Inflatable lifejacket with Interlock lung Why is
Inflatable lifejacket with Interlock lung
Why is maintenance of inflatable lifejackets important?
Inflatable lifejackets require technical inspection and annual maintenance to ensure that the lifejackets work as required when you need
them. You can carry out pre-use inspections yourself. Read the user manual carefully! Check that the vest is intact before use. Open the
cover and check the lung itself. Make sure that the CO2-cylinder is fully screwed into place and is not damaged. Check that the end cap is
screwed fully into place and that the indicator clip is correctly in position. Ensure that the pull cord is placed outside the outer cover.
See instructions in the product’s packaging or go to for more information.
Belt strap
Interlock lung
An interlock lung is an asymmetric
lung which provides a wave barrier
effect. This protects the face from
water spray.
SOLAS reflective tape
Valve cap
Replacement of bobbin type HR
For oral inflation and
emptying of air.
Re-arming mechanism HR
Bobbin HR
Indicator clip
• Date stamped bobbin
• Bobbin shape ensures correct fitting
• Ensure that the end cap is screwed
fully into place
• End cap displays a green indicator
when correctly fitted
Bobbin UM
Bobbin HR
End cap
Grab loop
Change/inspection of CO 2 -cylinder
Service indicator
Pull cord
Service table
• Replacement after cylinder has been discharged
• Replacement of gasket
• Visual control
• Ensure that the cylinder is fully
screwed into place
Re-arming kit
HR 33 gr.
Re-arming kit
HR 24 gr.
Re-arming kit
UM 33 gr.
Operating head UM
Correct packing
of inflatable lung
with separate
outer cover
The inflatable lung must not be rolled.
* Inflatable lung must be folded.
Remove all the air by pressing the valve cap on
the nozzle and applying pressure to the lung.
The lifejacket is flattened and is prepared
for packing.
Fold the lung up. First fold the side where
the re-arming mechanism is found. Remember
to close the Velcro opening. Fold in layers
as shown*. The pull card is to be
fed out through the Velcro.
Then fold the opposite side. Remember to
close the Velcro opening. Ensure that the
nozzle is easily accessible. Attach the grab
loop over the nozzle.
Finally, fold the vest collar section.
Ensure that the belt strap is centred.
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