Project Scope – Matt

Project Scope Template
Project Name: CMS Sensor Notification System
Project Team: HMVC Consultants – Matthew Phillips
1. Project Purpose Statement:
Describe the reason for the project. Please limit to two paragraphs.
A separate Business Case document is created which fully documents the project feasibility study,
explains reasoning and justification for the project in terms of the evaluation methods utilised and
the business benefits. Reference to this document should be entered here.
The goal of this project is to create a system that is able to take a temperature and
location reading from sensors fixed in Condobolin Milk Supply’s refrigerated transport
trucks every 15 minutes. This will then relay it back to a central database hosted offsite.
Condobolin Milk Supply’s management will be able to access this database via a
webpage that will display the temperature and location of each asset in real-time
temperature and current location.
The system will also have a reporting function that will notify management if any of the
readings exceeds set temperature thresholds set by HASEP compliance laws. As the
business moves forward with this system the digital data that they collect will be able to
be analysed for the purpose of historical tracking and discovering of any trends or
problem areas that they have in the supply chain. This is also ensure the quality of the
Upper management believes that the customers will greatly benefit from this, as they will
be able to know the temperature and location of their products. Currently this process is
completed manually and will be improved by making sure the data isn’t falsified.
Currently the drivers at the moment have to manually read the instruments in the
delivery truck and write down on pen and paper the temperatures at the given time
period. It takes extra time for the drivers and does not allow the owner of the business to
check during trips. Also, this system provides no way of monitoring the temperature
levels overnight when the goods are being stored.
HMVC Consulting will deliver an end solution that meets the requirements of the goals
put forth by the client. The solutions will be user friendly, as CMS will be involved in all
design steps. We will work cohesively as a team to complete each step of the solution
and to ensure that the client is satisfied.
2. Background:
HMVC Consulting is a small group of IT professionals with varying specialities in the industry,
that when combined together as a group, work effectively to solve projects in a timely
manner. All four members have good communication skills and are all able to work together
in a cohesive way to ensure that they stay on task.
Condobolin Milk Supply (CMS) is a family owned business and is operated in central New
South Wales. It has been operating for twenty years around the local area to supply
wholesalers with dairy, meat, seafood and poultry on a daily basis with the use of
refrigerated transport. They service the areas of Condobolin, Cargelligo, Ungarie and
Tullibigeal, and therefore travel around five hundred kilometres a day in deliveries.
3. Objectives:
CMS have requested that HMVC implement a system that allows them to monitor the
temperature and locations of its products and trucks. These temperatures will be sent in 15
minutes intervals to make sure that the refrigeration products are kept within the it’s
required temperature. The device that we will implement will have the ability to record the
temperature and store it into a database. This will then be accessed by a web page which
will display the temperature in a number of different graphs. The location of the truck will be
displayed on a map on where the location was when the truck was reordered. This allows
CMS to keep track of routes and stoppages that the truck may have, when it’s on its daily
4. Key Stakeholders and Other Players:
Condobolin Milk Supply
- Mark O’Neill
- Truck Drivers
- Office Staff
Condobolin Milk Supply Customers
HMVC Consulting
- Matthew Phillips (Project Leader)
- Connor O’Neill (Network Engineer )
- Hannah O’Sullivan (Systems Designer and Web Developer)
- Vanessa Dwyer (Programmer and Systems Designer)
UOW University
5. Organisational Requirements
CMS is one of the main stakeholders for this project, as they have the most to lose. This is
seen when it comes to the actual project itself. If the project was to fail or somehow not do
what CSM need it to do, they would have wasted time and resource investing in this project
for it not to work. They are also supply the hardware for the project which is another asset
they are investing into the project. Documentation like the project scope and user manuals
will be supplied and possible heavily relied on in the early parts of the implementation
The CMS customers are a silent stakeholder within the project, as they will not have any
direct input to what goes on with the project but they patiently have the greatest benefits as
a result of the project. They will possible be able to see in the future the location and
current temperature of their products. This will help increase their satisfaction as they will
know that CMS are not holding back important information.
