SHS1206 User`s manual
User’s manual
Please read this before you use this product
1. Safety: ...................................2
2. Installing &operation:
3. Breakdown & disposal:
4. Maintenance: .............................6
5. Quality assurance article: ...................7
6.Certificate of quality: .......................8
1.1 Avoid using the machine under such conditions as
having flammable or explosive or erosive gas and too
hot places.
1.2 The maximum charging power of this system is 15W,
and maximum discharging power is 24W(the maximum
output current of the USB is 500mA). Please check
carefully before using the load.
1.3 The battery in the system is 4AH, and when it is fully
charged, it can make the 48W load work for one hour.
And allocated solar panel is 6W. And it can generate
the power of 24WH, so it can make the 3W LED work
for 8 hours and charge the mobile for 4 hours.( the
above parameters are just theoretical condition. it
changes according to the geographical, using condition
and using time, etc)
2.Installing and operation
2.1 Open the box and take out the accessory and machine.
Put the solar panel outside and make it face the sun;
connect the cable with the machine indoor; put on the
switch. If the battery voltmeter has display and red
charging indicator is on, it means the solar panel is
charging the battery normally. (If this is the first time
you use this machine, please charge for 3 continuous days
and then discharge the load)
2.2 If the battery voltage is higher than 10.5V, the load
indicator will be on.Then insert the LED lamp into the
socket of the DC output on the machine. And insert the
mobile into the USB connecting port.
2.3 This machine has anti-discharging function(prevent
battery from discharging to solar panel), so please make
sure the solar panel is always connected with the machine
to assure the battery can get more power. If you use the
battery for long, it would cause the battery to low voltage
condition(load indicator off, no load output. The voltmeter
showing at 10V). If this happens, please use the solar panel
to charge the battery for 10 continuous hours and restart the
machine to recover the power supply.
2.4 If the battery voltage is higher than 14V, the charging
indicator begins to flicker, and it means the battery has
been in float charging state.
2.5 We have fully considered the using condition of the users.
The cables’ length for solar panels and LED lamp are long
enough, so please do not lengthen them or change them at
random. But if you have to change them. please make sure
the area of the cable connecting solar panel is not less than
0.5mm2, while for LED lamp, not less than 0.3mm2. All
the connecting cables have negative and positive part,
please distinguish them.
3. Breakdown and disposal
3.1 Solar panel indicator off: Please check whether the solar
panel is facing the sun; whether the machine switch is on;
whether the battery is in full capacity state; whether the
connecting of the solar panel is short-circuit or reversed.
3.2 No load output and the load indicator off: Please check
whether the battery is in low voltage, whether the
voltmeter showing is less than 10V and if it so, please
charge the battery for 10 continuous hours and then use it.
3.3 No load output, load indicator on:
Please check whether there is bad connection of the load,
then connect again. Check whether the load is overloaded,
short-circuit, and disconnect the load for 1 minute, then
connect again.
4.1 This system should be used indoor. Please do not expose
the machine into sunshine and wet places. If there is water
inside by accident, please turn off the switch and dry the
water inside and then you can use it.
4.2 If you are going not to use this machine for long, please
turn off the power switch and charge the battery every
month (battery voltage higher than 14V.)
4.3 Please do not make the battery in the state of low voltage.
Otherwise it will shorten the using time of the battery.
After one time of low voltage, please charge over 2 days
and then use it.
5.Quality Assurance
certificate of quality
Product name: 4AH DC solar power system
Model: SHS1206
Date of manufacture
Place of origin: China
This product is qualified after inspection in the factory.
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