S3PMS3P User Manual
Ver. 1.0
The DATOptic's S3PM3P – a SATA to SATA 5-Port 6G PM (Port Multiplier) is
the latest bridge-board in our Port Multiplier product line that supports SATA 3
(6Gbps) data transfer rate.
Our S3PM3P is a port multiplier bridge that mount-abel into PCI slot of any
standard desktop or low profile system. Up to five (5) SATA devices such as:
SSD, HDD, optical drives can be connected to into a single SATA port with
our bridge board.
These five device can be access as five independent drives or can be set as
a RAID group using the RAID software of the OS or the host controller. It is a
great solution for adding more drives to a computer with limited SATA ports.
With our SATAIII/eSATA 6Gb supports PM host adapter eS3-PCIe12-U, a ten
(10) complete SATAIII (6Gb) PM solution can be use in Windows
• Connect up to 5x SSD, HDD, or OD drives via a single SATA port
• Up to 6 Gbits/sec when connecting to SATA 3.0 PM host port
• Compliant with SATA 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 specification
• Mount-abel to PCI slot of (low profile bracket included)
• JboD mode: five individual drives to the system
• Support OS's software RAID or the host controller
• Support command based and FIS based
* When use w/o Port #1 connect to a drives, detection time may take up to 60sec.
D0~D4: SATA ports, connect to HDD or ODD
P1: Power connector
Host1 – Host connector
J1 :active/busy LED: D0, D1, D2, D3, D4 and Host
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