HMVC consultant’s role in this project is to supply all appropriate training documents, for
example user manuals, progress reports on the project as well as the installation of both the
hardware and software of the project itself. Weekly meeting for HMVC are a must to ensure
the running and execution of the project is on time and everyone is staying on their task.
UOW University is a stakeholder within this project as they supply HMVC with resources and
computer labs in which HMVC are able to do research, hold weekly meetings and any other
requirements that HMVC may come up with later on down the road in the project
6. Approach
The project has been divided into a several deliverables, which then has been split up further into
sub-deliverables. Once this has been completed we will all sit down and agree on individual tasks in
which each team member will do. These task can include the coding and irritation to make sure the
project is 100% perfect before it is passed on to the customer. Frequent clarification with the
customer will occur to ensure we are getting the product 100% perfect and it meets HMVC
customers needs.
HMVC have decided to use Agile methodology as our approach to project management as we believe
that it is best suited to the project and the way the team functions. Agile allows multiple chances for
us to get together and reassess and change anything if requirements change down the track. This
also allows the members within our team to start on different tasks at different times, so that we
don’t have people doing all the work at different parts of the project. Time management becomes a
great asset to our team and with this approach we believe we are able to manage our time well to
get this project done.
HMVC have made a plan to have weekly meetings in which we will discuss tasks that need to be
completed, tasks that have been completed, any issues that may arise and if there is any conflict
within the team, we can assure it can be dealt with to make sure we get back to maximum work
effort. Regular meetings will be made with the client to ensure that the project is coming along, this
will also be our chance to ask any questions we may have or to let him know if there was any issues
or changes we have made to the project.
7. Inclusions & Deliverables
HMVC Deliverables:
 Database
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Website
 Temp
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Time
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Notifications
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Reporting
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Circuit Diagram
 Clarification – Matt
 Build – Connor
 User Manual
 Group
 Project Handoff
 Matt
 Week 7 Document
 Group
 Week 12 Documents
 Prototype Website, mock-up design, circuit diagram, UML Diagram, Use Cases and Activity
Deliverables and Milestones for CMS:
 Temp
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Time
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Notifications
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
 Reporting
 Clarification – Matt
 Design – Hannah
 Coding – Vanessa
 Testing – Connor
8. Timeline & Milestones
Gantt Chart is with the Attached Fil
As we can see in the Gantt Chart milestone 1 was at the completion of the tender presentation, this
is because this is when we actually won the project we were bidding for. This was a small victory in a
very long project.
Milestone 2 will occur at the end of the scope document, this is where we will all present our scope
document to the other team members to make sure that we are all still on the same page and full
understand what is going to happen in the future with the project
Milestone 3 occurs once the sign off of the client diagram is completed. This is when we believe we
are able to give a full and descriptive understanding of the project to the client. We acknowledge
they may not need or require it
Milestone 4 arises once our website which the users will be able to view is complete. At this stage
only test data will be running on the website but this is where we will show the layout of the
webpage to the user to ensure that this is what he wants.
Designing the database and be difficult and time consuming. We believe that milestone 5 will occur
once this stage is complete. This is because we now know what fields the data will fall into and
whether or not we have missed something. This also involves the sign off of the client diagram, this is
because these need to be completed by the set dates as we will meet with the client just after these
dates and this information is required to give to them.
Milestone 6 will be the completion of all the paper work that is required before we actually start
building the project. This might be the last time we speak to the client to gather information. At this
stage the teams primary focus will be to stick to their given deadlines to make sure the project
doesn’t fall behind.
The 2nd last milestone which is milestone 7, is where we will show the client and the other
stakeholders our project for the first time. This day will involve a test run for the client and any
questions will be answered in regards to the project and our team.
Milestone 8 is the day we hand the project over. This will include implementing the system for CMS
Aside from our milestones we will also have regular meetings in which we will make sure that
everyone is on tasks and little checkpoints are ticked off
9. Exclusions
We have been told the CMS will be supplying the hardware for this product. The hardware sensors
will be installed on the tucks by CMS. In the off chance the hardware is not supplied to us, we will
ensure we make a prototype of it working on a dummy system to prove to our customer the infact
the project does work with a all the requirements meet. The storing of the database also becomes a
questionable event. If we are unable to find a host that will allow the hosting of our database and
website we will then need to look elsewhere, which may lead us back to hosting it back through one
of our stakeholders the UOW University.
