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C-Nav3050 Quick Start Guide

Follow this Quick Start Guide to enable the robust functionality of the C-Nav3050.

Your C-Nav3050 has already been tested by qualified

C-Nav Technicians. Refer to the following steps to connect equipment and operate the receiver.

This Quick Start Guide is intended to familiarize the user with the basic setup of the C-Nav3050 only. The supplied C-

Nav3050 USB Flash Drive (P/N 7CNG002-0) and Product

DVD (6000001-XX) include the C-Nav3050 User Guide (P/N

CNV96-310034-3001, Adobe Reader required ), which contains in-depth product information and technical specifications. Refer to the table below for items included in the C-Nav3050 GNSS Sensor Kit.

Table 1: Supplied Equipment

C-Nav3050 GNSS Sensor

(P/N CNV92-310413-3002LF)

* GNSS Antenna, TNC, 5/8” Mount

(P/N NAV82-001020-3001LF)

Y-Cable, Positronic 9-Pin Male to USB 2.0 Device Plug

& DB9S (RS-232/RS-422), 6 ft

(P/N NAV94-310273-3006LF)

Y-Cable, Positronic 9-Pin Male to Ethernet RJ45 Plug &

DB9S (RS-232/1PPS), 6 ft

(P/N NAV94-310272-3006LFB)

C-Nav3050 Quick Start Guide

(P/N CNV96-310033-3001)

*Item not included in C-Nav3050 Sensor Kit with P/N CNV92-


NOTE: C-Nav3050 GNSS Sensor Kit with P/N

CNV92-31046-3001B is not MED Wheelmark


Connect Equipment


Mounting Brackets, 2

(P/N NAV88-310442-3001LF)

* Antenna Mounting Adapter, 1”-14 UNS-2B to 5/8”, 2” L x 1 3/8” diameter

(P/N 3250005-0)


Antenna Mounting Pole, 12” x 1” diameter

(P/N WES534610)

DVD-ROM, C-Nav3050 Software Applications

(P/N 6000001-XX)

C-Nav3050 USB Flash Drive, 2GB

(P/N 7CNG002-0)

USB host-to-host receptacle adapter

(P/N QVSCC2208-FF)

RS232/422 Dual-data Adapter

(P/N CNV335G001-0)

1PPS Adapter

(P/N CNV335G002-0)

Cable, Power / 1PPS / Event, Positronic 9-Pin Female

Unterminated, 10ft, w/ Filter

(P/N NAV94-310274-3010LF)

AC Power Supply Kit

(P/N CNV82-020007-3001LF)

Shipping Carton

(P/N NAV79-200304-0001)

Figure 1: C-Nav3050 Rear View

Refer to Figure 1 above for the steps below:

1. Use one of the two supplied data cables for communications:

Ethernet RJ45 / DB9S female Y-cable (P/N

NAV94-310272-3006LF): Connect the Positronic

9-Pin connector of the cable to COM1 - LAN at the rear of C-Nav3050. Connect the DB9S end to the computer or C-NaviGator CDU.


USB 2.0 Device Plug / DB9S female Y-cable (P/N

NAV94-310273-3006LF): Connect the Positronic

9-Pin connector of the cable to COM2 - USB at the rear of C-Nav3050. Connect the DB9S end to the computer or C-NaviGator CDU.

2. Mount the GNSS antenna. Locate the antenna in an area with a 360

clear view of the sky. Refer to Section 4 -

Installation of the C-Nav3050 User Guide for detailed installation instructions.

3. Connect the TNC connector on one end of a C-Nav approved GNSS antenna cable to the GNSS antenna.

Connect the other end of the cable to the TNC connector, labeled ANT, at the rear of the C-Nav3050.

Optional C-Nav-approved Antenna Cables are available through your authorized C-Nav Dealer, or by contacting

C-Nav Support.

