User Manual
User Manual
1. Brief
introduction to the function:
Energy multilevel saving mode
More than 12 channels frequency hopping work, strong anti-interference ability
Support computer sleep wake up and down sleep awake
Receive and transmission will always get into on-line mode, will be not off-line mode.
Support low voltage alarm, with low voltage indication LED.
Compatible with WINDOWNS9S/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/WIN7
Transmission distance:
2. How to use
l) Take the USB receiver out from the bottom of keyboard; plug it to the PC USB Port.
2) Open the battery cover of keyboard,
install the battery, please notice the anode and
Close the battery cover, then you can use
3. General feature:
Size: (L) 399.0mm x
l35.Omm x (H) 20.0 mm
Weight:539g * 59
Working temperature :
Battery I 2pcs AAA alkaline battery
Certificate : FCC, CE
4. Mechanical feature:
l) Keycap work loading
Maximum loading: 55
r 7g
2) Operating distance
Total distance: 3.0+/-0.3mm
Maximum loading distance 1.0+/_0.3mm
3) Minimum rebound of key: ) l59
5, Power management
Support 3 working stage ofthe battery energy saving
Working model: press button
Standby mode: stop pressing button, then will enter at
sleep model: enter sleep mode after waiting g minutes, or
diseonnected with receiver for
5 seconds to enter into sleep mode. when press
button, then w,r wake up at once.
6. 2.4GHztransmission frequency function
Two ways RF, CRC check, data loss or errors of software
re_send, ensuring more
reliable transmission.
Working voltage range: 1.9-3.6y
Working chann ell. 2.402G - 2.4gOG,
Channelinterval: lM
channel hopping will not less than I2 (totar g0 channels
available, according to
software optimization algorithm, expect disturbed
channer, optimize to choo.",,or"
I 2 clear channels ) sub-channel divide l M,
the max transmission data is r M, power
density is about lMdm. Above all technorogy index
aI meet FCC and Europe ETSI
standard. Green transmission technology can be used
all over the world.
Transmission speed lM bps
Modulate way GFSK
Frequency hopping FHSS
Receiving sensitivity: -85dBm
Transmission power: 0dBm
7. Change battery
when usB receiver connects keyboard on-line mode normally,
and the low voltage LED
light blinks, it means the battery power is not enough. you
need change battery. when
changing the battery, please reference to the user
manual 2.
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