User Manual
2013 Ford Model
On your marks, get set ........Just go!
The last thing you want to do when starting your holiday is trawl through a
large manual. We have put together a ‘Quick Starter’s’ guide found at the
front of your manual to get to you started on your adventure from the
moment you collect your motorhome to your first pit stop.
A step by step quick guide to start your holiday
Setting Off
Stock up with food
Finding a Campsite
A quick guide to setting up on your first night
Emergency & Useful Numbers
Includes Just go contact numbers, Breakdown assistance &
other useful numbers
Page 7
Complete guide to operating your motorhome
LPG gas Instructions
Toilet Cassette & Fresh water tank
Bike & Bike rack
Grey water tank
Habitation Door
Towing eye location
Vehicle Dimensions
Control Panel
Heating & hot water system
Frost protection Switch
Bathroom (toilet, shower, sink operations)
Bed conversions
Cabin & Optional Extras operations
Starting the vehicle / Trip Control
Cab Air Conditioning
Satellite Navigation
Snow Chains
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Pages 7-10
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Pages 12-13
General information
Basic Motorhome Driving Advice
Top tips – Obstacles to avoid
UK/European useful signs & driving information
Pages 15-16
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Pages 18-20
London Congestion Charge Information
Pages 21-22
Places to Stay & Visit
Local campsites to Just go
UK campsite websites & Places to visit
Environment & Keeping safe
Page 23
Page 24
Page 25
Refilling Information
Local filling station for LPG gas & diesel upon your return to Just go
Includes list of filling stations which supply LPG gas.
Page 27
Pages 28-39
Returning the motorhome
Information on how to return your motorhome
Map of how to find Just go depot
Just go handover checklist
Just go Terms & Conditions
Document Pocket
Includes Rental Agreement / Additional driver declaration (if applicable)
Return Handover Checklist
EU Green Card / Ferry Crossing (if applicable)
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Getting started on your holiday
Keen to get your motorhome adventure started?
To help get you on your way we have put together a ‘Quick starter’s’ guide
to get you settled on your first night in your motorhome.
Step 1
Setting off
Packing up your motorhome:
Get the holiday
feeling from the
moment you
arrive at Just go!
Need a hand? Please feel free to ask for a helping hand with your suitcases.
If you’re tight on space we can also store your suitcases for you while you are
away, please just ask.
If you’re stopping at relatives or friends on your holiday, you can make use of
their electricity by hooking up the motorhome to their power supply. Please
ask us and we can supply you with a UK plug adaptor.
Plan of action:
Make sure before you set off your satellite navigation is all charged and your
next location is entered in so you’re ready for the off
Maps are supplied with the vehicle to use the old school method of
I don’t have Satellite Navigation?
Take the hassle out of navigation and the arguments it tends to cause. Your
more than welcome to hire one of our, come in the office and the girls will be
happy to help arrange one for you.
They will also help you input your first location for you and give you a quick
guide if you’re unsure of how to use one.
Ready to go?
Need the loo?, make sure everyone is ready for the off, although you have a
toilet onboard you don’t want to be using this before you have even left us!
As much as we love kids don’t forget to do a final head count before leaving!!
Switch your fridge onto the battery symbol before you leave so your fridge will
be cooling while you are driving to the supermarket!
Once you’re all packed make sure your gas is off, the vehicle is unplugged
from the mains, the windows are all shut, you have the keys and then you are
ready for the open road.
We want you to have a fantastic holiday so please let us know if we can do
anything further to help.
Step 22
Hungry? There are 2 supermarkets (north & south) just moments
away from Just go where you will be able to stock up with all the
necessities before you reach your 1st campsite.
Dunstable Tesco’s Stores
Skimpot Road
Drive time : 15 mins
Join the M1 motorway Northbound and continue till you
reach Junction11
Come off at Junction 11 & take the A505 exit to
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Dunstable
Rd/A505 heading to Dunstable
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Skimpot
Turn right and you have reached Tesco’s
We will be more
than happy to
programme the
address into your
Sat Nav for you!
