ZTE WP228 CDMA Wireless Phone User Guide

ZTE WP228 CDMA Wireless Phone User Guide
1. Know Your Phone
4: Number keys
Input numbers and characters.
Perform different functions under different conditions.
5: * key, # key
ZTE WP228 CDMA Wireless Phone
User Guide
In standby mode, hold the * key to lock the
phone; follow the prompt on the screen to
unlock the phone.
In standby mode, hold the # key to turn on/off
the silent mode.
Neotel (Pty) Ltd
Reg No. 2004/004619/07
44 Old Pretoria Main Road, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685, Gauteng South Africa
Telephone number +27 (0)11 585 0000 Facsimile number +27 (0)11 585 0001
DIRECTORS: N Srinath* (Non-Executive Chairman) S Joshi**** (Managing Director & Chief
Executive Officer) S Baweja* C Sassoulas*** R Dhawan* XK Memani FJP Ndoroma** SS
Ntsaluba SG Ranade*
(*India, **Namibia, ***French, ****New Zealand)
1: Scrolling keys
Right key)
Press these keys to scroll cursor to the left,
right, up or down when inputting characters or
selecting items.
2: OK Key
Confirm the commands and options selected.
Confirm the characters inputting.
Enter the middle-bottom submenu on the
3: Left select key
Enter main menu.
Enter the left-bottom submenu on the screen.
Silent mode
Hands-free mode
Power indicator
Alarm clock
7: CLR/BACK key
Erase character(s) when inputting characters.
8: EXIT key
End an active call or reject a call.
Hold this key to Power on/Power off the phone.
10: Hands Free key
If you are using the handset to call and want to
transfer the call to the speakerphone, press this
key and hang up the handset to put conversation on the speakerphone.
Press this key to end a hands-free call.
In this guide, “press” a key means to press the key once, “hold” a key
means to press the key for 2 or 3 seconds.
New message
Make a call or answer an incoming call.
In standby mode, pressthis key to enter recent
calls list.
Signal strength
Enter right-bottom submenu on the screen.
Return to the previous page.
2. Key Instruction
6: Right select key
Exit from any interface to standby mode.
Your ZTE WP228 device requires an Active RUIM card inserted in order
for the device to function on the Neotel Network.
3. Interface Icons
It is strongly recommended to connect the phone to external power
outlet, and use internal battery to power your phone only when external
power fails or is not available. The phone will charge the internal battery
automatically when it is connected to external power outlet.
6. How to Make a Call
There are two methods for making a call.
6.1 The first method:
Connect phone base and handset via curly cord.
4.2 External power adapter
Connect the external power adapter to external AC socket.
4.3 RUIM Card
Power off the phone and remove other external power supplies.
Remove the battery cover and remove the battery of the phone.
Insert RUIM card into RUIM card slot. Make sure that the contact area of
the card is facing down, and the slanting corner matches with the RUIMcard slot.
Put in the battery and attach the back cover.
5. How to Power On/Off
To power on. Hold the EXIT key to power on the phone.
To power off. Hold the EXIT key to power off the phone.
Pick up the handset or press the Hands Free key.
Enter the phone number, wait for several seconds to send the call automatically or press the CALL/REDIAL key to make the call.
Select recipient’s number from Contacts, or press the CALL/REDIAL key
to select a number from the recent calls list, and then press the CALL/
REDIALkey to make the call.
6.2 The second method:
Enter the number or select recipient’s number from Contacts, or press
the CALL/REDIAL key to select a number from the recent calls list, and
then press the CALL/REDIAL key to make the call.
Add the international prefix, country code and area code (without the
leading 0) before the number when making an international call.
Hold the 0 key for the international prefix “+”, or input international prefix
e.g. “00” directly.
Select Menu→Messages.
Select New Message to create new message: key in receiver’s phone
number or press the OK key to select from Contacts list, press the Down
key to input message text, Press the OK key to send the message.
Select Inbox to view messages received.
Select Drafts to view draft you saved.
Select Outbox to view the stored messages.
Select Sent to view the sent messages.
Select SMS Settings to set the message configuration.
Select Templates to view or edit the default text.
Select Delete Message to erase certain messages.
Select Memory Status to view the memory information of message box.
handset password is 0000. Change it to your own phone password for
personal security reasons.
10. RUIM PIN Code and PUK Code
PIN code:
User Name and Password is available in your NeoConnect Voice Welcome Letter.
Click on settings
8. How to Access the Neotel Data Network
Connect the phone and the computer with the USB data cable.
Install the ZTE dial-up software, namely JoinME and add a shortcut to
your desktop.
If the software does not install automatically as it may be blocked due to
antivirus software, open my Computer, double click on the JoinMe icon,
thereafter double click on setup and follow theInstallShield Wizardinstructions to complete the setup.
By setting up your username and password under the JoinME software
application, you are able to access the Neotel Network.
