Schneider Electric Wiser universal rotary dimmer LED User Guide

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Schneider Electric Wiser universal rotary dimmer LED User Guide | Manualzz

S520513, S530513, S540513

Wiser universal rotary dimmer LEDArt.-Nr. S520513, S530513, S540513© Schneider-Electric 2014QGH70319-0009/18

7-100 VA

7-20 VA

14-200 W





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16 A

[ A

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Wiser universal rotary dimmer


Necessary accessories

To be completed with:

• Frame in corresponding design

Prerequisites and accessories

• A Bluetooth-capable smartphone/tablet (referred to below as smartphone ) with Bluetooth 4.1 or higher is required. Operating systems: Android TM

Apple® iOS 10.3 or higher.

5.1 or higher,

• Download the Wiser app to your smartphone. You can use the app to couple, set up and control Wiser devices.

• Home control via the Internet: Supplement your Wiser system with the Wiser Home Touch control unit.

Product information is available

More detailed product information is available on the Internet -> Download document files?p_Doc_Ref=S5x05xx_HWadd_EN

For your safety





Safe electrical installation must be carried out only by skilled professionals. Skilled professionals must prove profound knowledge in the following areas:

• Connecting to installation networks

• Connecting several electrical devices

• Laying electric cables

• Safety standards, local wiring rules and regulations

Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.


Risk of fatal injury from electric shock.

The output may carry electrical current even when the load is switched off.

• When working on the device: Always disconnect the device from the supply by means of the fuse in the incoming circuit.

Failure to observe these instructions will lead to death or serious injuries.

Getting to know the Wiser universal rotary dimmer LED

With the Wiser universal rotary dimmer LED (hereinafter referred to as dimmer ), you can switch and dim ohmic, inductive or capacitive loads.

Control options

Room control: To actuate the dimmer within a room, it can be coupled either with your smartphone or with another Wiser device. This coupling type is a default factory setting.

Home control: You can control the Wiser devices via the Internet using Wiser Home


On-site operation: The dimmer can always be controlled directly on-site. You can also connect any number of mechanical push-buttons.



• Automatic load detection

• Thermal protection, overload-resistant, short-circuit protection

• Soft start

• Operation with extension unit (mechanical push-button)


• Resetting to default settings/Bluetooth

Additional app settings:

• Setting the switch-on brightness or memory function

(default setting)

• Dimming range: Min./max. brightness

Additional app functions (default setting: no functions active):

• Setting the LED operating mode manually (RL LED mode)

• Timer mode: Overtravel time (1 second - 24 hours), pre-warning (with or without), manual switching (off or retrigger)

• Time switch (weekday switching, astro, random, wake-up and fall-asleep function)

• Coupling to other devices

Installing the dimmer


A Mechanical push-button at extension unit connection (optional)


The device may be damaged!

• Always operate the product in compliance with the specified technical data.

• Never connect any mixed inductive/capacitive loads.

• Only connect dimmable loads.

• Danger of overload! Dimming socket outlets is prohibited.

| Dimmer tool: Further information about dimmable lamps and the minimum and maximum number of lamps of a specific type.

Choosing the installation location

| Please note: In case of reduced thermal dissipation, you will need to reduce the load.

Load reduced by




When installed

In a standard flush-installation mounting box

In cavity walls*

Several installed in combination*

In a 1-gang or 2-gang surface-mounted housing

In a 3-gang surface-mounted housing 50%

* If more than one factor applies, add the load reductions together.

Removing the cover

1 Remove the frame.

2 Pull off the central plate with the rotary knob.



< 0,5 s




3 x < 0,5 s

3 x < 0,5 s

+ 1x > 10 s


3 x < 0,5 s

+ 1x > 6 s

3 x < 0,5 s

+ 1 x > 20 s

Setting the dimmer

Removing the rotary knob

Pull the rotary knob off.

Coupling the dimmer

A Status LED (red/green)

Room control:

Dimmer <-> smartphone

Select the function to add new devices in the Wiser app.

Follow the instructions in the Wiser app.

| Please note:

• You can couple a maximum of 15 smartphones with the dimmer.

• Keep both devices within Bluetooth range of one another during coupling.

• Coupling mode is active for 30 s.

Room control:

Controlling Wiser device <-> Wiser device

First set the controlling Wiser device and then the Wiser device to be controlled into coupling mode.

Coupling mode:

Coupling takes place automatically.

| You can couple a maximum of 10 Wiser devices with each other.

Multiway switching is possible with coupled Wiser devices.

Home control:

Dimmer <-> smartphone

-> See product information

Decouple Wiser devices

All control links between the device and other Wiser devices are deleted.

Resetting to default settings

All configuration data, user data and network data are deleted.

All settings are then set to default settings (see functions).

Resetting to Bluetooth

The device is reset to the default settings and to Bluetooth.

Operating the dimmer

A Switch the load on and off with the dimmer or extension unit.

B Dim the load with the dimmer or extension unit.

C Switch on the load at minimum brightness with the dimmer (with one click).

What should I do if there is a problem?


Dimming up not possible

Switching on not possible

Dimming down to minimum brightness

Flickering at minimum brightness



Reduce/increase load

Allow dimmer to cool

Allow dimmer to cool

Reduce load, change load, check: Short-circuit, consumer faulty,

In the case of an external pushbutton, check the wiring,

In the case of coupled Wiser devices, re-couple

Reduce/increase load

Reduce max. brightness

Increase min. brightness

Only slight dimming capability

Change load

Set RL LED mode, reset to default settings

Change dimming range

Set RL LED mode

Technical data

Nominal voltage:

Nominal power:

AC 230 V ~, 50 Hz


Neutral conductor: max 0.4 W not required

Connecting terminals: Screw terminals for max. 2 x 2.5 mm 2

0.5 Nm

Extension unit: Single push-button, unlimited number max. 50 m

Fuse protection:

Frequency band:

16 A circuit breaker

2.4 GHz

Transmission capacity: 2.5 mW

Dispose of the device separately from household waste at an official collection point. Professional recycling protects people and the environment against potential negative effects.


• Apple® and App Store ® are brand names or registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

• Google Play™ Store and Android™ are brand names or registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Other brands and registered trademarks are the property of the relevant owners.

EU Declaration of conformity

Hereby, Schneider Electric Industries, declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of RADIO EQUIPMENT

DIRECTIVE 2014/53/EU. Declaration of conformity can be downloaded on:

Schneider Electric Industries SAS

If you have technical questions, please contact the Customer Care Centre in your country.


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