Hemel Hempstead Tesco’s Stores
Jarman Way
Hemel Hempstead
Drive time : 15 mins
Join the M1 motorway Southbound and continue till you
reach Junction 8
Come off at Junction 8 exit onto Breakspear Way/A414
toward Hemel Hempstead
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Bennetts End Rd
Turn right at St Albans Hill and you have reached Tesco’s
Step 3
Finding a
Long day? If you are looking to relax and unwind after a long day’s
travel then look no further than Town Farm Campsite. At only 25 minutes
(appox) drive from Just go Town Farm is an ideal site for your first pit stop.
(For more local campsites please see the Places to stay & visit section)
Drive Time from depot: 25 mins
Distance from depot: 9.5 miles
Location Description: Ideally
situated in the Chilton Hills this
picturesque, friendly campsite is only 25
minutes from the Just go depot. Perfect as
a base for your first or last night. The
campsite is a working farm situated in the
picturesque setting at the foot of the
Chiltern Hills, home of the Ivinghoe
Town farm
Town farm, Ivinghoe, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 9EL
Opening times: All year
Tel: 07906 265 435
Contact: Charles
Why not let us
phone ahead
and reserve you
a pitch?
Campsite details:
Things to do:
Step 4
Setting up
Even after your guided tour of your motorhome it can
become a bit of a blur, we thought you may need a quick
reminder to get you set up for your first night’s sleep in your
motorhome. See the quick & easy steps below to getting comfy
& settled in your new home.
Power! Take the orange cable from your gas locker and connect to the
motorhome and the campsite plug and hey presto instant power.
Gas on! To enjoy the luxury of warm heating, hot water and to cook your
favourite meal (if you decide not to go down the pub) you will need to turn
your gas on. Turn the brass tap on top of the bottle clockwise and press the
green button for a few seconds and your all set.
Need a bit of warmth? Keep cosy & warm by turning your heating dial
to the flame symbol.
Freshen up! Using the same dial turn to the flame and the 60 degrees
symbol for heating and hot water.
Fridge! Keep your newly brought chilled items cool (not forgetting a bottle
of wine or two!!) by turning the fridge to the 240v setting and enjoy
continuous power when hooked up at your campsite.
Enjoy a cosy, warm evening in your new home for the next few days (or
Step 5
weeks) and settle down with your favourite tipple a good book or a movie with
the family to recharge your batteries for the adventures to come.
For more detailed
instructions on the
operations of any items of
your motorhome please see
the ‘comprehensive guide to
operating your motorhome’
Wherever your holiday takes you we hope you
have fun and enjoy your time in a
Just go motorhome!
We look forward to seeing you on your return.
Emergency and Useful numbers
Just go Contact Details:
The Just go office is open 9:00am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm Saturday and is
closed on Sunday
Tel: (UK) 0870 240 1918
Europe: 00 44 1582 842 888
Fax: 01582 843 610
Emergency text line: Tel: + 44 (0) 7918 704 814
For all out of hours assistance please contact the relevant chassis assistance number
(Ford/Fiat/Renault) These numbers are contained in your manual and are also displayed on the
front windscreen. Please note if the fault is due to keys locked in the vehicle, Flat tyres, to be
towed, Flat chassis battery or incorrect fuel then the assistance service will charge for any callouts.
Should you have had an accident and need to notify Just go out of hours then please send a text to
our out of hours text line.
For any other faults please contact Just go during office hours and our customer service team will
be happy to assist.
