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Sonorous Model 1
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Sonorous Model 1
What is the Sonorous model 1?
Sonorous and Messaging Provider Contact Information
System Overview
Front Panel
Figure 1 - Front Panel Diagram
Connections Panel
Figure 2 - Side Panel Diagram
CD Preparation Instructions
Message Length Tables
Step 1 – Connections
Figure 3 - Installation Diagram
Connection Instructions
Step 2 – Load Messages
CD Load
Table 1 - Status Light Indications
Message Review
Step 3 – Adjust Volume
Playback Operation
Continuous Play
Power On Self-Test (POST)
Wall Mounting Instructions
FLAT SURFACE Mounting Instructions
Technical Specifications
Table 2 - Troubleshooting
FCC Notice
Copyright Notice
Limited Warranty
Quick Install instructions
Connection Instructions
Sonorous Model 1
The Sonorous™ Model 1 is a state-of-the-art digital audio recording and playback
device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for message-on-hold,
background music, or any other audio application where high-quality audio
playback is required. The audio program is loaded from a standard MP3 burned
CD using a pure digital-to-digital transfer into a high-density flash memory file
system. After audio is loaded, the CD can be removed and the audio is played
from its 8Ω or 1KΩ output jacks on the rear of the unit.
The Sonorous is also available with the optional Sonocrypt™ encryption key
technology. This technology enables you to protect your units from being loaded
with any unauthorized .mp3 file. When a CD is burned, an additional key file
must be placed on the CD to make it work. These key files are only supplied to
dealers using this feature.
The Sonorous Model 1 is the most versatile digital player of its kind with a list of
features that includes:
CD-ROM Loadable – using standard MP3’s burned onto a CD
Base memory of 64 minutes @ 32Kbps
Bit rates up to 128K bits-per-second
Sample rates up to 48KHz
Industry standard time-proven CD-ROM drive
Sonocrypt™ encryption key technology
Built-in monitor speaker
Extruded aluminum & steel construction
5-year parts and labor warranty
Manufactured in the USA
Each Sonorous is built to exacting quality standards using state-of-the-art SMT
(surface mount) assembly for outstanding reliability and years of dependable
To get the best possible performance from your Sonorous, please take the time
to read this manual and fully familiarize yourself with how the Sonorous works
before you begin installation.
Sonorous Model 1
The following must be supplied by your messaging
provider, which is not included with the Sonorous:
1. A pre-recorded .mp3 file or CD containing
the messages. (The Key file is also needed if
you are using Sonocrypt.)
Use the space below to record information about the Sonorous and about
your messaging provider. You must have this information should you
require assistance installing or configuring the unit, and when you need
new voice messages or background music.
Sonorous and Messaging Provider Contact Information
Dealer name:
Serial number:
(11 digits)
Sonorous Model 1
Front Panel
The Monitor Switch, Monitor Speaker, Open/Close Button and Status LED are
located on the front panel.
Figure 1 - Front Panel Diagram
Monitor Switch – Turns the Monitor Speaker Off/On.
Monitor Speaker – A built-in speaker, useful for previewing the CD, or
listening to the audio output during operation. Note that the speaker’s
volume is not adjustable.
Open/Close Button – Opens and closes the motorized CD drawer for CD
loading and removal.
Status LED – Lights to indicate the current operation status of the unit.
Key - Indicates the Sonorous is equipped with Sonocrypt.
Key2 - Indicates the Sonorous is equipped with Sonocrypt2.
Sonorous Model 1
Connections Panel
The back side panel is where the connectors are for external equipment
including the Power Supply, and the system that receives the Sonorous's output.
Also located here are the Volume Control and the Power Switch.
Figure 2 - Side Panel Diagram
Volume – Used to adjust the volume of the audio output.
8Ω Audio Output – Used to connect to an external 8OHM speaker or
1KΩ Audio Output – Used to connect to an external audio system such as a
KSU/PBX Phone System or an amplifier.
Power Switch – Used to turn the unit Off/On.
Power Supply – Used to supply power to the unit.
Sonorous Model 1
To get the best audio reproduction, it is essential to start with a high-quality
recording. In order to load into memory properly, your audio CD program must
conform to the following guidelines exactly.
1. Be sure to include a 1 second music Fade In and 1 second music Fade Out at
the beginning and end of each message, similar to the audio file above. This
will give you better continuity between messages.
