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Schneider Automation is pleased to announce the release of Monitor Pro v7, the latest version
of its multi-user, real-time supervisory control and data acquisition software product.
Schneider Automation has been offering a SCADA solution and the Monitor family of
products for over 10 years, providing its customers with the latest in technology to meet the
ever changing demand in the automation arena.
To continue providing cutting edge technology to its customers, Schneider Automation has
formed a long term partnership with USDATA Corporation of Richardson Texas, USA in
providing the Monitor Pro offer, the core of which is based on the FactoryLink product. This
partnership offers a proven SCADA solution with a team of dedicated engineers focused solely
on automation technologies associated with supervisory control and data acquisition
As you work with and use the product you will see references to the core FactoryLink product
in both the documentation and help files. This is not to be considered an error or misprint;
Monitor Pro is distinctly different from the core FactoryLink product in the Add-On Modules
These Add-On modules provide a tight integration with the Schneider Electric family of
controllers as well as provide added benefit to our users when configuring applications.
With Monitor Pro v7 the following Add-On modules are provided with the base system:
• DOCAuto
• DiagViewer
• Communication Set-up Starter Application
• Multiplexing Actions
• Symbol Database Linker
• Trend Charts
• Communication Drivers to all Schneider Electric devices (including OFS)
Monitor Pro / Introduction / i
If you have any questions on the use or application of this product, please contact your local
sales representative or the Schneider Automation Technical Support Team.
North Andover, MA USA
Telephone: 00+(1) 800-468-5342, option 1
Fax: 00+ (1) 978-975-9301
Carros, France
Telephone: +33 (0)4 92 08 82 33
Fax: +33 (0)4 92 08 82 67
Monitor Pro supervisory control software is supplied on 3 CD-ROMs:
• Client and Server CD-ROM
• Device Interfaces and Value-Added Products CD-ROM
• Microsoft© SQL Server™ CD-ROM 7.0.
When installed, the “Client and Server” CD-ROM forms the base of the Monitor Pro software.
Please refer to the "Installation Guide" where instructions for the complete installation of the
basic software can be found.
All documentation for Monitor Pro can be found on the "Client and Server" CD-ROM in the
Documentation folder. All documents may be viewed and printed with the help of Adobe
Acrobat Reader 4.0 that is supplied on the “Client and Server” CD-ROM.
The Add-Ons are independent of the Monitor Pro base and are installed after the software base
(“Client and Server”).
They consist of functions facilitating control and use of Monitor Pro, while strengthening links
between the PLC and the supervisory control databases.
To authorize your software, visit Schneider Automation at, Keyword Jump
monitorpro, or via e-mail to [email protected]. You can also obtain an
authorization by faxing the form provided during installation (also located in the Monitor Pro
root directory FAX.TXT) to one of the numbers referenced above.
ii / Monitor Pro / Introduction
Available Add-Ons
Automatic Generation of Monitor Pro Application Documentation
DOCAUTO is a utility enabling structured documentation folders to be generated in the
Monitor Pro applications.
The documentation files, together with a title page and footer, can be defined by the user.
PLC Diagnostic Viewer
PLC Diagnostic Viewer allows alarms information generated by the Diag Function Block in
the Premium PLC and stored in the Diag Buffer to be displayed in the SCADA system. The
information from the diag function blocks is both pre-programmed and user-defined.
Diagnostic Viewer lets you view the same alarm information regardless of the view device SCADA, CCX17, PL7Pro, or Magelis.
Multiplexing Actions
This function is used to configure a sequence of actions on Monitor Pro database TAGS
(assignments, calculations, conditions, scales, etc) via a single Trigger.
OFS Linker
OFS Linker uses Schneider Automations OPC Factory Server. OFS Linker supports
integration of both Concept and PL7. Once a tag is configured in the PLC programming
package, you can then copy and paste it into the MonitorPro database, or if desired, use it
directly from the OFS Server saving application development time and reducing errors.
Starter Applications
This function preconfigures applications to be created for a specified communications
network. When the application is restored, linked instructions help you enter the specific
parameters for your installation, and help you to quickly instigate communication between
Monitor Pro and your control systems.
Static Object Library in Power Object Format
A static (i.e. not animated) object library is supplied in "Power Object" format. It contains
numerous objects (such as PLCs, computing devices, valves, tanks, buttons, icons, etc), which
enable you to speed up and facilitate creation of your synoptics.
Monitor Pro / Introduction / iii
Available Add-Ons
To use it, images supplied and placed under {FLINK}\ADDONS\STAT_GPX simply have to
be imported into your application from the application editor.
Symbol Database Link
Automatic configuration of communication tables for Monitor Pro applications (read/write
tables) using a symbols database for a control system application (X-TEL, PL7, CONCEPT).
Telemecanique Direct Request
Generation of requests (in addition to standard read/write requests already supported by
Monitor Pro).
Reception of responses to requests sent as acknowledgments.
Telemecanique File Transfer
Transfer of application programs from TSX Series 7 or TSX 37/57 PLCs to binary devices
accessible by Monitor Pro and vice versa (hard disk, diskette, server disk, etc).
Data transfer from TSX Series 7 or TSX 37/57 PLCs to binary devices accessible by Monitor
Pro and vice versa (hard disk, diskette, server disk, etc).
Comparison of the contents of two accessible devices (Wi data or programs).
Startup or stop of TSX Series 7 or TSX 37/57 PLCs.
Trend Charts
Power Object enables simple and fast logging and viewing of Monitor Pro database variables.
iv / Monitor Pro / Introduction
PLC Communication
This list may be extended according to the version of Monitor Pro in use. For further
information, please consult your local supplier.
Monitor Pro communicates with all Schneider Automation PLCs:
• Unitelway and Modbus networks
• Uni-Telway, Modbus, Ethway, Fipway and Modbus Plus networks
• MODICON TSX Premium (TSX 57-xx, PMX 57-xx and PCX (57-xx) series)
• Modbus, Modbus Plus and Modbus Ethernet networks
• MODICON 984 (Modbus and Modbus Plus)
• Series and Ethernet 802.3 networks
• Square D SY/MAX
• Modnet 1/SFB and KS functions
• A120, A250 and A500 (Modnet 1/SFB only)
• APRIL ® Series 1000 ETHWAY communication interface
• APRIL ® Series 1000 JBUS communication interface
The Unitelway network driver for Windows NT can be found on the Add-Ons CD-ROM and
may be installed directly from the drvutwnt directory for Windows NT.
The Fipway driver is supplied with an ISA format PC compatible serial communication card
(reference TSX FPC 10M).
The Ethway driver is supplied with an ISA format PC compatible serial communication card
(reference TSX ETH 10M).
The Modbus Plus driver (Cyberlogic Modbus Plus LNET driver) is supplied with a PC
compatible serial communication card (reference AM-SA85-030 for a PC compatible card,
AS-SA85-032 for access to a redundant Modbus Plus network, or 416NHM21233 for a
PCMCIA type 3 card).
If you already have a card, please contact your local supplier for the latest update of the
Windows NT driver.
Monitor Pro / Introduction / v
PLC Communication
vi / Monitor Pro / Introduction
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