4. Perform one of these steps to setup power: a. If you are connecting using the optional Positronic

9-Pin Female Unterminated Power Cable (P/N

NAV94-310274-3010LF), connect the power cable to the connector labeled POWER, at the rear of the C-Nav3050. Connect the unterminated end of the power cable to a DC power source (9 to

32VDC, 6W typical, see Section 3

– Interfacing

of the C-Nav3050 User Guide for power cable pin assignments). b. If you are connecting using the optional AC Power

Supply Kit (P/N CNV82-020007-3001LF), connect the Positronic 9-Pin Female connector of the

Power Supply Unit (P/N NAV82-020007-3001LF) to the connector labeled POWER, at the rear of the C-Nav3050. Insert an AC Power Cord into the

2-prong receptacle on the PSU, based on regional

AC power availability (110, 220 or 240 VAC power cords provided) and plug into an appropriately rated wall receptacle.

5. Press the front panel On / Off switch

to turn on the

C-Nav3050. All front panel LEDs illuminate for 3-5 seconds during power-up. The Power / GNSS Status LED changes from Red to Green. Refer to Section 3 -

Interfacing of the C-Nav3050 User Guide for LED status descriptions.

Figure 2: C-Nav3050 LED Indicator Panel

6. Your C-Nav3050 hardware is now properly connected.

7. At this point you may connect to C-

Nav’s C-Setup,

C-Monitor, or C-NaviGator controller solutions to view real-time positioning data and to control the C-Nav3050.

The C-Nav Corrections Service license is not a standard feature of any Software Bundle. It is purchased separately. Refer to the reverse side of this pamphlet for more information on obtaining a C-Nav license.

CNV96-310033-3001, Rev. C

C-Nav3050 Quick Start Guide

How to Obtain a C-Nav License

The C-Nav Corrections Service is a subscription service. The user pays a subscription fee, which licenses the use of the service for a predetermined period of time. Subscriptions are requested by completing the online request form at: http://www.cnav.com/code , via a C-Nav authorized representative, or by contacting C-Nav at: [email protected].

C-Nav recommends that customers process new C-Nav license requests 15 to 30 days before the expiration of the current license.

The requirements to obtain a C-Nav license are:

Valid Purchase Order

Signed License Agreement

Appropriate Credit Terms with C&C Technologies,

Inc., or an Authorized Dealer; including a valid P.O

When contacting C-Nav regarding subscription or deactivation of service, please provide the following information:

 Vessel Info and brief project description (Name /

Number, Location)

 Customer Info (Company Name, PO/Ref. Num.

Point of Contact)

C-Nav Equipment Details (Receiver Type,

Firmware version, Serial Number, P/N’s, etc)

Required Start / Stop Date or Period

Service Type (Land or Offshore, Activation or


Operational Region (Asia, Australia, China, South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle

East, or Other)

 Detailed Contact Information (Phone, Fax, E-Mail,

Billing / Shipping Addresses)

An authorized subscription will provide an encrypted code, which is specific to the Serial Number of the C-Nav receiver to be authorized. This is entered into the receiver Over-the-Air, or via a C-Nav controller solution (i.e. C-Setup, C-Monitor, or

C-NaviGator CDU).

Over-the-Air C-Nav Licensing

Over-the-Air (OTA) C-Nav Licensing is the easiest way to install a C-Nav Corrections Service license. The installation of a purchased license is accomplished via radio broadcast. Overthe-Air C-Nav Licensing is especially convenient for receivers in remote locations in the field.

The customer should do the following in order to properly receive the CCS Over-the-Air broadcast of the C-Nav license:

1. Turn on the C-Nav3050 Receiver.

2. Ensure that the C-Nav3050 Antenna has clear access to the CCS tracking satellite.

3. Request the C-Nav license.

Once a C-Nav license is activated, the C-Nav Status LED on the C-Nav3050 Front Panel will be solid green.

C N a v 3 0 5 0

Q u i i c k S t a r t G u i i d e

Figure 3: Front Panel C-Nav Status LED -

Showing Active C-Nav License

C&C Technologies, Inc. C-Nav DGNSS Division

730 East Kaliste Saloom Rd

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, 70508

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +1 337 210 0000

Fax: +1 337 210 0003

Website: www.cnav.com

CNV96-310033-3001, Rev. C


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