ELANE PLUS 10lbs display User Manual

ELANE PLUS 10lbs display User Manual
With fold up platform for weighing large letters
Max. 10lbs d = 0.1oz
Operates either on a 9V Alkaline battery or 9V AC power adapter (included)
Loadcell technology
Liquid crystal display
Capacity 10lbs
Graduation 0.1oz.
Auto switch-off after 6 minutes of non-use (Battery only)
Using the scale with batteries
Error messages
You require 1 new 9V Alkaline, leak proof battery.
Remove the battery compartment cover underneath the scale, and insert the
battery as indicated. Ensure that they are inserted the correct way around.
Replace the battery compartment cover.
Should any of the symbols shown below appear in the LCD, they have the
following meaning:
The weight capacity of the scale has been exceeded.
Using the scale with the power adapter
Connect the supplied power adapter to the input socket at the rear of the scale,
and plug it into the power supply. It is advisable to remove the battery when using
power adapter.
Be sure that the scale is operated on a flat surface
Scale calibration
In case the scale loses it’s accuracy then the re-calibration of the scale may be
Unpack scale and if the scale did come from a colder or warmer environment let it
first stay for 30 minutes to be at the same temperature as your current
In order to operate correctly, the scale must be installed on a firm, flat surface.
Weighing an item
Touch the
key. A
sign will appear on the display for a short
while, during such time the scale performs a self-check/zeroing routine, and then
on the LCD.
Your scale is now ready to weigh. After placing an item onto the platform, there is
a delay of approximately one second before the weight display appears.
What is the purpose of the TARE/ZERO key?
You can tare (set to zero) any article used as a container for small items, in the
following way.
If the scale is switched off, touch the
key and wait for
Place the container onto the platform, and then touch the
will show
to be
key. The display
Place the item to be weighed into the container, on the weigh platform. The scale
will now show the weight of the item, excluding the weight of the container.
Plug in Scale
Turn on and leave on for 1 minute or more
Turn Off
Press the button ABOVE the ON key (this is he CAL key) and then hold this key
and press the ON key for 1 sec. and leave the CAL button pressed for another 3-4
Then release
The scale should show the ZERO value nominal about 120
If shows ZERO or over 200 it must be adjusted at the internal potentiometer.
(To access this adjustment the scale must be opened and this should only be done
by qualified technicians)
Press the CAL button and a “1” appears
Place 1 kg for 3 kg and 5 lb scale (100 gram for 300 gram scale) [1.5 kg for 10 lb
Press CAL
Let the display settle and press CAL again a “2” on the display
Place 2 kg for 3 kg and 5lb scale (200 gram for 300 gram scale) [3 kg for 10 lb
Let the display settle and press CAL again s “3” appears on the display
Place 3 kg for 3 kg and 5 lb scale (300 gram for 300 gram scale ) [4.5 kg for 10 lb
Let the display settle and press CAL again a “E” appears on the display
Turn Scale Off.
This calibration procedure can be repeated anytime in case the scale was severely
overloaded. The load cell of this precision scale is normally protected against
overloaded applied slowly, but overload caused by dropping the scale or dropping
something heavy on the scale may require recalibration or re-adjustment of the
ZERO potentiometer in case the Zero is not in the range of 100-200
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