NB the emergency text line is manned to 8pm each evening Monday to Saturday and to 12 midday
on Sunday. Please don’t request a return of a vehicle outside office hours as the staff member
holding the emergency text phone will not be a key holder and does not have the ability to open the
Emergency numbers
Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard
NHS Direct
Ford Assistance
Renault assistance
Telephone number
Other info
UK: 999
Northern Ireland: 999
Republic of Ireland: 112
or 999
0845 4647
UK: 0800111234
EU: 0080088776611
UK: 0800 616 300
EU: 0033 472435255
Useful Numbers
London congestion
P&O Ferries
National Express
National Rail
Euro Tunnel
Luton Airport General enquiries & Lost
Heathrow Airport General enquiries
Heathrow Airport Lost property
Stansted Airport General enquiries
Stansted Airport Lost property
Gatwick Airport General Enquiries
Gatwick airport Lost Property
Caravan Club General enquiries
Camping & Caravanning club UK club site
Carefree EU site bookings
Telephone number
0845 900 1234
08716 646 464
08717 818 178
UK: 08457 484 950
EU: +44 2072785240
UK: 08443 353 535
France: 0810 630 304
Belgium: 070 223 210
The NL: 09005400540
01582 405 100
08443 351 801
0208 745 7727
0844 335 1803
01279 663 293
08448 920 322
01293 503 162
01342 326 944
0845 130 7633
08451 307 701 or 02476
422 024
Other info
Open Mon – Fri 08:45 to 18:00 (Jan to
June) / Mon – Fri 08:45 to 17:30 (July to
Dec) / Saturday 09:00 to 13:00
Complete guide to operating your motorhome
Motorhome Exterior:
Your vehicle comes with 3 keys (cab key / motorhome habitation key / steering wheel lock key & a
Just go identity key ring which states the last 3 letters of the registration of your vehicle.
Steering Wheel
Lock Key
Cab Key
The main cab key shown above opens the both doors of the vehicle’s
cab. If the main cab key has central locking this only applies to the
vehicles cab not the habitation doors, locker or
windows. Please make sure you lock the motorhome door with
the habitation key shown above.
Main Cab Key
Habitation Key
Motorhome Habitation Key
This key opens the main door to the motorhome and all external compartments to the
Steering Wheel Lock
Please make sure you apply the steering wheel lock when the vehicle is left
unattended and at night when you are asleep.
Make sure you place the lock through the wheel and click the yellow end
through the wheel as well to secure.
Diesel Fuel Tank
Open the fuel tank with the main cab key (shown above).
Please note that the motorhome takes diesel fuel only. If
you are travelling during the winter, at high altitudes or in
snowy resorts please refer to Diesel additives in the winter
LPG Gas – Turning on
To turn on your gas there is a tap fixing just above the gauge. To open
turn this anti clockwise & to close the valve turn it clockwise.
You will also have to press the green button in for about 3 seconds on the regulator in order
for the system to pressurise.
Please make sure your gas bottle is turned off when the vehicle is moving, unattended or
you are asleep.
LPG Gas bottle – Re-filling
The gas bottle must be completely re-filled upon return to the Just go depot.
Always make sure the tap on the bottle is closed before refilling with LPG
Remove filler cap & place pump nozzle into the gasflow point. The pump nozzle will have a
bayonet attachment so put the nozzle in filler and twist. You will feel that the nozzle is firmly
attached. Now squeeze the nozzle handle and lock in the open position. Now go to the LPG
pump and push & hold the flow button.
Do not release the button until the pump stops. The pump will stop automatically when the
bottle is full. Please be aware that when you release the filler nozzle it will make a loud
whoosh noise, this is normal.
When re-filling in Europe use the European adaptor which you will find zip tied to the gas
bottle. The adaptor needs to be screwed firmly to the filler before inserting filler nozzle.
Please be aware if travelling to northern Scotland, Ireland, Spain that you should ensure your
LPG bottle is full before entering Spain as filling points are few and far between.
Your gas bottle has a
capacity of 20 litres
and costs approx
£15.00 to fill from
LPG Gas Bottle – Refilling Instructions
Fresh Water Tank (holds 100 litres of fresh water)
To refill unscrew cap and place the hose pipe provided into
the tank making sure that the hose is as far down as
Use drinking water only.
It should take 10-15 mins to completely fill an empty tank.
Make sure the pressure of the water supply is not on too strong as
the water will be flowing too fast & the tank will not be filled up fully.
Check levels of tank by using the control panel (see ‘control panel’
Please ensure all hose & adaptors supplied are returned to motorhome on completion of filling
water tank as there is a charge for missing items.
We do not recommend that the fresh water tank is used for drinking water.
To empty the Toilet Cassette
Ensure the lever that closes the vent from the loo to the toilet cassette is in
the ‘closed’ position. (This is inside of bathroom, grey leaver underneath
the toilet bowl, see ‘Toilet’ section).
