User Manual - Mars Gaming

Mars Gaming MM5 software installation and manual
Please connect your MARS GAMING MM5 mouse to the PC before the
software installation.
1. Please click the setup.exe to start the software installation.
2. Click Next and follow the steps.
3. Click Finish
There are three main sections in this mouse control software which are
GENERAL, DPI, and LIGHT settings. In the lower part of the software interface,
you can create your own profile preferences and save into one of the five
profile slots.
OK: Save setting and close dialog box.
Cancel: Exit the dialog box without saving.
Apply: Make changes to take effect but not close the dialog box.
User can assign each of the 13 keys in this mouse with a specific function by
selecting from a pull down menu. The functions are:
Click: Executing mouse click function
Right Click: Executing the right mouse click function
Middle Button: Executing general rolling function & click of mouse.
Forward: Executing the function of Forward action.
Backward: Executing the function of Backward action.
Single Key: Assigning a single key from keyboard to a mouse key.
Combo key: Assigning a combination of keys from keyboard to a single
mouse key
Basic: Select and assign a Windows action to a key
Advanced: Select and assign a Windows action to a key
Media: Select and assign a media function to a key
Macro: Select and assign a recorded Macro to a key
Fire Key...: Sets number of fire in one mouse click and the delay time between
each click
DPI switch: Executing dpi selection
DPI +: Executing dpi up function
DPI -: Executing dpi down function
Profile switch: Switch between saved profiles
Disable: Disable a key.
Adjust the pointer acceleration speed
Adjust the pointer speed
Adjust the wheel rolling speed
User can define the speed needed between the two clicks to perform a
double-click action.
Setting the report rate of a mouse
2. Click NEW
3. Type in a new Macro name and press Enter
4. Click ● to start recording and type in a combination of keys of your
You have the options to:
* Record delays between each action
* Insert default delay
* You can also set the number of Loop Times
5. Click ■ to stop recording.
6. Click OK
* Adjust DPI
* Enabling and disabling any of the five DPI settings
* Selecting a default DPI setting
Remember to click APPLY or OK in order for the setting to take effect.
LIGHT COLOR: Select from a broad range of set colors
CUSTOME LIGHT COLOR: Customize your own color
BRIGHTNESS LEVEL: Set the intensity of the LED light
BREATHING SPEED: Set the light pulsation speed
Remember to click APPLY or OK in order for the setting to take effect.
Profile selector
Press to fast select one of the five saved profile (without opening the software).
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