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°C Breeze
Condensed Moisture Airflow Visualization
The Complete Fog Generating System
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°C Breeze
Condensed Moisture
Airflow Visualization
Thank you for choosing Degree
Controls, Inc. °C Breeze Fog
System. °C Breeze is ideal for
tracing air movements and is a
sturdy and portable state-of-the
art fog machine. To ensure optimal
performance of your unit please
follow the suggestions in this user
Important Notes & Warnings
Keep this device dry.
Always remove the battery or unplug the power adaptor to your °C Breeze Fog System before filling the
liquid tank.
Keep the unit upright.
Remove the battery or unplug the power adaptor when not in use.
This machine is not water or splash proof. If moisture, water or fog liquid gets inside the housing,
immediately remove power and contact Degree Controls, Inc.
Never leave the unit running unattended.
Keep nozzle at least 20” (50 cm) away from contact with anything while in operation.
The fog vapour at point of release is under pressure and is hot.
Never aim the output nozzle directly at people.
Use in a well ventilated area. Never cover the vents on the front of the °C Breeze. Never aim the output
nozzle at open flames.
The output nozzle becomes hot during operation. Keep flammable materials at least 20” (50 cm) away
from the nozzle.
Always allow your °C Breeze to cool down before attempting to clean or service it.
Do not expose the battery to excessive heat, keep away from open flames.
Only use the supplied °C Breeze Fog Fluid.
Always make sure there is sufficient liquid in the liquid tank. The fluid level can be monitored via the
window at the back of the machine.
Operating this unit without Fog Fluid will cause damage to the pump and the heater.
If your °C Breeze fails to work properly, discontinue use immediately. Drain all Fog Fluid from the tank,
remove battery, pack the unit securely (preferably in the original packing material) and return it to
Degree Controls, Inc. for service.
Always drain Fog Fluid from tank before shipping or transporting this unit.
Never drink Fog Fluid. If it is ingested, call a doctor immediately. If Fog Fluid comes in contact with skin
or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
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°C Breeze User Manual
ºC Breeze
Leftside View
Power Button
Tank Fluid Cap
Tube Breather Holes
Fluid Tank Level
Battery Clip
Extension Tube
Battery Compartment
ºC Breeze
Rightside View
Tank Fluid Cap
Signal LED
Power Button
Extension Tube Insertion
Fluid Tank Level
Remote Control
Extension Tube
Momentary &
Toggle Switch
Tube Breather Holes
Tank Fluid Cap
Fluid Tank Level
Battery Clip
18 Meadowbrook Dr, Milford, NH 03055-4612, USA
Phone: 603-672-8900, Fax: 603-672-9565
Battery Compartment
Battery Electrical Contacts
(on right side)
ºC Breeze
Condensed Moisture
Airflow Visualization
°C Breeze User Manual
© 2013 Degree Controls, Inc.
Project Number:
NPI Group - MS190
Part Number:
NPI Group - MS190
Part Revision:
Drawing Sheets:
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Unpacking & Inspection
Open the shipping carton, open the flight case and
check to see if all equipment is inside and intact. If
any of the equipment is damaged or not working
properly, contact Degree Controls, Inc. immediately.
You should have received the following items:
• °C Breeze fogger
• Application tape
• 12V rechargeable battery
• Battery charger and international plugs
• 500 ml bottle of °C Breeze Fog Fluid
• °C Breeze user manual
• °C Breeze Material Saftey Data Sheet (MSDS)
• Carrying case
Note: Battery requires 8 hours charging
time on the first charge.
Filling the unit.
Remove all packing materials. Check that all
foam and plastic padding is removed, especially
in the nozzle area.
Fill the unit with °C Breeze Fog Fluid. When
filled, place cap back on liquid tank and tighten.
Charge the battery. Plug the adaptor into a
grounded electrical outlet. The green light
on the battery charge will light up when it is
connected to the power supply. Then connect
the charging head to the battery. The battery
will be fully charged in approximately 2-3 hours
The charge will last between 10-12 minutes
of constant fog output before needing to be
Align the °C Breeze charged battery with the
electrical contact of the battery on the right
hand side of the center line.
Lift the silver Battery Retaining Clip on the rear
face of the °C Breeze.
Slide the battery into the °C Breeze, pushing it
all the way in.
Battery Insertion & Clip.
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°C Breeze User Manual
The °C Breeze operates with or without the extension tube. The unit can be operated instantly, as no
warm-up time is required, and has two modes of
operation; Momentary (←) or Toggle (→). To select
the Momentary mode, slide switch on the right
hand side of the machine to the left towards the
reservoir (fogs only when the button is held down).
Select the Toggle mode by sliding the switch to the
right towards the fog outlet (pressing the fog button once starts fog, pressing again stops fog).
• Start fog by pressing the button on the handle.
The LED will flash green, and after 1 or 2 seconds fog will be produced.
Toggle Action.
The °C Breeze will fog continuously until the
button is pressed a second time (if Toggle) or
until the button is released (if Momentary).
The Green LED will continue to flash for approximately 10 seconds after switch off.
• When the LED turns Red the battery needs to
be charged. The machine will still be able to
produce fog for a short period of time after the
red light begins flashing.
• VERY IMPORTANT - to give you optimum
battery life, remove the battery from the °C
Breeze when you are done using the machine.
To remove the battery lift the silver Battery
Retaining Clip in the back of the °C Breeze and
then pull the battery out.