Unlock toilet cassette door, push in both button at the same time to open.
Lift up yellow lever and pull cassette out from the locker
Rotate grey arm upwards and unscrew yellow cap
Poor contents down designated waste disposal area or conventional
Rinse with water and add loo chemical or sachet.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Luggage / Garage compartment Items
Make sure you only
empty waste at
approved dump
Luggage/Garage Compartment:
Supplied in your Emergency Box:
Snow Chains – Winter only
EU Mains Adaptor
Warning triangle
Dust pan & brush & Adaptors
Hose & Bucket
Aqua Kem Sachets (toilet cassette)
Electrical Hook up cable
First Aid Kit (pls note this is a chargeable item if used)
Breathalyser Kit (pls note this is a chargeable item if used)
2 x High Vis Jacket
Spare bulbs & fuses
Headlight Benders
Airbox maxi
Snow Chains
Snow chains are supplied with the vehicle upon request and during winter
months; please see fitting instructions to follow.
The snow chains are only to be used in emergency situation to get you off the
road safely. They are not meant for long distance driving. We would recommend
a maximum speed of 24km/h (10-15mph) and a maximum distance of 5 miles.
Reversing Sensors
The motorhome is equipped with reversing sensors however Just go always recommends that you
have someone helping to direct you when reversing, as the sensors may not always pick up small
posts etc. There are no overhead sensors so it will not pick up any overhead obstructions.
If hiring a bike rack please be aware that
this does extend past the length of the
motorhome, the reversing sensors will
not take this into account and therefore
cannot be relied upon. Always have
Bike Rack
The motorhome can be equipped with a bike rack Pic 1
Pic 2
(upon request), which can hold up to 4 bikes.
To open the bike rack loosen central arm by
undoing the top central red screw and unclip
the plastic strap around the middle tray. (pic
Pull the 3 trays down so they are in a
horizontal position. (pic 2)
Place the bikes on the trays and secure the
wheels by clipping the plastic straps around
the wheels.(pic 3 & 4)
Now secure the central arm to the bike frame using the plastic strap. If more than 1 bike
secure the bike furthest from the motorhome, this will hold all of them in one place. (pic 5)
Once the bike rack is not in use fold the trays back to the vertical position and secure with the
central arm and plastic strap.
As the bike rack extends past the length of the motorhome, the reversing sensors will not take
this into account and therefore cannot be relied upon. Always have some standing behind you
when reversing.
Pic 3
Pic 5
Pic 4
Grey Water Tank
Grey water is waste water from sinks & shower. Each
motorhome has two grey water tanks, one for
shower/bathroom sink water, and the other for kitchen
sink water.
The release levers are located underneath the
motorhome as pointed out during your tour. Pull leaver
downwards to release and empty, and put back upwards
to close.
Both tanks are at the rear of the vehicle.
Make sure the leavers are closed, especially before travelling
as they will come off whilst travelling over road humps.
Handle in the
horizontal position
is closed
Handle in the
position is
Make sure you only
empty waste at
approved dump
Habitation door (main door into the rear of the motorhome)
To close door: make sure the metal leaver on the left hand side of the door, inside the
motorhome is in the down (horizontal) position. Gently close the door. If you force it, the lock
will break.
To lock: turn the key a half turn to the left and back to the middle.
To unlock: give the key a half turn to the right and back to the middle.
Alternatively, to lock the door from the inside, move the white leaver behind the lock on the
inside of the door, to the right to lock it, and to left to unlock it.
Towing eye
Your towing eye is located on the front passenger side bumper
Nomad Dimensions:
Vehicle width is: 2.34m / 7.68ft
Vehicle length is: 6.49m / 22ft
Vehicle height is: 3.00m/ 9.85ft
Are you experiencing
problems shutting your
Make sure your lever is in
the horizontal position and
firmly shut the door
Motorhome Interior:
Control Panel (above main entrance door)
Power: Press the ‘light bulb’ switch to enable lights on.
