User manual
Reuss OD-01 Cab Drive Overdrive
The Reuss OD-01 Cab Drive is an exact clone of a rare and collectable yellow 1970’s overdrive
pedal which featured an unusual 14-pin quad opamp IC chip. The Reuss version features a vintage recycled chip, and adds a tone switch to the original circuit for increased versatility
• ‘LEVEL’ sets the output volume of the unit
• ‘OVER DRIVE’ sets the level of overdrive. Turing the knob clockwise increases distortion
• ‘TONE’ selects between the “stock” sound (left position) and a flat eq response (right position). The flat
eq setting gives an increased bass response and makes the Cab Drive suitable as a bass overdrive pedal
• ‘IN’ is the input of the unit. Connect your guitar here
• ‘OUT’ is the output. Connect your amp here
• There is a 9V DC connector for an external power supply at the top edge of the unit. This is a standard
guitar pedal ‘negative centre’-type jack. ONLY use this type. Reversing the polarity will damage the pedal
Please note: The unit is drawing power from the battery, when there is a jack in the input connector. Alway remove the input jack
when the pedal is not in use, if you are running it with a battery
Battery access
• Remove the four screws at the bottom side
of the pedal with a philips head screwdriver to remove the bottom plate and
gain access to the battery
• Vintage correct circuit featuring an original vintage recycled Nec brand c4741c 14-pin quad opamp IC
and 1S2473 clipping diodes. IC is mount is a socket for easy replacement for the experimentalist.
• True bypass-switching
• All Reuss pedals comes with a limited 24
• High quality ‘boutique construction’ featuring hardwired connectors and footswitch for maximum duramonths warranty against manufacturing
bility and easy repair
• Rugged aluminium enclosure in high-gloss finish with silk screen printing
• The warranty is not covering normal wear
• Input impedance 470K ohm
and tear or abuse
• Output impedance: 100K ohm
• Any wear or damage to the finish is not
• Current Draw: app. 4 mA
covered by the warranty
• The Reuss OD-01 is ‘CE’ marked (which covers RoHS compliance)
Circuit and design copyright 2013
• Enclosure size: 94 x 120 x 34 mm (width x length x height)
Reuss Musical Instruments / Good Guy’s Media & Music
DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark
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