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Data Distribution Cable System
The Data Distribution Cable System provides a high-density, rack-to-rack connection system for data
and telecommunication equipment. When properly installed, this device meets all
TIA-EIA-568-B.2-1 Category 5e and 6 requirements and provides optimum performance in
10 Base-T Ethernet, 100 Base-T Fast Ethernet, and 10000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet operating
Proper handling of coiled cable is necessary to ensure the correct operation of the data
distribution cable. See“How to Unroll a Cable” on page 3 for proper handling
Identifying parts
6-port data distribution cable
24-port label strip—Each Data Distribution Cable
System Panel comes with a label strip. Use this
strip to renumber or identify ports.
AR8451—1-U 24-port panel for mounting
4 data distribution cables
AR8452—2-U 48-port panel for mounting
8 data distribution cables
NetShelter® VX Channel
24-port panel for
mounting 4 data
distribution cables
NetShelter SX Channel
24-port panel for
mounting 4 data
distribution cables
Hardware Accessories
Hardware (provided)
Panel type
M6 cage nut
M6 Phillips screw
#12 -24 screw
Plastic cup washer
Tools required (not provided)
Cage nut tool
#2 Phillips screwdriver
How to install and remove cage nuts
To install a cage nut:
Install the cage nut horizontally. Do not install the cage nut
vertically with the sides of the cage nut engaging the top and
bottom of the square hole.
1. Insert the cage nut into the square hole by hooking one side
of the cage nut assembly through the far side of the hole.
The view shown is from the inside of a rack.
2. Place the cage nut tool on the other side of the cage nut and
pull to snap it into position.
To remove a cage nut:
1. Remove any attached screw.
2. Grasp the cage nut and squeeze one side firmly, then rotate the cage nut to release it from the
square hole.
Data Distribution Cable System
How to Unroll a Cable
You must unroll cables from the coil. Pulling the cable end off the side of the coil can
cause permanent damage, adversely affecting performance and voiding your
When routing and pulling cables, maintain a minimum 5-inch radius for all bends.
Lay one end of the cable on the floor and roll the rest of the cable on the coil away from that end.
If cables are ever removed for storage or relocation, you must recoil them in the same
Do not overly tighten cable ties or other fasteners. Fasteners that are too tight can
cause damage to the cables.
Data Distribution Cable System
How to Install a 1U or 2U Data Distribution Panel
The 1-U and 2-U Data Distribution Panels are TIA-EIA-310-D-compliant and can be mounted on the
front or rear rails of an APC NetShelter or any other standard rack. Do one of the following,
depending on whether your rack has unthreaded or threaded holes.
Racks with unthreaded holes
For racks with unthreaded holes (including NetShelter racks), install four caged nuts  (two per
side) into the upper- and lower-most holes at the desired mounting location in the rack.
Secure the Data Distribution Panel in place using four M6 screws  and four plastic cup
washers (two per side).
Racks with threaded holes
Secure the Data Distribution Panel in place using as many M6 screws  or #12-24 screws as needed.
Data Distribution Cable System
How to Install or Remove Cable Heads
To install: Insert the cable head between the metal mounting flanges until the three snap-tabs (two
on one side and one on the other side) lock into place. Verify that the cable head is secure by grasping
it and gently pulling back and forth.
Toolless mounting peg
You can mount cable heads either in a vertical configuration (routing cables up or down)
or in a horizontal configuration (routing cables left or right).
To remove: Gently squeeze in the snap-tab  and pull the housing. To release the cable
head from the metal mounting flange, press on the other two snap-tabs  and then pull the
cable head  out.
Data Distribution Cable System
How to Install 0-U Data Distribution Panels
You can attach up to four 0-U Data Distribution
Panels (96 ports) in each side channel at the rear of a
NetShelter SX or VX rack. The 0-U Data Distribution
Panels are compatible only with NetShelter SX and
VX enclosures.
0-U Data Distribution Panels with Category
6 cabling only support 72 ports on each side
channel, or 24 ports on each side channel if
a Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is
placed alongside the panel.
NetShelter SX
NetShelter VX
Data Distribution Cable System
Installing AR8457 in a NetShelter SX enclosure
You can install panels in the left or right channel on either side of the rack. The following
procedure shows left-channel, left-side installation for clarity. You can route cables from
the top or bottom of the rack. The procedure below shows top routing.
1. Install cage nuts  in the two square holes of the channel that align with the mounting holes of
the 0-U Data Distribution Panels.
2. After attaching the cable heads (“How to Install or Remove Cable Heads” on page 5), mount a
0-U Data Distribution Panel to the channel by inserting the toolless mounting pegs into the
slotted holes of the channel. Then slide the panel downward into place.
3. Secure the 0-U Data Distribution Panel to the channel with two M6 screws  and two cup
washers  (for each panel).
5-inch radius
Data Distribution Cable System
Installing AR8453 in a NetShelter VX enclosure
1. After attaching the cable heads (“How to Install or Remove Cable Heads” on page 5), mount a
0-U Data Distribution Panel to the channel by inserting the toolless mounting pegs into the
slotted holes of the channel. Then slide the panel downward into place.
5-inch radius
2. Secure the 0-U Data Distribution Panel mounting flange to the channel with two M6 screws 
and two cup washers  (for each panel) using any two holes in the panel that line up with the
Installing panels with category 6 cabling
Route the Category 6 cables to each side of the 0 -U Data
Distribution Panel to allow space for routing cables from
multiple panels and to ensure proper operation of the
Category 6 cabling.
Data Distribution Cable System
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