Owner/User Manual

Correct Transmitter Position
Operational Description
*Simply attach the stylish Soccer Ball/Smiley
Face Receiver to your child’s shoe, using the laces or
Velcro Straps to the most convenient, sturdy
mounting point.
*Attach the Wireless Transmitter to your key
ring or simply place it in your pocket.
*Press the button on the receiver. You will see
a red light flash on the Soccer Ball/ Smiley Face.
You must press the transmitter button within
ten seconds.
*At this point, the transmitter and receiver
establish their own proprietary frequency.
*This will activate the Soccer Ball/Smiley Face
*You will hear a few faint beeps.
*Now the unit is armed and ready for use.
However if you do not press the button on the
receiver within ten seconds and the red LED stops
flashing, press the button on the receiver again.
* To turn the receiver off, press and hold the
button until you hear two beeps.
* If your child becomes lost or decides to play
hide and seek without asking, simply press the
button on your Transmitter and the cute Soccer
Ball/ Smiley Face emits a series of high decibel
beeps, allowing you to track down your child.
03 2
03 2
WARNING: Due to high decibel beeps do not attach
the receiver above the waist.
Model numbers CRF103/CRF104
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