be installed in positions (starting from the top) 1-3-5-7-9-11 or in positions 2-4-6-8-10-12.
Position 12 is the single location on the label side of the black section.
Installing Clamshell On Radio
Separate the black section of the clamshell from the orange section.
Attach the top of black section to the radio at top of opening for battery. Snap the bottom of
black section onto the radio.
Connect orange section of the clamshell to the black section as described above.
Do not use lithium ion batteries with this clamshell.
Batteries inside clamshell can explode if exposed to high temperature. Do not incinerate or
expose battery cells to moisture.
Do not allow metal objects to come in contact with or short circuit terminals on this battery
Recycle or properly dispose of any batteries used with this holder.
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