2. Use only MPEG-2 or MPEG-3 (also known as .mp3 files) on CD-R, or CD-RW
3. The Sonorous loads your .mp3 files into memory alphabetically. If your
messages must play in a specific order, we suggest adding a 3-digit number
in the prefix.
For example… 100Promo1.mp3, 101Message1.mp3,
102Promo2, 103Message3.mp3, etc. The Sonorous will load these messages
according to the 3-digit number before them. Any alphabetical naming
convention will work, however, do not use fewer than 3-digits as the Sonorous
will load a file named 20Promo1.mp3 before a file named 3Promo2.mp3 etc.
4. Record your .mp3 productions as a Data CD using your existing CD Burner
Software. If you are using Sonocrypt™ or Sonocrypt2™, you must burn the
key file along with your .mp3 production(s).
NOTE: Some audio editors embed album art or cover art into the .mp3 files. Some
of these files may not be compatible with the Sonorous.
Sonorous Model 1
Message length is determined by the bit-rate of the audio file. Refer to the table
below to determine the maximum memory of each unit.
16MB (16,777,216 bytes)
32MB (33,554,432 bytes)
64MB (67,108,864 bytes)
128MB (134,217,728 bytes)
256MB (268,435,476 bytes)
512MB (536,870,912 bytes)
768MB (805,306,368 bytes)
The Sonorous may store up to 500 messages, assuming the total size of all
messages does not exceed the maximum memory of the unit stated above. As a
general rule of thumb, allow extra memory to be used by the unit’s file system. Any
messages that exceed the estimated memory (Base 16MB x 1,000,000 = 16,000,000
bytes) might not be downloaded into the unit.
The actual size of the message(s) can be found by viewing the Properties information
of the selected file(s). View the Size on disk label. (The larger of the two)
In the example above, the size of the file is 3,842,048 bytes. If you divide that by
1,048,576, the result, 3.66MB, will be the size of the file in MB. On a base 16MB
Sonorous, you still have 12.34MB of available memory.
Sonorous Model 1
Step 1 – Connections
Locate the Sonorous within 6 feet of an 110VAC outlet. The unit is designed to
be placed on a flat, level surface or securely mounted on a wall. Be sure to
leave clearance for connections and adjustments.
Important: Devices that emit strong electromagnetic fields such as computer
monitors and fluorescent lights may interfere with message loading, so locate
the unit at least a few feet away from such devices.
To help protect against power surges and other electrical problems, the use of a
quality surge suppressor strip (which is different from a standard multi-outlet
power strip) is strongly recommended. Damage caused by power surges,
lightning, or other electrical problems are not covered under warranty.
Figure 3 - Installation Diagram
Sonorous Model 1
Connection Instructions
1. Turn the power switch OFF. Plug the included power supply into a normal
110VAC wall outlet and the 15VDC jack on the Sonorous. Only use the
power pack provided with the unit (15VDC, center pin positive). Many power
supplies look alike, but provide different output. Using the wrong one voids
your warranty and may damage the unit.
2. Connect either the 8Ω or 1KΩ audio output jack to the PA sound system input
using a mono RCA-to-RCA cable (included). If the sound system does not
have an RCA-style input, use the included RCA to 1/8 inch adapter.
Sonorous Model 1
Step 2 – Load Messages
Messages must be loaded into the Sonorous from a CD.
NOTE: Memory is automatically erased whenever a CD load begins.
CD Load
Turn the power switch on. The Sonorous begins a 30 second self-test and the
Status LED cycles from Green to Orange. After the short self-test is
completed, the Status LED turns to a blinking Green. Press the CD
open/close button. The motorized CD-ROM drawer opens just like a CDROM drive on a computer. Place the CD into the drawer, then press the
open/close button. The Sonorous detects the presence of the CD, switches
itself to setup mode, the Status LED turns to a blinking Orange, then begins
the load process automatically. The Status LED turns solid Green when the
Sonorous is finished loading.
NOTE: Never eject the CD while it is loading.
During CD load, the status light displays the load progress:
Slow Green blink
Slow Orange blink
Solid Green
Slow Red blink
Fast Green Flash
No messages loaded
Message(s) loading
Message is playing
Sonocrypt protected (Need Key) or
Incompatible Audio CD
Memory Over-Run Warning or bad .mp3
files on CD
Table 1 - Status Light Indications
Once the unit detects the CD, it begins loading message #1, and then starts
loading message #2, and so on until all messages on the CD are loaded.