8.1 Step on how to set up your internet settings.
Alternatively you can contact the Neotel Contact Centre on 0860 Neotel
(636835) to obtain your PUK number.
11. Text Input
The Settings menu will open up where you will be required to enter your
User Name and Password as per the illustration below.
Once your User Name and Password has been entered click on Ok.
9. Phone Lock Code
Double click on the Join ME icon.
The below screen will open.
Do not share the RUIM PIN code of your phone to prevent unauthorized
PUK code:
The RUIM card will be locked if you enter a wrong RUIM PIN code three
times consecutively.
You need PUK code to unlock it.
Your RUIM PIN code and PUK codes are recorded on your RUIM casing;
Phone code could prevent your phone from illegal using. The default
Input Letters
Multi-tap Input — “Abc/abc/ABC” press corresponding letter key till the letter appears.
Input Words
eZiText Input — “Eng”, press any key once to key in
any word.
Input Digits
Numbers Input — “123”, press digital key once.
Input Symbol
Symbols Input — Pressthe * key to enter the symbols
mode and press corresponding digital key.
Or press the “1” key till the symbol (common symbols) appears except for numbers input mode.
Input Space
Press the “0”key, except for the numbers input
Erase Character
Press the CLR/BACK key.
Move cursor
Press the Scrolling keys.
Change input mode
Press the # key to select another text mode.
12. Menu Function
The contents in the following table briefly describe the functions of the
Add Name
All List
Add a new contact to the
phone or the RUIMcard.
Menu→Contacts→All List
View all the contacts in the
phone or RUIMcard.
View the Group’s name and
change some related settings
about the group.
Call a contact by holding a
number key (2~9) for a few
Speed Dials
Memory Status
Menu→Contacts→Memory Check the storage information
about the phone or RUIM card.
Call History
View the call history.
Call Duration
View the dialed/answered /all
calls’ time, and you can also
clear the call time.
Select and modify the phone
Display Settings
You can change the settings of
screen or banner.
Phone Settings
Set the phone or view the version information of the phone.
Call Settings
Menu→Settings→Call Settings
Make the call settings.
Time & Day
Day Settings
Set the time and date format.
Security Settings
Change the settings about the
phone/PINcode, restore factory
settings and clear user data.
Set reminder time.
Use calculator to count.
13. To the Owner
Some electronic devices are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference
sent from this phone if inadequately shielded. Use phone at least 20
cm or as far away as you can from TV sets, radio and other electrical
appliances as to avoid electromagnetic interference.
Operating the phone may interfere with medical devices like hearing aids
and pacemakers, or other medical devices in hospital. Consult a physi11
cian or the manufacturer of the medical device before using phone.
Be aware of the usage limitation when using phone at places such as oil
warehouses, or chemical factories, where there are explosive gases or
explosive products being processed, because even if your phone is in
idle state, it still transmits radio frequency (RF) energy. Therefore, power
off your phone if required.
Keep out of the reach of small children. Phone may cause injury if used
as a toy.
13.1Phone Use
Please use original accessories or accessories that are authorized by
the manufacturer.
Using any unauthorized accessories may affect your phone’s
performance and will void your warranty if determined to be the cause for
the hardware failure.
As your phone can produce electromagnetic field do not place it near
magnetic items such as computer disks.
Do not expose your phone to direct sunlight or store it in hot areas. High
temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices.
Prevent liquid from leaking into your phone. Any form of liquid damage
will void the warranty on this device.
Disconnect external power supply and do not use your phone during a
Unplug the external power adapter or remove battery when your phone
is not in use, esp. for a long period of time.
It is highly recommended to charge the battery before initial use. The
battery might have been discharged during storage and delivery.
Do not attempt to disassemble the phone by yourself. Non-expert handling of the devices may damage them and void the warranty.
13.2Battery Use
Do not short-circuit the battery, as this can cause excessive heat and
Do not store battery in hot areas or dispose of it in a fire to avoid explosion.
Never use any damaged chargers or batteries in the device.
Recycle old or damaged batteries and do not dispose of as normal
Warning: If the battery is broken, keep away from substance inside. If the
substance gets in contact with your skin, rinse with cold water and consult a
doctor for help if necessary.
13.3Cleaning and Maintenance
The phone is non-waterproof, keep it dry and store in shaded and cool
If you want to clean your phone, use clean fabric that is a bit wet or antistatic. Do not use harsh chemical cleaning solvents or strong detergents
to clean your phone such as alcohol, dilution agent and benzene. Power-off your phone before you clean it.
The device must be returned in its original sales package, undamaged.
The MEID on the packaging and the device must be the same.
All accessories as issued at point of sale must be present and returned
in their original state.
A valid copy of the Customer’s Proof of Purchase or Customer Agreement Form must be provided.
A Customer has 30 days to return a faulty device to Neotel to claim an
OBF replacement.
Should the device be returned by the Customer post 30 days, it will be
treated as a repair should the conditions be met
14.2Scope and duration of warranty
14.3Limitationsof warranty
The device carries a limited warranty providing that:
The device was at the time of its original purchase sold through an authorized Neotel sales outlet.
