Grain Moisture Tester
Grain Crushing Handle
Testing Chamber
"MEA"(Measure) Button
True Value for Money
The world's largest selling pocket-sized grain moisture tester.
Kett was the first company in Japan to develop a practical grain
moisture tester. Since that time, we have relentlessly pursued
the further development of grain moisture testers. The compact,
light weight family of riceter moisture testers began with the
introduction of the Riceter model I in 1961.The Riceter has
continued to evolve through a series of models such as the
II, 2, 3, D, L ,E , J and m. Recently Kett has introduced the
newest generation, the Riceter-f. The Riceter-f is a completely
new design based upon the extensive know-how that Kett has
accumulated with the Riceter series. The Riceter-f was designed
to be an even more reliable moisture tester providing even greater
ease of use. Kett belives that an excellent measuring device must
be both reliable and easy to use. The Riceter-f is the fullfilment
of Kett's commitment to produce reliable, easy-to-use products.
"AVE"(Average) Button
"SELECT" Button
"POWER" Button
Model number or Abbreviation for product name.
Number of tests
Moisture Content
Battery Indicator
Selection Indicator
Special Features:
Easy Operation & Comfortable Design
The number of operating switches has been kept to a minimum in order
to make operation as simple as possible. In addition, the main unit has
been made as small as possible and designed with a curved shape which
is comfortable in the user's hands, thus making it easy to hold even for
user's with small hands.
Easier Sample Grinding with a Metal Handle
The adoption of a metal handle has made it possible to design a
integrated measurement handle and pressure screw.Because the
pressure screw is manufactured from a resign with excellent self-lubricant
properties, samples can be ground smoothly and with light pressure. This
design eliminates unnecessary stress on the user's wrist, thus making it
easier to use. This also results in greatly reduced load when measuring
large volumes of samples.
LCD Display with Backlight
The Riceter-f features an illuminated LCD display. Fur ther more,
measurement values are displayed with 15mm characters, thus making
the display easy to read in even dark places.
Measures 6 Types of Samples
Milled and brown rice, wheat, barley, rye, paddy can be measured by
selectable with a single button.
Average Moisture Content Display
Pressing the Average Button after completing measurements displays the
average of the measured moisture content values.
Automatic Temerature Correction Functions
The reliability and response of the correction functions have been
further improved. Stable correction functions are performed completely
Riceter f Specifications
Measuring Principle
(Depends upon model version)
Measurement Ranges
(Depends upon model version)
Electric Resistance
Milled and brown rice, paddy,paddy in dryer,wheat,
barley, naked barley,oats,rapeseed,.........
Brown rice : 11 ~ 20%
Milled rice : 11 ~ 20%
Paddy : 11 ~ 30%
Barley : 10 ~ 30%
Naked Barley : 10 ~ 20%
Wheat : 10 ~ 30%
(Example of Riceter model f 501)
Measuring Accuracy
0.5% (Standard Error of Calibration) ,10 ~ 20%
Display Format
LCD with backlight illuminator
Temperature Correction
Automatic temperature correction using a thermistor
Automatic Temperature Correction Automatic temperature correction is programmed to main unit.
Sample temperature correction is applicable to samples
with moisture contents of 20% or below automatically.
Power Supply
1.5V (size AA) batteries x 4
Dimensions and Weight
164(W) x 94 (D) x 65 (H)mm, approx 445g Net
Sample pans (2), brush, spoon with tweezers,
size AA batteries (4), user's manual,carrying case,
Rice Husker,Checker Kit
(Depends upon model version)
※ Other model Riceter f 500 Series are available.
Example : Rice Moisture Tester model f 512 is for Rice and Paddy.
(Model f 501)
First,confirm that the figures "8
T I M E S 8 8 . 8 % " a n d s eve ra l
other marks appear when the
"POWER" button is pressed with
your finger.Should the figures not
appear ,or batterie mark appear,the
batteries are exhausted. Replace
all of thebatteries with new ones,
according to the diagramillustrated
in the battery chamber.
Press the "SELECT" button and
repeat until the Selection
Indicator of the sample you wish to
test appears at the bottom of the
Take one spoonful of the grain
to be measured, and place i t
evenly in one layer in the Sampling
NOTE: Sort out unripe or degenerated grains from the tray in order
to avoid error.
Rotate the Crushing Handle
counterclockwise, and fully
insert the Sampling Tray into the
Te s t i n g C h a m b e r. F u l l y r o t a t e
the Crushing Handle until stop is
reached , so that the sample may
be well crushed. Press the "MEA"
(Measure)button, the most reliable
moisture content is then displayed
to be read directly without using any
conversion tables.
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Grain Moisture Tester
Photo : Riceter model f 501
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