10. Acceptance Criteria
If CMS does not supply the hardware for the project the project will fail. The reason for this is that
we are able to make the webpage, database and other requirements but if there is no hardware
supplied by CMS there will be no way we can code anything together to link the different aspects
Ensuring that we are able to code the hardware device correctly will also determine if the project will
fail or not. This means that we need to make sure that we have the correct coding language and
appropriate variables to make sure that we are able to get this correct so that our project is a susses.
Making sure we stay within the budget is a big impact on the project. We need to break the budget is
will most likely so the project result in failure.
Time constraints will need to be closely monitored to make sure we are not running behind
11. Assumptions
Ensure all suppositions or statements that are made due to the lack of available information in order
to further clarify the scope of the project are detailed here.
HMVC will be making the assumptions of the current issues within the creation of the project
Inability to host website
HMVC are under the assumption that at the moment in the project CMS are not
100% worried on security at present. We believe that in the future that this may in
fact become a factor but until we are asked to implement a security system, right
now this is unable to happen
We have to assume that their maybe a possibility that we will be unable to host the
website, this that we may need to head to a cloud server or webserver off site so
that the website and database can still be accessed through the program.
Regular updates of the system we are assuming is every 15 minutes, this is currently being
done every 30-45 minutes by the driver. We believe by doing this more regularly it will be
able to give more accurate GPS locations of the trucks
12. Constraints
The constraints for this project are the hardware being received . It is the clients sole responsibility to
maintain the sensors and the physical components required for this system, it is also in their best
interest to supply us with these as soon as possible so that we can start working on the project.
Security concerns that have arisen, need to be considered as a constraint as the online web hosting
and the mobile nature of the sensors that will be connected to the internet wirelessly. This will allow
it to relay the data to the database in the set time intervals which has been requested by the client.
One major restriction is our teams knowledge. Although all team members have previous
experience in a variety of areas, much of the required knowledge for this particular project is new.
This means that we will be conducting further research in which we will teach ourselves and other
members to make sure we are staying up to date with the project. This research will be conducted
on our own time which will need to make sure we priorities in so that we stay on task.
Distance is a constraint that we have with our client. Due to this we need to have regular
communication meets via skype and phone calls to make sure we are doing the right thing. Unlike
other companies we won’t have the face to face contact with the client but this means that we will
need to pay extra attention in the skype call that we do have.
13. Risks and Concerns
Risk Identification
Deliverable Affected
Team Member Sick
Management pulls
Hardware not
Web Server Issues
Natural Disasters
such as floods
Location Difficulties
Delay of Project
Lack of significant
Their assigned tasks
Website and Database
Assigned Tasks /
Internal / External
Internal / External
Internal / External
Internal / External /
14. Resource Requirements
What is expect of our group members is that attending all meetings are essential, unless prior
acknowledge is made. This is so that we are all on the same page when it comes to the project and
that we are able to find out and what tasks are complete and which tasks are still in progress.
For this project there will be a few key areas that we will need to learn to make sure this project
becomes a successful one we need to make sure that we all have a basic understanding in
Arduino Environment
Making sure that we are able to gain access to the required programs and applications required to
finish the project is important. These computers will need to have Microsoft Viso, Project, Word,
EditPlus as well as MYSQL so that we are able to verify our database will work. If these are unable to
occur the success of the project will become an issues.
The commitments from the client will include providing the hardware, this includes all the sensors,
Arduino device and more importantly the trucks in which the product will be located in. the client
will most likely need to pay a subscription fee from hosting the website and the database, although
this will be discussed and explained at a later date. As stated in previous sections of the report it is
important that we are given the hardware so that the project is successful.
15. Work Authorisation
This is an agreement between the project sponsor and project manager to the high level
requirements of the project as known to this point.
Project Manager
Project Sponsor
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