Water pump: Press the ‘water tap’ button to turn the water pump on. This ensures that you
can use the shower/sinks/loo flush etc. Remember to turn it off when
water is not required.
The ‘test’ button for both the fresh water level, and the battery level,
This little gizmo is
is the circular button, at the bottom of the control panel. You must
the heart of your
press and hold this button down, in order to see what the levels
motorhome. From
are. As soon as you release this button, the LCD will go out.
Water: Press the ‘test’ button to check the level of fresh water
turning on your
left in the tank. Lights by the side of the ‘water tank’ symbol (box
lights to checking
with curved top), indicate the level of water with a gradual scale. If
you leisure battery
all light illuminate, then the fresh water tank is full, and vice versa.
Leisure Battery: Press the ‘test’ button to check the leisure battery
charge level. Lights by the side of the ‘battery symbol’ (box with +/- signs
above it), indicate the level of battery power left with a gradual scale, the same as with the
water. Note: When you are connected to an electrical hook up all the lights will illuminate,
regardless of the leisure batteries level.
Grey water: The light on top of the panel (box half shaded with curved top), above the ‘fresh
water tank’ symbol will turn red if grey water tank is full.
Mains electricity connection: when connected to 240V electrical hook up, an orange light
will be displayed on the control panel, next to the ‘plug’ symbol.
To switch on: Turn the ‘power’ button on at the control panel, (see above). This works
like a master light switch, and should be turned off as you leave the motorhome.
All interior lights have their own power on/off switch.
If none of the lights work, then either the master ‘power’ switch has not been turned on
(see above), or the leisure battery has run out of power. Either turn the engine on to
recharge the battery, or connect to a 240V electrical hook-up source to power them.
Make sure the gas bottle is turned on.
Works like a normal gas hob. Turn, depress and hold the relevant knob for
3 seconds and then light with a match.
Make sure you switch off when not in use.
Never close the lid when a flame is alight as glass lid
will shatter.
Microwave (Works like a normal microwave)
Will only work if you are hooked up to a 240v power supply or a generator.
(please only use generator supplied by Just go unless otherwise agreed)
Note: If the microwaves seem to work but is not cooking anything, it means your electrical
source is not powerful enough. It needs to be a 16amp, 240v source. Campsite power supplies
do vary particularly European campsites which supply insufficient power to run items like the
RCD Unit (residual current device)
This is located in a kitchen cupboard underneath the side. This
can be accidently knocked as located behind pots, pans etc.
If you experience no 240v power please check to make sure
the switch is on. i.e switch is in the ‘up’ position.
If this is tripped or knocked accidently then the 240V supply
will not work.
Gas Isolation Switches (located in a kitchen cupboard underneath the side)
These switches isolate various gas functions on board the motorhome.
The switch which has a picture of a pan is for your gas hob and should
be in the horizontal position.
The switch which has a picture of a tap/boiler is for your water boiler
and should
always be in the horizontal position.
The switch which has a picture of a snow flake is for your gas supply to
the fridge. Just go isolates this for safety reasons and should always be
in the vertical position. If you find you are without power for the whole
duration of your hire i.e Festivals, you can phone the office and we can
guide you through running your fridge on gas (see fridge section below).
Plug Socket
The plug socket will only work if you are connected to a 240V electrical
hook-up source or a Just go generator.
Note: The plug socket will not work when you are travelling.
Combi Heater System
The motorhome has a combi system and both hot water and the heating
are controlled via the same switch. The outer rotary switch is the main
control, while the dial inside the rotary switch is the temperature
thermostat control used when the heating is on.
When the outer grey dial is at the 3 O’clock position & pointing to
the ‘O’ symbol the system is off..
To switch on hot water: Turn on gas and water pump. Move the
outer rotary switch anti-clockwise to either the 40°c or 60°c
symbols and the boiler will switch on and begin to heat the water. A
green light will appear. It will takes approximately 20 mins to heat it
up. Switch both the boiler and water pump off when finished.
To switch on heating: Turn on gas. Make sure the inner thermostat dial is turned down to
the lowest setting. Then turn the outer rotary switch clockwise down one click, to the 4 O’clock
position to the flame only symbol to ignite the heating system. Once ignited, you can turn the
thermostat dial to the desired setting.
