There has never been a high-speed
low-temperature sterilization system
that was easier to deploy.
is the new benchmark.
See what Canon Lifecare Solutions Inc's
hydrogen peroxide gas sterilizer is capable of.
Thanks to reliable and trusted technologies
we have developed over the years, we have
been able to take all the prerequisite
conditions of sterilizers-performance,
operability, and safety to a much higher level.
We were also able to make unprecedented
advances in cost performance.
ES-700 brings high-speed low-temperature
sterilization much closer to our customers.
This is the dawn of a new era of sterilization.
Royal Blue
What is hydrogen peroxide gas sterilization?
This is a new system whereby sterilization is achieved by injecting gasified
hydrogen peroxide into an evacuated sterilization chamber (no higher
than 50Pa). This method enables the sterilization of inner cavities, and
does not require special facilities such as plasma generators.
Hydrogen peroxide chemically decomposes into water and oxygen, which
means the unit needs no ducts and is environmentally friendly. With the
ability to safely and consistently achieve sterilization in a short amount of
time (60 minutes), this is a sterilization process for a new era.
Excellent Sterilization Performance
Canon Lifecare Solutions Inc's
proprietary gasification technology
delivers excellent sterilization performance.
We have succeeded in achieving molecular-level gasification using our
proprietary gasification technology. In addition, ES-700 employs a
high-performance dry vacuum pump to achieve a high level of vacuum.
The unit's thorough sterilization is achieved through a "4-pulse" process in
which hydrogen peroxide gas is injected 4 times. This allows the unit to
thoroughly sterilize inner cavity structures, complex shapes, and wrapping
material that have traditionally been difficult to sterilize.
Standard and Soft Modes
The unit is designed to run on either standard or soft mode. Users can
choose the most effective sterilization process to take into account the
effects, if any, that hydrogen peroxide may have on their equipment and
depending on the shape of items to be sterilized.
* Make sure to choose the appropriate mode based on instructions provided by the
manufacturer of the item to be sterilized. Use standard mode unless specified otherwise.
dry vacuum pump
Proprietary gasification technology and 4-pulse process
(Hydrogen peroxide gas is gasified to the molecular level
and injected 4 times)
Excellent Operability
Rectangular chamber is
space-efficient and easy to use.
A rectangular chamber was employed to make the most
efficient use of space, with enough capacity to take a
full-sized container (76 liters). It also comes standard with
3 racks that are easy to access, allowing users to make
the most effective use of space when sterilizing a large
number of items.
All racks slide out for easy access to items placed
towards the back. Racks can also be removed to
accommodate items of various heights.
Its capacity rivals that of 100L and larger
cylindrical chambers.
Single-Rack Configuration
Triple-Rack Configuration
Easily accommodates a full-sized container.
Sliding racks are height-adjustable. All racks slide out to allow easy
access to items placed towards the back.
* It can also be used in a two-rack configuration.
Automatic Door with Footswitch
The door swings down automatically by either operating the touch panel
or footswitch. Additionally, not only are there fewer protrusions on the
front, the door open/close movement is confined within a symmetrical
space, which makes it a great choice for the often-limited spaces.
ES-700 comes with a footswitch so user's can open and close the door without
touching the panel. This is not only hygienic but also convenient when both hands
are occupied.
The door automatically swings down.
Full English, Chinese, Japanese
LCD Display
Touch panel operations are available at a touch of your
finger. The LCD display uses large text for good visibility. A
red screen and sound alerts the user should any error occur.
Displays Remaining Processing Time
During the sterilization
process, the display shows
the remaining time in large
format, which helps to
improve work efficiency.
* Sterilization may take longer
depending on the type of
material or dryness of items to
be sterilized.
* The remaining process time on
the display is based on the
process end time, which is
calculated based on the
conditions of the initial
depressurizing (conditioning).
LED lighting and view port
makes it easy to check the interior.
The interior of the sterilization chamber is lit with white LED
lamps, which allows users to check at a glance how the items
are laid out and to check for any items that may have been
left behind. ES-700 also features a view port for checking the
sterilization status while the door is shut.
Look into the view port to check the
interior during sterilization.
LED lighting makes it easy to check the interior.
The screen turns red to alert the
user to any errors.
Eco-mode switch
Comes with an e-mail function.
This switch is used to reduce
standby power consumption. When
you press this switch, the screen
and chamber lights turn off to
reduce power consumption. ES-700
also comes with an auto function
that allows you to set eco-mode at
your discretion, and hence improve
the efficiency of your sterilization
operations by reducing waste.
Users can also set the standby
temperature inside the chamber to
their desired value.
The unit will notify you by e-mail
when sterilization is complete or
if an error occurs.
ES-700 registers up to 5 e-mail
addresses, and the information
to be sent to each recipient can
be configured individually.
* Requires a LAN connection.
Improved safety
ALV (Alternating Ventilation) system
Since the hydrogen peroxide gas that is supplied to the
chamber has been gasified to the molecular level-much
smaller than particles-using ELK's proprietary gasification
technology, there is no concern for residual liquids. In
addition, in the final process during sterilization, the unit
performs Alternating Ventilation (AV), where
depressurization and pressurization are repeated. This
process reduces the amount of residual hydrogen peroxide
in wrapping material and containers.
Long mode
Ventilation (depressurization and introduction of atmosphere)
is performed 5 times in the ventilation process to ensure
thorough ventilation. Users can add 5 more ventilation cycles
to ensure an even safer working environment.
* Wear gloves when handling the cartridge.
(Alternates between depressurizing
and pressurizing to reduce residual levels)
The sterilization cartridge is made of a dual-wall
construction that holds up well against impact. The user will
be automatically notified of its usage count and expiration.
Includes a process printer
and SD card as standard
The printer automatically prints out a
process record for each cycle. This data is
also stored on an SD card.
Data on the SD card can be easily viewed
on your spreadsheet program. It offers
users a way to make long-term backups for
greater peace of mind.
History Table
Sterilization Cartridges
(3 times usage)
(5 times usage)
(10 times usage)
Three choices of color
The cartridge's container consists of a
sturdy dual-wall construction. It is also
designed with accidental leaks in mind.
Three unit color choices are available: Royal Blue, Sicilian Orange, and Premium
Black. Choose a color that most suits the color theme of your clinic or hospital.
Primary specifications
Outer dimensions (mm)
Power supply
/ power consumption
3-phase 208VAC/380VAC/400VAC/415VAC at 50/60Hz
/ 2kW
Automatic swing-down door
Hydrogen peroxide supply
Sterilization temperature
Process time (cycle)
Approx. 60 minutes
Thermal printer (included as standard)
SD card for data storage (included as standard)
Medical device
Approval number*
Status display (LCD)
Controlled medical device (ClassⅡ),
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
Generic name
Sales name
High-Speed Low-Temperature Sterilization System ES-700
Made in Japan
* Japan Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
Please note that the product shown is subject to modifications or changes to its specifications without notice. Please also note that product colors shown may vary slightly from actual
product colors due to irregularities in the printing process.
Read the "User's Manual" well before using unit, and use the unit properly.
Do not place flammable items such as alcohol, gasoline, and gas in the sterilizer as these may explode.
Always connect the unit to a dedicated 3-phase power supply with at least 200VAC at 20A. Make sure that its ground is connected to a line that
has been installed according to type D (type 3) ground line specifications.
The sterilizer is categorized as a small pressure vessel for the purpose of the Industrial Safety and Health Law. Therefore, make sure to carry out
self-initiated inspections on a regular basis.
Make sure to manage sterilization outcomes. Use the chemical indicator on a daily basis, and the biological indicator on a periodic basis.
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