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990–91454 Release date: 02/2021
Easy Rack 1U Horizontal Cable Manager ER7HCM
Kit Instructions
The 1U Horizontal Cable Manager is installed in a 1U space in the Easy Rack.
ER7HCM Inventory
Tools required (not provided)
Torx® wrench
1U Horizontal Cable Manager (1)
M6 x 12 Pan Head T30 Screw (4)
Cage nut tool
Cage Nut M6 14/16 SWG (4)
Proper location in the rack for the cage nuts:
1. Locate the top and bottom U space on the
vertical mounting rails. Every third hole on
the mounting rails is numbered to indicate
the middle of a U space.
2. Install the cage nuts on the interior of the
vertical mounting rail; then install the shelf.
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Easy Rack 1U Horizontal Cable Manager ER7HCM
Do NOT install cage nuts vertically with the tabs engaging the top and bottom of
the square hole.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment
Install cage nuts horizontally, with the tabs engaging
the sides of the square hole.
Install the cage nuts on the interior of the vertical
mounting rail.
Install the cage nut:
1. From the inside of the rack, insert the cage nut into
the square hole.
2. Hook one tab of the cage nut assembly through the
far side of the hole.
3. Place the cage nut tool on the other side of the cage
nut and pull to snap into position.
Remove the cage nut:
1. Remove any attached screw.
2. Grasp the cage nut, squeeze the tabs on the sides, and push to release it from the square hole.
Install the Horizontal Cable Manager:
Using the hardware provided, install the four (4)
cage nuts in the vertical mounting rails of your
Easy Rack.
Use the four (4) M6 x 12 Pan head T30 screws
to secure the Horizontal Cable Manager to the
cage nuts.
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