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Wireless Simultaneous Dualband 300N XR
Gigabit Gaming Router II
The Wireless Simultaneous Dual-band 300N XR Gigabit Gaming Router II is the next step in the
network evolution with uncompromising performance for demanding applications, such as gaming, and
downloading and streaming HD films. The Gaming Router guarantees low latency online gaming and lag
free local network gaming, because the advanced StreamEngine technology within the network gives
priority to time-sensitive applications.
The ‘Quality of Service’ functionality is activated automatically without the need for extra software or
configuration. Take full advantage of this router by simultaneously using the standard 2.4 GHz
frequency and the less congested 5 GHz frequency, which offers optimal wireless performance for
online gaming without interference. This 300N router with integrated Gigabit switch has OPS (One
Push Setup), which can be used to create a secure wireless network with the push of just a button.
Simply the best.
Box content:
• Wireless Simultaneous Dualband
300N XR Gaming Router II
• Network Cable
• Power Adapter
• Driver CD-rom
• User manual
System requirement:
• Compatible with all operating systems
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Technical specifications:
StreamEngine technology
network optimizer
• New generation StreamEngine chipset ensures low latency online, Lag-free local network gaming
• Automatic Quality of Service classifies time-sensitive applications and gives priority within the
network traffic, ideal for gaming, streaming HD-videos and VoIP
• Preconfigured Application Level Gateways for the most recent popular multiplayer games and
customizable settings for new games
• WISH: Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling for the internal wireless network
• Advanced scheduled access control
• Peer to Peer optimized and up to 30.000 simultaneous open connections guaranteeing ideal
performance for downloading
Simultaneous Dual-band technology
• Two access points with 2.4 GHz and
5 GHz wireless band which can be used simultaneously
• Less congested 5 GHz frequency ideal for time-sensitive traffic such as gaming, audio and HDvideo streaming and VoIP without any interruptions
• Two internal + two external Dual-band antennas which reduce dead spots and guarantee an
optimal coverage on all the floors of the house
Wireless 802.11n &
Wired Gigabit Network
StreamEngine technology
guarantees low latency”
online and “lag free” local
network gaming
• Superior wireless speed up to 300 Mbps on
the standard 2.4 GHz and less congested
5 GHz frequency
Enhanced Quality of Service
automatically gives priority to
time sensitive traffic such as
gaming, streaming, VoIP and
• Built-in full-duplex Gigabit WAN port which
supports high-speed internet connections
up to 400 Mbps (routing speed)
• Built-in 4-port full-duplex Gigabit Switch to
connect Ethernet devices at full speed
• One USB port to connect an external USB
storage device such as a hard disk or flash
drive to share the content with all users
• On/Off power button for saving energy
Leather look with
luxurious details
Preconfigured Application Level
Gateways for the most recent
popular multiplayer games
and customizable settings for
new games
Share high-speed wireless
internet up to 300 Mbps;
ideal for gaming, audio and
video streaming, VoIP and
OPS: create a secure
wireless connection with
the push of a button
Solid high gain Dual-band
antennas for optimal
wireless range on both
2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency
Simultaneous Dual-band to transmit
signals via the 2.4 GHz and less
congested 5 GHz band at the same time
OPS easiest setup and security
• “Out of the box” fully secured with WPA2
• Smart One-Push Setup button: create a secured
wireless connection with just the push of a button
Power Connection
USB port to connect external
hard disk or flash drive
Wired speed
up to 1000 Mbps
Built-in full-duplex
gigabit WAN port
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