After all messages are successfully loaded, the Status LED turns to a solid
Green. If your Status LED is blinking Red, your Sonorous is protected by
Sonocrypt and the Key is needed, or you have a bad CD. The CD
automatically ejects in the event that this occurs.
Important: It is not necessary to leave the CD in the unit after loading.
Since the Sonorous uses non-volatile Flash memory, messages are not
erased during power outages or when the unit is unplugged or turned
off. If you do decide to remove the CD, LEAVE IT OUT. Every time you
insert a CD with the power switch on, all messages are erased and the
CD load process begins.
Sonorous Model 1
A fast green flash after a load indicates that the audio is playing, but the entire
CD has not been loaded because it exceeds the available memory of the
Sonorous. NOTE: All complete files load until you are out of available
memory. At that point, the Sonorous begins its normal playback operation. If
the Sonorous loses power, the LED will turn to a solid green upon power up.
This over-run warning is for the initial load only.
Message Review
You can listen to the messages via the internal monitor speaker by pressing
the monitor switch. This is useful for listening to the messages privately before
they play over the sound system. Messages only play after they are loaded
into the Flash memory.
Step 3 – Adjust Volume
The Volume Knob is used to adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
Sonorous Model 1
Continuous Play
The Sonorous plays back all loaded music and messages over your sound
system or MOH port continuously. There is no option to trigger the messages
remotely or via a timer.
Power On Self-Test (POST)
Each time the unit is turned on, an automatic self-test routine commences
immediately, lasting about 30 seconds. The Status LED will cycle from Green to
Orange during this process.
If a failure occurs in any one of the tests, the self-test halts, rendering the unit
If you experience a POST failure, try turning the unit off, unplugging it and letting
it sit for a few minutes. Then, plug it back in and turn it on to see if the failure
occurs again. If it does, you should return the unit for service.
Sonorous Model 1
Using the screw holes on the unit as a guide, secure four screws through the unit
into the wall where you want to mount the unit.
Consider the weight of the Sonorous when choosing a mounting wall. Make sure
the wall’s construction is sufficiently strong to support the weight of the unit
securely. Make sure all 4 screws are driven into studs or other sturdy supports, not
just into plain drywall.
The unit may be installed in any direction; however, be sure that the area in front of
the CD-ROM drawer is clear, allowing it to open completely.
Secure the four included rubber feet to the bottom of the unit near the screw holes
in each corner.
Place the unit on a sturdy table, away from any obstructions that may disrupt its
The unit may be installed in any direction; however, be sure that the area in front of
the CD-ROM drawer is clear, allowing it to open completely.
Sonorous Model 1
Frequency response....................80Hz to 15 KHz (Depending on sample rate)
Bit Rates ......................................8K to 128K bits per second
Sample Rates ..............................16KHz to 48KHz
Encoding......................................MPEG-3 (.mp3)
Signal to noise .............................>90 dB
Memory type................................High-density, Non-volatile FLASH
Memory capacity .........................64 minutes @ 32 Kbps (Expandable to 34 hours)
Message loading .........................CD using built-in CD ROM drive
Message playback.......................Continuous
Power supply ...............................110VAC 60Hz to 15VDC 1.6A, center pin
Audio output ................................Mono RCA jack
Adjustable volume control
Audio output impedance..............8Ω or 1KΩ
Size..............................................3.25" x 9.50" x 9.10" (H x W x D)
Color ............................................Black
Weight .........................................5 pounds (excluding power supply)
Sonorous Model 1
If you have trouble installing or operating the Sonorous, refer to the table below to
help find a solution. If you are unable to solve the problem yourself, contact your
dealer for further assistance.
Problem or
CD load error
(Status blinks
Slow or fast playing
No messages
CD drawer won’t
No power-main
power light is off
Possible cause and solution
Sonorous is Sonocrypt protected and the Sonocrypt
Key is needed for operation.
The CD is bad.
File may have album art or cover art embedded. To fix,
open file in standard audio editor such as GoldWave
and resave the file.
Adjust output level knob.
Check amplifier or speakers.
Make sure status light is solid Green.
If the drawer doesn’t open when you press the
open/close button, make sure the power is connected
and the unit is turned on. Press the open/close button
Check the power switch (should be on)
Check power pack for correct DC output voltage &
Check AC source to make sure it is not controlled by a
Table 2 – Troubleshooting
Sonorous Model 1
FCC Notice
WARNING: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A
digital device pursuant to Part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference when this equipment is operated in a commercial
environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not
installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to
radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful
interference in which case the user is required to correct the interference at his/her own expense.
