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Ultra Thin
Keyboard Case
Designed for iPad Air™
Package Includes:
1) iPad Air™ Keyboard Case
2) Magnetic USB Charging Cable
3) User Manual
1) Designed to fit iPad Air™
2) Compatible with Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Vista and Mac OS, etc.
3) Universal Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity
4) Built-In Li-Battery charges via USB Powered Port
(Laptop, Wall Adaptor, etc.)
Technical Specifications:
6.8” x 9.45” x .4”
13.8” x 9.45” x .4”
13.5 ounces (382 grams)
14ºF to 131ºF (-10ºC to 55ºC)
20% to 50%
Bluetooth® specification v. 3.0 compliant
Bluetooth® HID Profile v. 1.0 compliant
Class 2; Maximum output power is 2.5mW (4dBm).
40+ hours
Frequency Range:
Modulating System
Battery Capacity
Charging Time
Operation Voltage
Working Current
Sleeping Current
Key Strength
Key Life
2.402–2.483 GHz
4-5 Hours
5 million strokes
Charging Keyboard Case
1. Use the Magnetic USB Charging Cable supplied with the Keyboard Case.
2. Using the Magnetic end of the USB Charging Cable, place it on the Keyboard in the Charge Connector Port.
3. Take the male USB end of the Cable and place it into any Charging USB female port.
(This may be a Laptop, USB to Wall Adaptor, etc...)
4. Charge the Battery for 4-5 hours or until the Charger Indicator (Red light) turns OFF.
Please note: If the battery is completely drained, you may have to plug in the USB Charging Cable to your
power source for a few minutes before the RED light turns ON, showing that the device is now charging.
Pairing Bluetooth Keyboard with iPad Air
Preparation: Please make sure both your iPad Air™ and the Bluetooth® Keyboard are charged prior to
proceeding. Before first use, please charge the keyboard with the supplied Magnetic USB
Charging cable for at least 4 hours.
NOTE: If you experience lag while typing or the blue light begins flashing, this is a sign
that your battery level is low and must be charged.
When the power is turned ON, the Power/Bluetooth Indicator (Blue light)
will appear momentarily.
The Blue light will flash continuously when searching for a Bluetooth
Connection. Once a connection is made, the Blue light will turn off.
The Red light is ON when the Case is charging. Once charged completely,
the Red light will turn OFF.
Step 1:
Press the Power Button to turn ON the Keyboard Case. The Power/Bluetooth Indicator
will be lit for a moment. Press and hold the Fn + Backspace keys to activate the Bluetooth
Connectivity mode. The Blue light will begin flashing until it is connected to a device.
NOTE: Depending on your operating system your iPad set-up/screen may differ slightly from what is pictured.
Step 2:
On the iPad Air™, tap Settings. Find the Bluetooth Setting. If Bluetooth is turned OFF,
swipe to turn it ON. The iPad Air should now be searching for all Bluetooth devices within
range. Wait for Bluetooth Keyboard to appear under Devices.
Step 3:
Press Bluetooth Keyboard to connect to your iPad Air. Your device will then ask for a 4-digit
code. Just type in the 4-digit code according to the on screen instructions. Press the Enter Key
on the keyboard. The keyboard will then automatically connect. You should now be synced!
To Turn Off:
To turn OFF the Keyboard Case, press and hold the Power Indicator button for 3 seconds.
Please note: The keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode when not in use for 12 minutes.
To use the Function Keys at the top of the Keyboard. Hold down the Function Key (Fn) and press
one of the keys with an extra symbol. Each symbol has a specific task such as Cut, Copy, Paste,
Go to the Home Screen, and search for content like pictures, music, messages, contacts and more.
The Function Key (Fn) is highlighted in green.
The keys throughout the keyboard highlighted in Red are the specific Function Keys.
NOTE: Not all Function Keys are compatible with all devices.
Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bluetooth is a
registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their
respective owners. iPad is NOT included. As a result of continual improvements, the design and
specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.
Made in China.
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