MiFi LTE M300 Router
User Manual
Safety Precautions
Read the safety precautions carefully to ensure the correct and
safe use of your wireless device.
Do not switch on your device when the device use is prohibited or
when the device use may cause interference or danger
Follow the rules or regulations in hospitals and health care
facilities. Switch off your device near medical apparatus
Switch off your device in an aircraft. The device may cause
interference to control signals of the aircraft.
Switch off your device near high-precision electronic devices. The
device may affect the performance of these devices.
Do not attempt to disassemble your device or its accessories. Only
qualified personnel are allowed to service or repair the device.
Do not place your device or its accessories in containers with
strong electromagnetic field
Do not place magnetic storage media near your device. Radiation
from the device may erase the information stored on them.
Do not put your device in a high-temperature place or use it in a
place with flammable gas such as a gas station.
Keep your device and its accessories away from children. Do not
allow children to use your device without guidance.
Use approved batteries and chargers only to avoid explosion
Observe the laws or regulations on device use. Respect others’
privacy and legal rights when using your device
It is recommended that the equipment only be used in the environment where
temperature is between 0℃ and 50℃ and humidity is between 10% to 90%
◎ Overview
Thank you for choosing the MiFi LTE M300 Router.
Supported functions and actual appearance depend on the specific
models you purchased. The illustrations are provided for your
reference only. For details about the model you selected, consult
your service provider. This guide briefly describes the functions of
the 4G router. For more details, see help on the web management
• Press and hold the power button for 5
seconds to turn on/off
Power Button
• When the display is off, the first quick
press wakes up the display
Charging Port
The Micro USB charger connects here
TF Card Slot
The TF card installation slot
(U)SIM Card Slot
Reset Button
The (U)SIM card installation slot
Reset the product default settings
Provides router working status
◎ Screen Display
◎ Installing the SIM Card
Caution: Do not use any SIM card that is not standard or is
incompatible with the router .Otherwise, the router will be damaged.
Insert the SIM card in the card slot. Be sure that the SIM card is
facing in the right direction as shown in the following figure, and
then slide the SIM card into the slot.
◎ Installing the TF (Micro SD) Card
Insert the TF card in the card slot. Be sure that the TF card is facing
in the right direction as shown in the following figure, and then slide
the TF card into the slot.
(Similar to the above)
Note: Micro SD card support up to 32GB.
◎ Charging the Battery
※ Using the charger
Caution: Only use chargers compatible with the router, use of an
incompatible charger or one from an unknown manufacturer may
cause the router to malfunction, fail, or could even cause a fire.
Such use voids all warranties, whether expressed or implied on the
product. The charger is an optional accessory. IF the charger is not
provided in the package, contact your local dealer to buy one.
※ Connecting to a PC for charging
Connect the router to a PC using a compatible data cable.
Note: Input voltage range +5±0.25V,≥1A.
◎ Restart router
Make sure router power on,short press(≤1S) RESET button,
restart your router will not change any parameters.
◎ Restoring Factory Defaults
If you forget the changes you have made to some parameters, you
may restore factory defaults and reconfigure the router. To restore
the factory defaults, press and hold the RESET button until the LED
turn off and then turn on again. All factory default setting are
successfully restored.
Note: Restoring factory defaults deletes all personal configuration
settings and restore all web based management settings and
parameters to the default values.
◎ Connection Scenario
Scenario 1: Connect to Internet via USB(USB modem)
Step 1: Install SIM card and power on, connect router with
computer via USB connector.
Step 2: Install application driver step by step according to tip.
Step3:Surfing internet after the network adapter installation done.
Scenario 2: Connect to Internet via WLAN
Step1: Install SIM card and power on.
Step2: Establish a WLAN connection.
Scenario 3: Connect to Internet via WLAN and USB
◎ Operating System and Browser support
Windows XP、Vista、win7、win8
MAC OS 10.6 or higher,up to 10.8.2
Android 2.2 or higher
IE 10.6 or higher
◎Accessing the Web Management Page
Step1: Make sure that the connection between the router and the
client is a proper one.
Step2: Start the internet browser and enter: in
the address bar.
Step3: Enter the password and log in to the web management
Note: The default log in name and password are admin.
In this management page,click “Help” to download user manual to
learn more.
◎ Validating the PIN Code
If the PIN code protection is enabled, log in to the web
management page and follow the prompts to enter the correct PIN
code. Both PIN and PUK are delivered with the SIM card. For
details, consult your service provider.
◎ Daily Use
Under Device power save mode, if no operation is performed on
the router within a preset period (default 10 seconds), the screen
turn off. The first short tap POWER button to wakes up the screen.
◎ Tips
If you are experiencing difficulties using the router, please try the
※ See help on the web management page
※ Restart the router.
※ Restore factory defaults.
※ contact your service provider.
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