• The machine will fog until the battery charge
runs down or the °C Breeze runs out of fog
fluid. When the °C Breeze is connected to the
optional power adaptor, carefully monitor the
level of the fog liquid to make sure the machine
does not run out of liquid. A full fluid reservoir
is equivalent to approximately 50 minutes of
• A full battery will power the °C Breeze for a
period of 10-12 minutes before needing to be
Fog Dispersion:
• The machine can be operated at an angle that
ensures the fog fluid in the bottle is drawn
into the machine. In practice this means that,
provided the reservoir is full on the sightglass
the unit can be used to generate fog ±45° from
the horizontal plane. Before using the machine
make sure that the filler cap is tightened!
°C Breeze User Manual
Push Button.
Always monitor tank fluid levels as
you are producing fog. Running the
°C Breeze without fluid can permanently damage the unit.
If you experience low output, pump
noise or no output at all, remove the
battery immediately. Check fluid level
and recharge the battery. When the
liquid tank is full and the battery is
charged, plug the battery in and press
the button on the handle.
If the machine is still not working and
you are unable to determine the cause
of the problem, do not open the case.
There are no user serviceable parts
inside. Return the machine to Degree
Controls, Inc. for service.
Extension Tube
If fitting the extension tube for precise fog
placement, ensure that the tube’s breather
holes are at the end closest to the machine.
They are designed to draw air into the vapor
stream and help the formation of fog.
A small amount of deposition will occur over
time in the extension tube, due to the restriction of the fog particles. Always clean the
extension tube after use.
© 2013 Degree Controls, Inc.
Optional Full Time Power
When desired the °C Breeze can be powered by
an optional power adaptor which plugs into a
standard electrical outlet. The adaptor connects to a
dummy battery which plugs into the battery slot on
the °C Breeze. This allows for extended operation of
the °C Breeze.
Optional Remote
Control Operation
An optional Wireless Remote Control is available from Degree Controls, Inc. If using the Radio
Remote always ensure the battery is fully charged
or use a direct power adaptor with dummy battery.
Always ensure the °C Breeze has sufficient fog fluid.
Using a miniature screw driver, adjust the Slide
Switch towards the reservoir (as indicated by the
yellow arrow - this is the Momentary fog mode).
• Preparation: Connect receiver to °C Breeze as
• To Make Fog: Press the A button on the
• To Stop Fog: Press the B button on the remote.
Fog will stop within 10 seconds. Remove the
receiver from the °C Breeze when not in use. If
you wish to maintain Momentary position (so
the fog generation will only produce fog when
the fog button on the handle is depressed)
leave the Slide Switch in the position detailed
above. If you require the fog button on the
machine to latch on, put the Slide Switch away
from the reservoir in the Toggle position.
Power Adaptor.
Remote Control Operation.
If you require the fog button on the
machine to latch on, put the Slide Switch
away from the reservoir.
Performance Notes
All fog machines develop condensation around the output
The °C Breeze may produce small puffs of fog occasionally
during operation and for a minute or so after being turned
off. This is normal and is not indicative of a defect.
After continuous operation, the exterior of the °C Breeze
will become warm, especially at the front of the machine.
Take care in handling the machine during and shortly after
fogging. Only carry the °C Breeze by the handle and let the
machine cool down before packing it in the carry case.
As the battery becomes discharged and weaker, a pumping
noise or puffing of fog may become more prominent.
© 2013 Degree Controls, Inc.
°C Breeze User Manual
This Product Uses
Propylene Glycol
Output: 2.8 m3 (100 ft3) per minute
Power Consumption: 75 W
Tank Capacity: 110 cc (3.7 oz)
Battery (Supplied): 12V DC/2.3Ah
Consumption: 2 cc (0.07 oz) per minute
Weight: 2.7 kg (95 oz)
Dimensions: 227 mm x 66 mm x 81 mm
(8.9 in x 2.6 in x 3.1 in)
Input: 100-240V ~2A, 50/60 Hz
DC Output: 12V/5.8A Max: 70 W
Fog Fluid: Propylene Glycol
Fog: Condensed Moisture Vapor
Bottle Volume: 500 ml ~25 hours of
continuous operation
Use only Degree Controls, Inc. °C Breeze
Fog Fluid in this device. Propylene Glycol
is the main ingredient and can be purchased in many similar forms for a variety
of applications, but only the °C Breeze Fog
Fluid meets the purity and pharmaceutical grade quality appropriate for the °C
Breeze Fogger. The use of other chemicals
will invalidate the product warranty and
may be dangerous to your health.
Propylene Glycol is an additive used in
many consumer and pharmaceutical
products including; lipstick, cosmetics, processed baked goods, fruit juices,
animal feed and veterinarian products.
It also creates the inhaled mist that is
found in many e-cigarette devices. When
propylene glycol is used in pharmaceutical
applications, strict specifications for quality as laid out in the European Pharmacopoeia, have to be followed. This official
document of the European Directorate
for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM) is
used in more than 37 countries in Europe.
In the US, propylene glycol is listed as
GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe – for
use in food and pharmaceuticals in the
US-Pharmacopoeia (Ref21CFR), the official
FDA (US Food & Drug Administration)
document. It has been extensively studied
and its toxicology has been summarized
in a SIDS Initial Assessment Report (SIAR)
with a recommendation for no additional
Derivatives of Propylene Glycol are also
used in Automotive Antifreeze, Commercial Cooling Systems, and de-icing of
planes in the Aerospace Industry. Be sure
to use only Degree Controls, Inc. Fog Fluid
in your °C Breeze device. Proper use of the
°C Breeze Fog Fluid is safe and harmless
to individuals. Refer to the °C Breeze User
Manual and MSDS (Material Safety Data
Sheet) included in your kit or download it
on-line at
°C Breeze User Manual
© 2013 Degree Controls, Inc.
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