Free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.
Damage and failure to operate resulting from:
Rough handling, accident, neglect, general wear and tear through utilization, installation and/or operation of the device which does not comply
with the user manual, exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal or environmental conditions or a rapid change in such conditions,
corrosion, oxidation, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized opening
or repair, repair by use of unauthorized spare parts, accidents, forces of
nature or any other actions beyond the reasonable control of the manufacturer.
How to determine if a device is an OBF:
The device was issued by an authorized Neotel Sales Channel.
The device was not subject to any unauthorized repairs or modifications.
The device was not subject to any abuse of physical damage due to neg-
The device was not physically damage due to Customer negligence or
The warranty is:
Applicable to the original purchaser (end user) only and not transferable.
Valid for a period of 24 months from date of purchase on the device and
6 months on all accessories.
Void if a copy of the proof of purchase or Customer Agreement Form
cannot be provided at the time of the warranty claim.
Only valid in the countries it is sold in.
Only applicable to the hardware components of the device and accessories.
Use phone within a temperature range of -10°C~+55°C and the humidity
less than 95%.
14. Limited Warranty
14.1Scope and duration of an OBF (out of box failure)
From time of replacement or repair the device shall continue to be warranted for the remaining time of the Warranty period OR three months
from date of repair / replacement (whichever is longer).
If applicable, the Customer is responsible to ensure all programs, data or
removable storage media is backed up before the device is repaired or
The following information needs to accompany the faulty unit:
The model and MEID number.
Completed Fault Repair Card (internal use only).
Full address and contact details of the Customer.
A valid copy of the Proof of Purchase or Customer Agreement Form.
Defects caused by the fact that the battery was short-circuited or if the
seals of the battery enclosure or the cells are broken or show evidence
of tampering.
Blacklisted devices.
Tampering or modification of device by unauthorized third parties.
Tampering with the device resulting in the warranty seals, serial number,
MEID, and/or the water indicators no longer being intact, erased, de15
faced, altered or illegible.
Any issues that are a direct or indirect cause of the Network, its services
and its coverage.
14.4Warranty claim process
For after sales support and warranty claims the Customer has two
Contact the Neotel Contact Centre on 0860 Neotel (0860 636835)
Return the device to the nearest Neotel outlet, together with all components and accessories and Proof of Payment or Customer Application
For all warranty claims, a Fault Job Card will be completed which includes all the Customer details, device details, outlet details and a detailed description of the fault.
Faults that occur within 30 days of the purchase date that fall within the
warranty conditions will be classified as “Out of Box” failure and the device will be then replaced with a new device.
Any faults on in warranty devices post 30 days from date of purchase will
result in the device being replaced with service stock.
14.5For out of Warranty devices, the following applies:
At a minimum repair cost of R340 (excl. VAT), it is deemed that a device
out of warranty is BER (Beyond Economical to Repair).
Neotel will make refurbished devices available to Customers at 60% of
the original purchase price of a new sales unit, or alternatively a new device can be purchased to replace the out of warranty device.
The Warranty of a refurbished device is three (3) months from the date of
Limitations of warranty also apply to refurbished devices.
This warranty is end user’s sole remedy and Neotel’s sole liability for
defective or nonconforming items, and is in lieu of all other warranties,
expressed, implied or statutory, including but not limited to the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, unless
otherwise required under the mandatory provisions of the law.
Cannot send short message.
Ensure you are in coverage.
If on Prepaid, ensure you have a positive
airtime balance.
If on Postpaid, ensure your account is
current and not suspended / barred.
Cannot connect to internet.
Ensure you are in coverage.
Ensure you have entered the correct
username and password as disclosed on
your welcome letter.
If on Prepaid, ensure your prepaid
balance is more than R2.00.
Restart your device.
Please contact the Neotel Contact
Centre on 0860 Neotel (636835).
15. Limitation of Liability
Neotel, nor its Supplier, ZTE shall not be liable for any loss of profits or
indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from or
arising out of or in connection with using of this product, whether or not
Neotel or ZTE had been advised, knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages, including, but not limited to lost profits, interruption of business, cost of capital, cost of substitute facilities or product, or
any downtime cost.
Check Point
No response when pressing the
phone keys.
Restart the phone.
No display on screen when the
device is disconnected from
external power supply.
Check whether the battery is charged.
Confirm the battery is not damaged.
Restart the phone.
Incoming call alerts not audible.
Check the silent mode and the ringtone
There is no alarm clock tone.
Check whether the alarm clock is
enabled or not.
17. Legal Information
All rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be excerpted, reproduced, translated or
utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including
photocopying and microfilm.
Only Neotel and ZTE reserve the right to make modifications on print errors or update specifications without prior notice.
Version No. : 1.1
Edition Date : 01072012
Manual No. : Neo072012.228
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