INN-FORM Plus - Call Accounting Software

Basic Installation Instructions:
INN-FORM Plus v6.5
Step 2
Step 3
Step 6
Step 8
rates (default: 1200) and Management Access Code. Make sure you received
1. Prepare. Write down SMDR/Serial Printer baud rate
the following items: INN-FORM
FORM Plus, power supply, IF-Plus User Manual, and parallel printer cable (optional). Shipment does
not include the cables for the SMDR or Remote
emote Port connections.
2. Setup Dot Matrix Printer. Iff you are interfacing to a PMS, you must use a parallel printer. Non-PMS
PMS systems may use a
serial printer. Securely fasten the printer cable into the proper printer port. Load printer paper, set the top of form, and plug
printer into AC outlet.
3. Connect the power. Plug the power cord into a surge protector or AC outlet and then into the Plus. The system will
immediately transmit a Startup or Reset Report to the printer
printer. See Appendix A, 4-2 in manual for help.
4. Test the Keypad. Make sure all buttons (keys) work correctly. If each key emits an audible sound then you’re OK. Press
CANCEL after completing the test.
5. Initialize the System. Press FUNCTION (Q)
(Q), enter 248, and press ENTER. Press the reset button (located on the
t back of the
system). The Startup or Reset Report will print and should look like the sample report in Appendix B of the manual.
6. Connect to the Telephone System (PBX).. Make sure that the PBX’s SMDR cable pin outs are same as the Plus’ SMDR
connector. See Appendix A, 4-66 in manual for help. The PBX’s SMDR port must send data on a continuous basis (no
handshaking). Connect the INN-FORM Plus to the telephone system.
7. Perform the Valid Call Test. This test verifies that the PBX
PBX-to-Plus connection is correct. Press MGMT ACCESS (P), enter
your code and press ENTER. Press MODE SET (M), enter 9, press ENTER. Press FUNCTION (Q),, enter 6, press ENTER. Press
F1 (YES) at the prompt, "PRINT NO CHARGE CALLS?" Press ENTER. Make three test calls. Make a local call, a long
distance call within your Area Code, and a call outside your Area Code. Make sure each test call
all lasts longer than the set grace
period (abt. 1 minute). You should see a print
printout of each call with its corresponding call type.
8. Connect to Property Management System ((PMS). Use the Serial Printer Port to connect to the PMS. Once connected, make
a test call to verify that the PMS is receiving data from the INN
INN-FORM Plus. Press MGMT ACCESS (P) to clear the screen.
Optional. For Remote Access Only. To access the Plus remotely
remotely, connect an Analog Modem (connection
connection via phone line) or an
iPocket232 (connection via IP or internet) to the Remote Port
Port. Be sure to connect the modem or iPocket to a phone or internet
line. Use HyperTerminal or ProComm to gain access remotely. TEL does not sell/support remote access software/hardware.
For additional instructions please refer to the INN
INN-FORM Plus Manual.
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