Hyco SK1500 Sun King Quartz Outdoor Halogen Infrared Heater Instruction Manual

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Hyco SK1500 Sun King Quartz Outdoor Halogen Infrared Heater Instruction Manual | Manualzz

Product Instruction Manual

Sun King Quartz


Outdoor Halogen Infrared Heater




Thank you for purchasing a Sun King Quartz Outdoor Halogen Infrared Heater. The Sun

King Quartz is ideal for heating outdoor domestic and commercial applications, such as patios, beer gardens and smoking areas.

Key Features

• Allows heating of targeted areas

• Quartz halogen lamps operate at a very high temperature, converting almost all the electrical energy into short wavelength infrared radiation

• Stylish, lightweight aluminium construction

• Silent operation

• Lamps made from high temperature resistant quartz glass lasting an average of 7000 hours

• Low glare gold lamps

• Weatherproof for outdoor use

Please fully read these instructions before commencing installation and follow to ensure that installation and operation are simple and safe.

1. Important Safety Points

The product should only be connected to a supply that meets the specifications detailed on the rating label.

Do not install the appliance if there is any sign of damage, especially to the power cable or grille.

Do not locate the heater immediately below a socket.

The body of the heater can get very hot during usage, ensure the power cable cannot contact with it following installation.

Do not use this heater with a programmer, timer, separate remote-control system or any other device that switches the heater on automatically, since a fire risk exists if the heater is covered or positioned incorrectly.

Ensure that any combustible materials such as curtains, paper, clothing, furniture etc. are kept away at a minimum distance of 1.8m from all surfaces of the heater.

Do not install the heater in explosive or combustible environments.

The grille of this heater is intended to prevent direct access to heating elements and must be in place when the heater is in use.

The appliance is not intended for use by any persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the safe use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.

Children of less than 3 years should be kept away unless continuously supervised.

Children aged from 3 years and less than 8 years shall only switch on/off the appliance provided that it has been placed or installed in its intended normal operating position and they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children aged from 3 years and less than 8 years shall not plug in, regulate and clean the appliance or perform user maintenance.

Do not insert fingers or any other objects through the grilles of the appliance.

CAUTION — Some parts of this product can become very hot and cause burns.

Particular attention has to be given where children and vulnerable people are present.


1. Installation

Ensure the minimum distances are followed.

• Select a suitable surface that will support the product and accept the wall plugs safely.

• When selecting the heater location, ensure the following minimum distances are maintained: Floor 1.8 m, Wall 0.5 m, Ceiling 0.3 m (see diagram 1).

• Using the mounting holes on the heater bracket and ensuring a horizontal level, mark four holes onto the mounting surface. Using the fixings provided to attach the heater securely to the wall.

• The angle of the heater should be adjusted by loosening the hinged part of the bracket, selecting the angle and then tightening the hinge once again. Ensure the angle is a minimum of 30 from vertical and no greater than 90 (See diagram 2).

Diagram 2


Diagram 1

2. Electrical Connection

This appliance must only be connected to a power supply that corresponds to the rating label specifications.

If the appliance is connected to the fixed wiring of the property, the electrical installation should be carried out in accordance with the latest IET wiring regulations.

Do not use the appliance with an extension cable.

• The steady state current of the heater is 6.5 A but an initial inrush current of many times this value will occur when turned on from cold, for this reason a MCB type 3 is recommended to avoid false tripping.

• The heater is supplied with 1.8 m of heat resistant cable and a 13 amp BS plug. When the heater is connected outside, a weather proof socket is strongly recommended.

• If the heater is connected to the fixed wiring of a property, connection should be made as follows; -

Green/Yellow earth wire to terminal marked “E” or

Brown/Red live wire to the terminal marked “L”

Blue neutral wire to the terminal marked “N”



3. Cleaning and Maintenance

When replacing the lamp, the unit should be safely disconnected from the electrical supply and removed from the wall so it can be performed on a safe flat surface. Always ensure the heater has fully cooled before handling it.

Never handle the glass part of the lamp with bare hands, fingerprints will cause the lamp to burn at this point and seriously impair the lifespan. To remove marks, use a soft cloth and methylated spirits or alcohol.

• With the unit on a safe flat surface, proceed to remove the hinged bracket 1. and wiring box 2. from the main body of the unit 3.

• Remove both side panels from the unit 1. and slide both back panels away and out from the main chassis 2.


• Remove the live and neutral lamp connections from the terminal block located inside the wiring box.

• Remove the front guard by gently sliding out from either end of the heater 1.

• Remove the lamp from the heater by lifting it out of its holders and clear of the heater.

Feed the lamp cables out of the holes to complete the lamp removal 1.


• Take the new lamp and reverse all the steps to replace. If you experience difficulty please consult a professional, or contact Hyco.

4. Specification





Ingress Protection


230V ~ 50Hz

1.5 kW

6.5 A

1.4 kg


455W x 100H x 130Dmm


5. Guarantee

This product is covered by a standard parts or replacement warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

If there is a manufacturing defect within the warranty period we will send spare parts, repair and return the unit or, at our discretion, supply a replacement product (excluding lamps). Incorrect installation or failure to follow correct operating and maintenance instructions are excluded. Consequential costs such as labour charges or damage to fittings and surroundings are expressly excluded.

6. Contact Us

If you experience a problem with this product you should first contact our service department on 01924 225 200 before taking any further action. Experience has shown that issues can often be resolved without the need to return or uninstall the product.



At the end of its working life this equipment must not be disposed of as household waste. It must be taken to a local authority waste collection centre or to a dealer providing this service. Disposing of electrical and electronic equipment separately enables its components to be recovered and recycled to obtain significant savings in energy and resources. In order to underline the duty to dispose of this equipment separately, the product is marked with a crossed out dustbin.


Hyco Manufacturing Ltd

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Castleford, WF10 5NR hyco.co.uk

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F 01924 225 210

E [email protected]


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