RSM-5 Ribbon Studio Microphone
Congratulations on purchasing the Nady RSM-5 Ribbon Studio Microphone. This superior neoclassic
microphone is designed for use in contemporary, state-of-the-art studios, yet offers the unique natural
sound previously only available on such classic large ribbon mics as the legendary RCA 44, which is
still used to make great recordings today after almost 70 years. Perfect for recording studio vocals,
acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestras and choral groups, ambient instrument audio, and many
live sound applications. Powerful and versatile, and with the unmatched natural sound of classic ribbon
mics, the RSM-5 meets the stringent requirements of even the most demanding digital recording and live
broadcasting applications.
This user guide covers the operation of the RSM-5 microphone and the available optional accessories.
To take full advantage of the superb features of your microphone, and to enjoy long and trouble-free
use, please read this user’s guide carefully. As ribbon microphones are, by their design, very sensitive to
damage from mishandling and use, it is very important to read and observe the precautions below about
proper use.
Your RSM-5 microphone was carefully packed at the factory, and the shipping carton and internally padded wooden storage case were
designed to protect the unit during shipping. Please always store your mic in the wooden case and also retain the shipping container for
subsequent transport and in the highly unlikely event that you ever need to return your microphone for servicing. Please note: since the
ribbon assembly of the RSM-5, as with all ribbon microphones, is extremely fragile, you must verify immediately upon receipt of your
microphone that it has not been damaged during shipment and is operating correctly. The warranty on this microphone does not extend
beyond an initial inspection, since these microphones can be so easy damaged during handling and use. If the unit arrived damaged
please return it immediately to where you bought it. Units that are damaged in use can be returned to Nady Systems and the ribbon
assembly replaced for a fixed charge (see Service section below).
• RSM-5 ribbon microphone
• Padded nylon carrying case
• Padded wooden storage box
• Shockmount
• User Guide
• Warranty card
• MPF Series Pop Filter (highly recommended, as ribbon microphones are very susceptible to damage from strong air blasts, as
with percussive sounds during recording)
• Perfect for close miking of guitar amps and cabinets, brass
instruments, strings, piano, percussion, vocals and orchestra
ambiance. Unique, compact shape for easy, unobtrusive mic
placement anywhere.
• Utmost versatility in dialing in the desired sound by varying
the mic placement. Figure-8 audio directional (pickup) pattern
for both front and rear side, with extended sweet spots (as
compared to large diaphragm condenser mics). Can be used
with a second RSM-5 for individual recording volume control of 2
separate sources by placing each source in the principal axis of
one mic and the off-axis null of the other. • Low-tension 45mm long, 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon design
with typical “large, mellow” ribbon audio reproduction. Smooth,
natural extended low and high ends, and detailed, realistic mids • Manufactured with the finest materials — a machined housing
with advanced internal shockmount construction for the highest
structural integrity and rugged reliability
• Unparalleled overall stunning realism with fast, accurate
transient response, ultra-high dynamic range and >135 dB SPL
• Supplied with a shockmount and a carrying bag.
• The unmatched sound of a classic ribbon (velocity) mic — rich,
warm and musical
The active element of your microphone is a very thin corrugated
aluminum ribbon clamped under light tension and mounted
between the poles of a strong magnet. This design enables
it to produce the warmest, most natural sound available from
any type of studio microphone. However, it also makes this
the most sensitive and fragile studio microphone available. All
ribbon microphones require special care or they will be seriously
damaged. In order to ensure long life for your RSM-5 please
always follow these 4 precautions:
1. Always protect your RSM-5 from any hard knocks, such as
from dropping the mic, or not properly padding in shipment, as
such jolts can destroy the ribbon assembly. Always handle with
complete care.
2. Prevent any sudden or strong blasts of air movement from
ever reaching your microphone, as they can tear and destroy the
fragile ribbon. Never blow into your RSM-5! When using, always
utilize a pop filter, such as the optional Nady MPF Series, to
prevent any percussive sounds from damaging the ribbon. Such
filters also prevent damage from moisture from mouth spray;
3. Never intentionally or accidentally apply any phantom power
from your mixer or a phantom power supply to your RSM-5 as
it can burn up the ribbon. Please always check carefully before
connecting your ribbon mic that there is no phantom power being
provided to the RSM-5.
4. When not in use, always keep the microphone in the padded
soft case provided. Also, always store the mic in a vertical position
because, over time, the 2” long ribbons can sag, gradually
degrading performance if the mic is stored on its side.
Note: damaged ribbons are not covered by warranty and there
will be a charge to replace the element.
The optional MPF Series pop filter should always also be used
with your RSM-5. This pop filter should be placed between the
sound source and the microphone to prevent percussive sound
blasts and air movement from damaging the very fragile ribbon
assembly of the RSM-5. It is also useful in keeping mouth spray
out of the microphone, which can also degrade or destroy the
delicate ribbon.
(U.S.) Should your Nady microphone require service, please contact the Nady Service Department via telephone at (510) 652- 2411
or e-mail at (INTERNATIONAL) For service, please contact the Nady distributor in your country through the dealer
from whom you pur­chased this product.
Date of purchase______________________________________________________________________________________________
Dealer’s Name________________________________________________________________________________________________
City_ ____________________________________ State______________________ Zip_ _____________________________________
Do not attempt to service this unit yourself as it will void your warranty. Please note that due to the extremely delicate nature of
ribbon mics, which can easily be damaged by misuse and mishandling (as noted under Warning / Precautions section above), the
ribbon assembly of the RSM-5 is not covered under warranty. Check your unit carefully upon receipt and return to place of purchase
immediately if there are any problems with the mic. After that, the standard Nady warranty will only apply to defects in materials and
workmanship other than the ribbon assembly. It these are damaged, please contact the Nady Service Department for a quote for
replacement of the ribbon assembly.
MIC CABLE: 3-pin XLR standard link cable
WEIGHT: 11 oz. (312 g)
SENSITIVITY: -60dB ±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa.)
SIZE: Diameter: 2.125” (54 mm), length 6.5” (165 mm)
MAX. SPL (1% THD @1000Hz): 165 dB
Specifications and design subject to change for im­prove­ment
purposes without prior notice.
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