To switch on heating and hot water: Turn on gas and water pump. Turn the outer rotary
switch clockwise down one click to the flame symbol. Wait 10 seconds or so until the boiler
ignites. Once ignited, you can then move the outer rotary switch clockwise down one more
click to the bottom flame symbol with 60°c next to it. This will heat the hot water to 60°c
only, the heating can be regulated with the thermostat dial. Hot water will take longer to heat
on this setting.
Failure to work: If after a few minutes a red light appears, then the combi system is not
working! Please don’t confuse this with an orange light as this means the boiler is heating up.
Sometimes there can be an airlock in the gas pipe so re-set the dial to ‘off’ (3 o’clock position)
& then turn it back on again. It can take up 3 or 4 attempts to start it. If this fails then either,
the gas has not been switch on/needs refilling, or there is no water in the boiler, or the
temperature dial is not set to it’s lowest setting. Turn the water pump on by pushing the
‘water tap’ switch, on the control panel to get water into the boiler. Make sure there is water
in the fresh water tank in order to do this. (see control panel water tank sections). If you are
trying to get heating N.B. The combi system will not work if the leisure battery is flat. You will
need to connect to an electrical hook-up or turn the engine on to charge the battery first.
Turn off when not in use. Never leave the combi boiler on (including heating) whilst
the motorhome is moving, unattended or you are asleep!
Frost Protection Switch
During the colder months when the temperature drops the frost protection switch will
automatically drop down and empty the water from the boiler to stop it freezing. The location of
the switch is next to the boiler as pointed out during your tour. In order to get water from the fresh
water tank you need to reset this valve.
Open the rear wardrobe and look open the floor in front of the boiler.
To reset the frost protection valve hold the blue button in.
Note: If you have your water pump switched on and the frost protection valve drops down
it will empty all of the water out of the fresh water tank and burn our the pump.
To avoid this keep your water pump switched off when not in use.
No Water? Check
this device out first
if you experience
water running
underneath your
Push blue button in to reset
Window Operations – open, close, fly screen & blind
To open: Undo all latches; push window out until it clicks into the extended position
To close: Push window all the way out and let window fall back to closed position. This
should never be forced.
Fly screen: Carefully squeeze together the central plastic catch and pull gently down until it
clicks into the ‘night blind’ securely.
Night blind: Ensure fly screen is clicked into place on the night blind, then carefully squeeze
together plastic catches either side of fly screen catch and pull the blind gently up.
All windows must be closed when vehicle is in motion
Fly Screen
Roof vent window operation
Gently rotate arm to open roof vent
Secure in place with plastic strap.
To close, gently rotate the plastic handle in opposite direction to close the vent firmly.
All sky windows need to be closed when vehicle is in motion.
Bathroom - Toilet
The seat swivels to give extra leg room. (See pic 1 below)
Lever underneath bowl opens and closes the vent to the loo cassette below.
We recommend this is closed when not in use, and especially whilst travelling.
(see pic 2 below)
Flush: make sure water pump is on (see ‘control panel’ section) press and hold blue button.
To empty the toilet cassette, (see ‘Toilet cassette’ section)
The orange light illuminates when the toilet cassette is full & needs emptying. We recommend
you do not leave it till this happens as it can be very heavy and too full by this stage.
Dependent on how often you use the toilet, always empty every other day if there is only two
of you or every day if more people are onboard. (see pic 3 below)
After emptying add the toilet chemicals sachet to the cassette by dropping one down the toilet
from the inside of the motorhome and releasing it to the cassette below. This will keep
everything smelling fresh and will break down
Pic 2
Pic 1
Pic 3
To flush press
the blue
orange when
Shower Operation
Make sure water pump is on (see ‘control panel’)
Operates like a normal shower
You will only get hot water, if the boiler has been turned on. This will
take approximately 20 minutes to heat up, (see hot water control).
The shower head is located as part of the tap on the sink. In order to
use as a shower you need to pull the shower head out of the sink
and then pull out enough to place in the holder located on the ceiling.