This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class A limits for radio noise emissions from
digital apparatus set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of
Le présent appareil numérique n'émet pas de bruits radioélectriques dépassant les limites
applicables aux appareils numériques de la Class A prescrites dans le Règlement sur le brouillage
radioélectrique édicté par le ministère des Communications du Canada.
Copyright Notice
The Nel-Tech Labs, Inc. Sonorous product line is strictly used for Licensed Music only. Use of
copyrighted music is illegal and Nel-Tech Labs, Inc. takes no responsibility for that action.
Sonorous users are fully responsible for any music, mechanical, and recording rights.
This manual is copyright ©2003-2004 Nel-Tech Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of it may be
copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or
machine-readable form without Nel-Tech's prior written consent.
Information contained herein is subject to change without prior notification. Nel-Tech Labs, Inc.
provides this manual without warranty of any kind, express or implied. This user's manual may
contain technical and/or typographical errors. Sonorous and Sonocrypt are trademarks of NelTech Labs, Inc.
Sonorous Model 1
Limited Warranty
Nel-Tech warrants to the original purchaser ("Buyer") that the Product sold is free from defects in
material and workmanship at the time of purchase. The warranty extends five (5) years from the
date of original purchase and covers parts and labor. Buyer must provide written notice to NelTech within the warranty period of any defective part or conditions. If the defect is not the result of
improper use, service, maintenance or installation, and if the equipment has not been otherwise
damaged or modified after shipment, Nel-Tech or its authorized representative shall either replace
or repair the defective Product at Nel-Tech's option. No credit shall be allowed for work performed
by Buyer or unauthorized parties. Out-of-warranty repairs are invoiced at the current Nel-Tech
hourly rate plus the cost of parts, shipping and handling. In the event that the product serial
number is missing or has been tampered with in any way, the foregoing warranty is void and
without effect and Nel-Tech shall have no liablility whatsoever on account defects to such product.
Except as stated above, there are no warranties, express or implied, that extend beyond the
specifications for the product. Nel-Tech expressly disclaims any warranty, express or implied, that
equipment sold hereunder is of merchantiable quality or that it can be used, or is fit for any
particular purpose. Buyer purchases and accepts equipment solely on the basis of the warranty
here in above expresses. Under no circumstances shall Nel-Tech be liable by virtue of this
warranty or otherwise for any special indirect, secondary or consequential damages to any person
or property arising out of the use or inability to use the product. Please be aware that cracked,
deeply scratched or other poor quality discs used in this product may cause damage to the drive
and data in the disc. Such discs may break at high speed rotation. If full care is not excercised in
relation to this matter, you may void the warranty to this product.
Buyer may obtain the repair or replacement of any eligible part or equipment covered under this
warranty through Nel-Tech only. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges in
connection with the performance of this warranty. Products returned to Nel-Tech must be securely
packaged to prevent damage in transit, freight prepaid, and insured for replacement value. A
return authorization number assigned by Nel-Tech must be clearly marked on the outside of the
shipping container. Proof of purchase must accompany shipment. Items delivered to Nel-Tech
without a return authorization clearly marked on the outside of the shipping container, and/or
without proof of purchase is refused. Please contact Nel-Tech at the address and phone number
below to receive a return authorization number and to arrange for the repair or replacement of a
flawed part covered by this warranty. Please indicate the Product's serial number in all
correspondence. an authorization number is not issued in the absence of a serial number. NelTech Labs, Inc., 101 Zachary Rd., Manchester, NH 03109-5609, Phone: (603) 641-8844.
Sonorous Model 1
Connection Instructions
1. Turn the power switch OFF. Plug the included power supply into a normal
110VAC wall outlet and the 15VDC jack on the Sonorous. Only use the
power pack provided with the unit (15VDC, center pin positive). Many power
supplies look alike, but provide different output. Using the wrong one voids
your warranty and may damage the unit.
2. Connect either the 8Ω or 1KΩ audio output jack to the PA sound system
input using a mono RCA-to-RCA cable (included). If the sound system does
not have an RCA-style input, use the included RCA to 1/8 inch adapter.
For more detailed instructions, read the inside of the manual.
Sonorous Model 1
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