user manual
Thank you for purchasing our product. This product has multi-usage including take photos 、video and used as a
removable disk and the
PC camera. This product can be operated simply. And this device is beautiful and practical. It is easy to carry. And it is many fields of necessary
practical tools such as business, education, security, media, judicial, tourism, and medical treatment.
Product structure
Operation Guide
Charge the battery: The product has an internal, rechargeable battery; please charge the battery when you use it in the first
time. The battery can be charged by following ways:
By connecting to PC. Take the USB of product into the computer USB port, then can be charged.
By battery charger. Put the product with USB cable into Electrical outlet, then can be charged.
During charging, the yellow indicator will blink, when the battery’s power is full, the blue indicator keeps on.
Note: when the battery’s power is low. , the yellow, blue indicator will blink for seconds, and then the product will shut down
automatically .please charge the product immediately.
Turn your product on and recording:
Click the Record/Stop button for about 3 seconds, the blue light will turn on, the product will be in preparing state, and then the
yellow light will turn on and flash slowly, to start recording video and sound recordings, the yellow light will flash slowly 10 times and
then off to continue recording.
To obtain perfect video, please place the product under enough illumination. Keep the product toward the target, and at least
50cm from the target. When the video is continue (indicator light do not link), click the Record/Stop button can stop the video, and
automatic save file, the blue lights will keep on when it finished.
If the continuous recording time is over 15 minutes, the product will save the current recording data, and then restart video
recording automatically.
Charging and recording:
Put the product with USB cable into Electrical outlet, then can be charged.. When charging, yellow lights flashing.
press and holds the Record/Stop button for about 3 seconds yellow and blue lights flash 5 times quickly at the same time to
enter the video, short press the Record/Stop button the blue light turn on, product Stop and save the video file, if
no operation in three minutes, the blue light off turn to the yellow light into charging mode. Until the product is full
of charge, the blue light keeps on. The product also can charged by portable power source and other 5v rechargeable
equipment, when charging, can video.
Turn your product off:
When the product is working or stand-by, press and holds the Record/Stop button for about 3 seconds, the yellow, blue
indicators will flash quickly 3 times and then off indicate the product is off.
Connecting to PC:When the product is in Standby Mode or shut down it means the indicator off or the blue light keeps on, you
can insert the product into the USB port of computer. Please do not connect the product to computer during video/Voice recording or
photo taking.
When the product is insert into the USB port of computer. After a while, a removable disk symbol will appear on the computer
screen. The yellow light will twinkle (charging battery), or the blue light will keep on (battery power is full). When take out the product,
please click on a removable disk symbol on the right corner, unloading the removable disk, let the system make sure you can pull out
safety then disconnect products and computer connection.
Note: when connect to PC, if no response for 30 seconds after connected, please disconnect the product, and reconnect again.
After connecting to pc, press and holds the Record/Stop button for about 3 seconds, the computer will automatically
install the camera driver and shows a camera icon, click to display the images. Press and holds the Record/Stop button
for about 3 seconds again, the camera icon will disappear to return to the disk connection mode.
Function as a removable disk: When connect the product to PC, you can copy, move, or delete files.
Note: It is highly recommended to copy the recorded video files into the hard disk of computer, and then to playback. Because
of large amount of data flow, directly playback the video files stored in micro SD card may cause the playback not smoothly.
Setting time:The product has the function of real-time display, the date and time will be shown on the image. The format is
“Year-month-day. Hour: Minutes. : seconds”. Second”. To set or correct the date and time when you use it in the first time in the
following steps: Edit a text file according to the format of “20130101010101”. Connect the product to computer, save the modified
file “timerset.txt” to the root directory of the product memory. Disconnect the product from computer; turn the product on, the time will
be set up automatically.
Auto power off function: The product will shut down automatically in following three conditions:
.The battery’s power is low. At this time, the yellow, blue indicator will blink for seconds, and then the product will save data and
shut down automatically.
. The memory is full. At this time, the yellow, blue indicators will blink for seconds, and then the product will save data and shut
down automatically.
. If no operation for 3 minutes in Standby Mode, the product will shut down to save power.
Reset function: if the product can not work normally in unknown reason, please reset the product
Press the reset button inside the hole. Restart the product, it will work normally again.
It will not notice if product updates, it can consulting with the local dealer.
View Angle:62°
Minimum Illumination:1’ Lux
high resolution, Low illumination
and quick
Video Format:AVI
Video Resolution:1280X720
Frame Rate:30fps
Photo Resolution:1280X720
Voice Sampling:16KHz
Operation System:2000/XP/Vista
USB Interface:USB 2.0
Battery Charge: DC 5V
Flexible use as a removable disk
Built-in flash memory, 8G/16G /32G optional
Image compression technology
Store Temperature:-20°- 80°
Glasses type design
Battery types: High capacity polymerization
fool-operation , Integration lamp
of lithium battery
Continuous recording time:90minutes
(Specifications are subject to minor change with upgrade and update. Please base on real object.)
Packing Contents: one User Manual, one data line, one Glasses cloth, mirror bracket
Note:Please strictly abide by the relevant laws and may not use this product in any illegal ways, otherwise the consequence is
Responsible by yourself
In order to make products with better performance, the manufacturer will constantly improve the product software, this
product can convenient to our customers to upgrade the software, please ask
the local dealers for the latest version of the
software information and upgrade method.
To use the product in the natural temperature, please do not use in the temperature that human can not adapt. Do not put
the product in the damp working environment, the product does not have waterproof function, please avoid making the products
to drench water or exposed to rain.
Do not throw this product in fire, avoid producing explosion.
Different countries use different lighting power supply system (of two kinds of rate frequency 50 Hz and Hz), if the rate of
product driver is not consistent to the country, it will lead to water lines under fluorescent, in order to avoid this kind of happens,
please pay attention the rate type of product during the purchase .
Do not put the camera to the super light source directly, in order to avoid damaging optical device.
Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged.
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