Once fitted in place you can use the shower curtain to run around the
shower rails to create a circular shower area.
Remember you
need to switch your
water pump on to
use your taps,
shower & toilet flush
Sink Operation
Make sure water pump is on (see ‘control panel’)
Operates like a normal mixer tap.
You will only get hot water, if the boiler has been turned on. This will take approximately 20
minutes to heat up, (see hot water control).
When using the sink please make sure no food waste, oils etc are emptied down the plug hole
as this may cause a blockage and will cause the grey water tanks to become clogged. A
plunger is provided should this happen.
TV System
Please follow the guidlines
below to use the TV system
Please note:
Light switch number 2 on the control panel will need
to be on for the TV to be able to receive any signal
Turn the TV on by using the TV remote & pressing the
round on/off button
Again using the TV remote Select the menu button
Manually select the Auto scan option by using the arrows
on the remote and selecting OK
You will be asked to enter the country that you are
currently in, select by pressing OK
The TV will now tune into the channel available for that
Please Note this can take up to 15 minutes.
You will be able to keep an eye on the process of the search by
the below display which will appear on the screen
Use remote P+/P- buttons to go up/down through the
different channels
Alternatively Click the EPG button on the remote which will
bring up the channel program guide in greater detail
Turn the fridge on by pressing and holding down the grey On/Off button for a few seconds.
The display will flash when the power is on
The fridge can run on 2 different power supplies;
240v hook-up socket, use when connected to the electric hook-up (plug symbol)
12v leisure battery, only works when the engine is running! (battery symbol)
Press and hold the grey select button for a few seconds until the power display flashes
Using the left/right buttons select either the battery symbol or the plug symbol
Press and hold the grey select button again to make confirm the setting
The Temperature gauge will now flash, using the left/right buttons you can turn the
temperature up or down
Press and hold the grey select button once more to confirm the setting and your fridge will
now be ready to use
Power display
Select button
The RHS knob controls the temperature, rotate clockwise for coldest temperature settings.
The fridge can also work on gas, Just go isolates this for safety reasons. If you find you are
without power for the whole duration of your hire i.e Festivals, you can phone the office and
we can guide you through running your fridge on gas.
Just go advises that you turn your gas off whilst the vehicle is moving, left unattended and
whilst you are sleeping.
Please make sure you park the vehicle on level ground, any kind of incline and the fridge will
not work.
If the weather is really hot in the late 20’s to 30oC, the fridge will not be able to work.
When loading the fridge try and put as much pre chilled items in as possible as this helps to
bring the internal temp down quickly.
Door handles / Cupboards
Please be careful when opening the cupboard doors especially overhead cupboards, make sure
you use your other hand to stop items i.e. glass/cups falling out as items dislodge when the
vehicle moves.
Make sure all cupboards are closed whilst vehicle is moving.
To access the cupboards you need to push the button in and it will pop out.
Bed conversion
Dining area behind the driver’s seat:
To start, place all the seat belts into their holders to keep them out of the way.
Depress the button
found mid-way down
leg of the table and
rotate the bottom
half of the leg
upwards, to make a
right angle.
Tilt the whole table upwards
and lift free from the back
Rest table top down on
the wooden ledges
between the two seats
to fill the gap.
Use cushions from
the rear of the seat
to cover the table
area and form the
If the bed is to be enlarged into a full double:
With both hands pull
the side extenders
out evenly to create a
large double bed
Fill these gaps with the 3
Fill middle gap where
Use the three spare
spare cushions.
table top is between
cushions on the Luton
the two bench seats,
bed above the cab to
by pulling the table top
complete the
forward, level with the
edge of the other
support boards, and fit
board (found in the
the table top and the
Luton bed over the cabin:
To put the bed back just reverse the below instructions.
Pull the bed out towards
you, making sure you pull
the bed inline/square.
Push the mattress into
Always use the ladder
provided to climb up and
Do not pull extension board
all the way out. If it comes
out too far it will flex in the
No need to worry
about sleepless
nights with our bed
Remember to
remove all footwear
when climbing on
the beds & seating
around the dinette
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