Unpacking Your Wiiboox and Getting Started
Please remember that your Wiiboox 3D printer is
6. Switch the power on
carefully built and packaged at Wiiboox factory to
Make sure the power switch at the back of your 3D
ensure it arrives at your doorstep safe and sound.
printer is in the OFF position.
We hope that you will take your time and read this
Locate the power cord and plug it in the power input at
booklet to get your Wiiboox 3D printer set up
the back of Wiiboox One.
successfully. If there is any damage because of shipping
Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.
or the machine does not work normally, please contact
Switch the power on and press the front power switch
us without any hesitation.
to start your 3D printer.
1. Open the box and take your 3D printer out
7. Print a test object
Open the box containing your 3D printer and remove it
Please refer to user manual to install filament spool and
from protective foam and plastic bag. Set your 3D
load filament to extruder and print your first model
printer on a flat and stable surface.
“02_thinwallCube.x3g” from the SD card.
2. Check the outside
Check if there is any damage or if any parts of the
machine fall off. If there is some screws less crowded,
please locate a hex wrench from the accessory tray and
8. Check the test object
tighten it up.
When the print is finished, remove it from the build
3. Remove zip ties
Firstly, check the sides of the cube. The nozzle is at
Locate the scissor or diagonal cutting pliers in the
normal status if the surface is smooth and there is no
accessory tray and use it to cut the zip ties and silicon
splitting layers.
rubber sheets on the z-axis that prevent the build
Then check the right-angle edges are perpendicular to
platform from moving during shipping.
make sure the x-axis and y-axis are in normal status.
Finally, check the longitudinal strips of the base part of
4. Remove clips
the test object. If the strip is of the same width and the
Locate 2.5mm allen wrench in the accessory tray and
width of the gaps between strips is 3 times of the width
use it to remove the clips holding the x-axis and
of the strip, it means the distance between extruder and
extruder carriage in place. Be careful when remove the
build plate is normal.
clips to avoid the belt to come loose.
Please refer to the user manual on how to adjust and
5. Check end stop switches
level the build plate.
End stop switches in normal status are shown as the
Damage will be caused to nozzle extruder and printer
picture below. Please check the springs of 3 motor end
circuit if the distance between nozzle and build plate
stop switches and whether there is any deformation or
is too narrow.
any parts fall off.
Click here to watch video unboxing guide
Contact: Rebecca QIN
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